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Born with a passionate pursuit of Email Excellence, EmailDoctor™ has been at the leading end of Email solutions in assisting individuals, Businesses, and Organizations all around the Globe toward a spam-free world. Our Team of professionals akin to digital physicians not only holds an In-depth understanding of Intricate Email Systems structures but also seeks the correct remedy of any Underlying Issues.

We belong to an age where email has become a driving stimulus for communication, facilitating connections among people and businesses. However, with this immense power comes a great responsibility i.e. Our top priority is to keep your mail ecosystem healthy, secure, and functioning. Choose EmailDoctor™ , the pioneer in email wellness, dedicated to diagnosing and treating even the most complex email ailments.

Our Mission

At EmailDoctor™ , we focus on providing the best in class solutions to all of your email-related requirements. We delve deep into the innermost workings to unveil the areas of ineffectiveness for an uninterrupted flow of email communication.

What We Do?

EmailDoctor™ is recognized for its innovative approach in the field of email management solutions. Our specialization lies in:

Our Diverse range of software lineup covers a broad spectrum of solutions for common email challenges, such as:

With our wealth of experience in email data management, we have catered customized services for legal authorities, practitioners, and law enforcement agencies:

Our Commitment

At EmailDoctor™ , We are dedicated to remain at the vanguard of email innovation. Moreover, we relentlessly pursue to continuously expand the range of our expertise and proficiencies to furnish you with highly efficacious solutions. Our team of erudite experts works tirelessly to deliver exceptional service, guaranteeing the productive operation of your email profiles.

The Innovative Game Changers at EmailDoctor™

Unveiling the Visionaries - The Key Players Behind EmailDoctor's Remarkable Success


Anuraag Singh

CEO, Co-Founder

Anuraag Singh, CEO & Co-Founder of EmailDoctor has a vision to harness the power of ones and zeros, crafting digital solutions that available on mere convenience. He has a relentless aspiration towards innovation which gives rise to several ground-breaking IT techs in the technological landscape. But, his true talent lies in the profound gasp of email structure and architecture - a domain where he reigns. This expertise paved the way for the design of MailXaminer, a digital forensics tool that has become the first choice for many investigators worldwide and is being actively used by most law enforcement units.


Debasish Pramanik

Co-Founder, MD

Debasish Pramanik, MD & Co-Founder, heads the Research & Development wing of EmailDoctor. With a keen intellect and great understanding, he has led the development of groundbreaking products and applications for cloud computing and data recovery. Moreover, his brainchild has seamlessly bridged the between legacy systems and the modern cloud ecosystem. For instance, CloudCodes, Google Apps Migration, and EndPoint Vault are some of his globally-accepted and successful solutions. Further, in his endeavor for excellence, he will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the ever-evolving cloud computing sphere.

Meet the Team

Your Partner in Success: A Team You Can Rely On


Nimisha Ramesh

General Manager


Neeraj Singh

Technical Manager


Tej Pratap Shukla

Technical Evangelist


Raj Kumar

Operation Manager

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We are 24x7 ready to lend assistance in addressing the challenges in email management, email forensic services, or any other email correspondence options.