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How to Batch Print EML Files in Windows 10, 11? Complete Method


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Published On January 17th, 2024
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Are you looking for a way to compress EML files with attachments and need a method to print your bulk EML files easily and quickly without wasting time? So you have come to the right blog, Here you will find similar solutions that will help you print your files.

Often users need to print EML files when they don’t have an email application or want to do it without any dependencies as headers and footers of EML files tend to get corrupted if done manually.

We are not saying that the manual solution is useless, so we have covered the manual method in our blog, just that there are some disadvantages to the manual method. Because whatever is available for free also has some disadvantages. Let’s understand both methods in-depth and see how they will be used, but before we start the process, our support team has a user query, let’s read it.

User Query

For my investigation, I was given access to around 57 EML files by my team leader. My investigation was concluded, and now I had to deliver my findings to my superiors. I uncovered ten .eml files that are critical to my project and that I feel should be submitted to high-level officials throughout my investigation. As a result, I’m thinking of printing these critical EML files so that they’ll be accessible across all platforms. Unfortunately, I’m clueless when it comes to printing EML files on my Windows 10 OS. I’m now posting about this issue on social media in the hopes that one of my profile friends will come up with a solution, which gives me a lot of optimism. Please respond to the question about converting and printing my bulk EML files if you can.

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Table of Content

  1. Print EML Files Reason
  2. Print EML Files by Using the Thunderbird
  3. Batch Print Files By Using the Microsoft Word
  4. Print an EML File by Using the Automated Solution
  5. How to Use this Software to Batch Print EML Files

Why do we need to Print EML Files?

Here we will emphasize on need to print EML files can vary from one client to another. Every client, just as the association, has its prerequisites. However, one might say that PDF file design is stage-free and flexible file design because of which the greater part of singles keep their detail in PDF. Besides, considering the security purpose.

PDF is an exceptionally safe file configuration to save details as it permits the customer to ensure the report by setting multiple degrees of safety. The majority of the legal dispute files, scientific proof, authoritative reports, and so on are saved in PDF file design. One can similarly share (Portable Document Format) PDF files with no problem as PDF content outstanding parts as before with no change irrespective of which device, programming, or working outline the customer is using.

Method #1: Print EML Files by Using the Thunderbird Email Application

  1. Create a folder by launching the Thunderbird email application.
  2. Drag and drop every EML file you have into the newly created folder.
  3. Right-click on All EML Files to choose it.
  4. After that, from the drop-down list, choose Print Option.
  5. Last but not least, choose the connected printer and press the print button.

Method #2: Batch Print Files By Using the Microsoft Word

  1. Select an EML file by opening the location where EML files are stored.
  2. Select “Open With” from the drop-down menu by selecting it with a right-click on the selected EML file.
  3. Next, choose the MS Word option from the list to examine the EML file in a preview.
  4. After Preview, choose Print under the File tab.
  5. Select the printer after selecting the print option, and then click the Print button.

Drawbacks of the Manual Method

  • Users are required to export each EML message in the same procedure several times.
  • In the word, it is tough to change the EML message content size.
  • Lengthy and time-consuming process.
  • Add ones that didn’t support new Thunderbird editions.
  • Bulk print EML messages are difficult.
  • No guarantee of data security and safety.

How to Print an EML File by Using the Automated Solution

To print EML files, we have come up with three such methods that will solve your problem very easily. For the first method, you must have a Thunderbird application and for the second method, you must have Microsoft Word.

And for the last method, you do not need anything, just you have to click on the given download button and get software That will print bulk EML files in one go the name of that software is EmailDoctor EML Viewer Pro Software on Windows 10, 11 OS. Let us first read the manual method step by step and see it implemented.

Download Now Purchase Now

One of the most advanced and reliable tools to print EML files with attachments is EML File Print Software on Windows 10, and 11 OS, with the help of this software you can make hard copies of your EML files in bulk. Although there are many features in this software, if you start explaining here then this blog will become very long. Due to this, you will also get bored, it is better that you download the software by clicking on the given download button and check it using it because what we see by using ourselves, we understand better than telling someone else.

If you are thinking of using the manual solution mentioned above then there may be a lot of problems with it which we also faced when we tested this manual method. In this blog, we have discussed both the advantages and disadvantages of all three methods, but before that let us read the steps on how to use this software. If you only want to export multiple EML files into PDF file format then you can also do that.

How to Use this Software to Batch Print EML Files?

  1. Firstly, download the EML file Print Tool and then install it on your Windows platform
    how to print eml files in windows 10
  2. After the installation, select the EML folder on the left side. You can preview your .eml files in the software panel with multiple modes
    how to print eml file
  3. After that, click on the Export button in the menu bar and then choose the Print option
    how to print an eml file
  4. Finally, hit the export button, and now your EML files will print automatically

Advantages and Disadvantages of Both Solutions

If you are thinking of printing your EML files by manual method, then what are the problems you may face, and how our mentioned tool will work with those problems, let’s see

  • The first drawback of doing this with the manual method is that you have to print EML files one by one. If you use an automatic tool then you can hardcopy all your EML files at once.
  • The second problem is that there is every possibility of losing the header and footer of your files, instead of this if you use professional software, then the header and footer of your EML files remain completely.
  • If you want to print EML files in bulk then an automated solution is best because if you hardcopy multiple EML files by manual method then some of those files may be lost.
  • By the manual method, only your emails will print, if you use expert-recommended software, then you can print with attachments.
  • The last and biggest problem is that you cannot set the layout of the page in a manual solution, but in an automatic solution, you can use all these settings according to your needs.

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How to print EML files with attachments was covered above. Here, we’ve covered both manual and automated approaches to the problem. Users may choose any approach based on their needs. I think you should use a professional approach, such as the EML file print tool on Windows 10, and 11 OS since it offers you the greatest printing option. Additionally, there is a demo version of the application that is offered without charge. To try the software’s features and capabilities, download the free trial.


Ques 1: Is it possible to export EML messages and print several EML files with attachments?

Ans: Yes, users can export EML messages and print multiple EML files with attachments by using automated software.

Ques 2: Can I print EML files in Windows 10?

Ans: Yes, users can print batch .eml files in Windows 10 and 11 OS. Users can use either manual or professional solutions.