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Hosting | 3 Minutes Reading

How to Use Busy Accounting Software on Mac / MacBook

Nilesh Kumar - August 18, 2021

Before starting with the actual process of using Busy on Mac, one needs to answer a few simple questions first:

Cloud, Hosting | 3 Minutes Reading

How to Host Tally ERP on Azure Server

Nilesh Kumar - August 11, 2021

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud computing platform that drives most Fortune businesses. You can gain a competitive

Data Recovery | 7 Minutes Reading

Best Windows Backup and Restore Software Product Review

Nilesh Kumar - August 9, 2021

Windows backup files (BKF) contain very crucial data of windows users as it is important to prevent it from corruptions.

Data Recovery | 5 Minutes Reading

Why do ZIP File Corrupted after Download? How to Fix the Issue…

Nilesh Kumar - August 7, 2021

Data corruption or data loss issue can happen with anyone at any time. Users can never know if the important

Backup | 4 Minutes Reading

Finest Way to Restore Windows Backup Files to Another Computer

Raj - August 7, 2021

If you are finding a way to restore Windows backup files to another computer, then you are in right place.

BKF File | 4 Minutes Reading

Dig In To Learn How To Open BKF Files – Simple Like ABC

Nilesh Kumar - August 7, 2021

No need to go here and there in search of a solution for how to open backup exec file! Here,

SQL Server | 5 Minutes Reading

How to Find Table Changes in SQL Server? Impeccable Methods

Raj - August 6, 2021

Summary: This is a guide for those users who don’t know how to find table changes in SQL Server. There

Email Tips | 5 Minutes Reading

Manual Tricks to Import OST to Windows Live Mail

Nilesh Kumar - August 4, 2021

Nowadays, many Outlook users are using OST data file for receiving or sending their crucial emails for Business purpose. Offline

MS Outlook | 4 Minutes Reading

How to Merge Inboxes in Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016

Nilesh Kumar - August 2, 2021

Summary: Do you want to organize Outlook Inbox folders? Do you have two or more inbox folders in your account?

Backup | 5 Minutes Reading

Amazon Workmail Backup – How to Archive Emails Locally?

Nilesh Kumar - July 31, 2021

User Query: I have had an account on Amazon Workmail for quite some time now. I want to take Amazon