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Learn How to Search Inside EML Files with Advance Search Features

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Published On July 25th, 2022
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Are you also looking for a way to search inside EML files, so you have come to the right blog. Here we will tell you not one solution, we will tell you two such solutions, with the help of which you can easily find anything in your EML files.

Basically, if you try to read the .eml file then it is very difficult for a normal user, so after considering the requirements we have brought this blog for you today.

EML file is supported by many email client applications, due to which we can assume that you must have used some method before but it may not have been successful, due to which you have come to this blog. Or there may also be a situation where you have to find some of the EML files for investigation. Whatever the situation, our blog is effective for every situation.

Note: If you want to convert EML files into PST format, you can do it.

User Query;

We got a query from a forensic investigator related to our topic, which we are sharing with you so that you can understand what kind of problems users face on this topic and do you know if your problem too can be similar

“I work for a reputable cyber security company as a forensic investigator. I have received a case that requires me to look at over 300 EML files. The issue is that my system doesn’t have an email client installed, and I don’t have enough time to do it. I’m wondering if there is a method I can use to interact with EML files that don’t need an email client. I also need a comprehensive solution that doesn’t cause any data loss or security problems while investigating EML files. Please recommend being a reliable instrument with cutting-edge features.”

Best Way to Find EML Files

We have come up with two ways to search inside EML files, which will help you to easily find anything inside your EML files. The first solution is manual and free. It will contain only the Thunderbird application you need. And the second solution is automatic in that you don’t need any other email client application, all you have to do is click on the given download button and this EmailDoctor EML Viewer Pro software will get downloaded to your system. Let’s see how these two methods will use.

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Method #1: Search EML Files by Using the Thunderbird Application

The first way to search inside EML files would be with the help of the Thunderbird application. In this method first, import EML files into Thunderbird email applications, then you can search in it, let’s read the steps of this method:

  1. Firstly, Launch the Thunderbird email program and make a folder.
  2. Every EML file can be dropped into a brand new folder.
  3. After that click on the search bar in the right side top corner and then you can search anything from Body, Sender, Receiver and Subject.

Method #2: know-How to Search Inside the EML Files by Using the Professional Software

You’ll need an EML File Searcher tool to search inside EML files because you can search in the manual solution that we have mentioned, but you cannot print EML files with attachments, nor can you export multiple EML files in pdf format. In this you must be thinking that we are telling only the drawback of the manual solution, there is nothing like that, we have explained the advantages and disadvantages of both the methods in detail. By the way, you can do many advanced things with the help of this automatic tool.

How to Use the EML File Searcher Tool?

The Pro Version tool’s Advanced Search function allows users to easily search through a large number of EML files for a particular EML file.

  1. Firstly, download the EML file searcher tool by clicking the download button and then install it on your windows platform
    eml file searcher software
  2. Forensic Investigators might employ search filters like AND/OR for the in-depth inquiry. This will enable users to get more relevant results in line with the search filter they have used.
    search EML file by word
  3. For a more focused result, filters may apply to several categories including To, CC, BCC, Subject, Received Date, Sender Name, etc.
    search EML file by subject
  4. The utility highlights the outcomes after the conclusion of the search procedure.
    inside the eml files
  5. Finally, if you will be exporting or printing your files you can do it with the help of the Export button.
    export button

Drawbacks and Benefits of Both Solutions

  • If you have a Thunderbird application then you can easily search inside EML files with the help of a manual solution. But if you do not have a Thunderbird email application then you cannot use a manual solution, for this you will have to take the help of other automatic methods mentioned by us.
  • Now you want that you have done the search inside EML files, now you will be saved into the other format or print the files, then you cannot do it with the help of a manual solution, for that you have to take the help of EML File searcher software.

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Many consumers are looking for a flexible solution. Examining EML files without suffering from data loss or security problems. As a result, we have described software in the section above that enables users to search inside EML files without using an email client. The program also has some incredible features. Users may quickly search for certain EML files among a large collection of EML files using the EML Finder program. After doing the necessary research and discovery.

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