EmailDoctor™ - About Us

EmailDoctor™ is recognized as the Pioneer in providing best in class solution for Email Related Ailments. We specialize in understanding the anatomy of an email, diagnostics and solutions. Offering multitudes of software which deals with common issues such as Repair, Recovery, Migration & Conversion.

With experience and expertise in handling emails, we also offer email forensic acquisition, autopsy, processing, analysis and reporting solutions specially developed for legal authorities, practitioners and law enforcement agencies. Along with solutions such as E-Archiving, we aim to secure user email information in a much convenient way.

Vision & Mission

EmailDoctor™ aims to provide the best in class solutions for the users seeking solutions for Email related issues. We serve and enhance worldwide users Email Experience & foresee a better technological advancement in future. Our mission is to expand with the ever widening arena & meeting users needs with convenience, satisfaction & perfection

What Makes EmailDoctor Different?