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How to Open EML File without MS Outlook Get Instant Solution

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Published On February 14th, 2024
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Summary:- Are you seeking solutions to open EML files without Outlook? If so, then your searches will end here . In this article will provide the different methods to view EML files without Outlook. If you are also one of them. So stay with us. Before start the blog we will take one user query make this

So, let’s get started

User Query:

Hi! One of my client shared 6 to 7 files having .eml extension. He asked me to open EML files and view it. As it has some data regarding to our upcoming project. But, how do I open EML files without Outlook? I am not a user of Outlook. Due to this now I am unable to figure out a standard technique to open multiple EML files independently on my system. Please can anyone suggest me a trustworthy idea to resolve this issue?

Ritz, New York City

Why Open EML File without Outlook – Reason

There are multiple reasons why users want to view eml files without Outlook. Some of the reasons are mentioned here:

  • There are many times when the user has to open and browse the orphan EML file shared with him without installing Outlook.
  • Investigators need to print and save EML as PDFs for presenting the evidence in court as well.
  • To perform the in-depth research, the user has to check the Message Header and Hex Code of the EML files.

What are the Ways to Read EML File without Outlook Application?

There are multiple ways through which users can perform this task:

  1. Open EML file without Outlook with professional solution
  2. Working Steps to Read eml files without Outlook
  3. View eml files without outlook by using Email Client
  4. Read EML File Using Plain Text
  5. conclusion
  6. FAQ’s

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Best Technical Solution to Open Multiple EML Files – Direct Approach

The EML Viewer Tool can be used in order to access and view the EML files. Opening and viewing EML files with the help of this tool is very easy. This amazing software is completely efficient and effective. It can perform the task very easily. It is the best alternative to consider for both technical and non–technical users.

Free Download

This application is capable of auto-locate and loading EML emails directly in the software interface. For converting EML Files into different file formats users can also upgrade to the pro version. Let’s have a look at the working process of this application.

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Working Steps to Open EML File without Outlook

Users have to follow these simple steps for accomplishing this task easily:

  1. Firstly, install and run the wizard on your Windows OS.open eml files without outlook
  2. Now, explore the view and find EML files. Users can preview the selected EML Files in the software interface.how can i open an eml file without outlook
  3. After that, the user will get 8 options to view EML Files i.e, Mail, Hex, Properties, Message Header, MIME, HTML, RTF, and Attachments.opening .eml files without outlook
  4. Users can see the attachments under the Attachments Tab.how to read eml files without outlook
  5. Users can also switch views from horizontal and vertical to view the mail as per their preference. open eml file without outlook process completed

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Method 2. By Making the Use of Email Client

We offer some tips for using EML files on Windows 10, 11, and any email service to read and see them. We’ll go over the easy actions to take in this discussion.

  1. EML files are able to reach the folder on your computer. Access the EML folder by right-clicking it and selecting Windows Live Mail, Mail, or another email client like Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook.
  2. The EML file opens quickly and includes all message formatting information.
  3. From the email platform, attachments may be seen and downloaded.

Note: EML folders should be added by dragging and dropping directly into an open email client like Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, etc.

View and Open EML File Using Plain Text – Method 3

The simplest way to read EML files without Outlook just shows the body text of the file, not the formatting of the message. Let’s describe the steps now:

  • To begin, right-click on the EML file and select Open with. Select Notepad from the list that has just opened.

Note: Text Files or Microsoft Word can be used to open EML files.

  • It would now open coding-formatted EML files in Notepad.
  • Finally, look for the email’s body text within the HTML and body tags. Reference inks’ a =ref tags you can preview the information in your browser by using these links.

Important Note: The attached files could not be opened or viewed using this manner; it would only display the message’s body information and reference links.

Wrapping Up

By concluding this blog I’ll only say that the best way to open EML file without Outlook is to use a professional tool with a simple layout that views EML files without Outlook quickly. Moreover, the software mentioned above supports full EML display, metadata, including attachments, and other things as well.

We hope after reading this post user will not face issues in performing this task. If still issue persists users can contact our live support team as well. They will assist users in accomplishing it.

Some Questions Asked by Users

Que 1. How can I open an EML file without Outlook?
Ans. By using the above solution, users can open the EML file without Outlook. In the previous section, we have explained the manual and professional solutions. Users can try anyone according to their needs.

Que 2. Is it possible to view specific EML files without Outlook?
Ans. Yes, by using automated solutions users can view particular files without Outlook. This tool provides several beneficial features users can avail it without any hassle.


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