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How to Import EML Files to Thunderbird? Top 3 Ways!

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Published On February 19th, 2024
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My colleague saved his Mac email data in EML format and gave me all the files so that I could access them on my computer. Now, I am wondering how to open these emails. I use Thunderbird which supports EML files. Can anyone suggest to me how to import EML files to Thunderbird? Thanks in advance.

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Many users end up having a bulk of EML files with them that they want to open. Since Thunderbird is a free-to-use email application and also supports EML files, it is the top choice for users to read EML files.

But the problem is that users have to open EML files one by one, by clicking on that file from their original location. In the coming section, we will introduce you to manual & automated ways to import EML to Thunderbird with all attachments & Other attributes. So, let’s begin the post…

Thunderbird Import EML with Drag and Drop

  • Open Thunderbird and go to Local Folders.
  • Find the folder you want to import the EML files into.
  • Drag and drop the EML files from your file manager into Thunderbird.

This is one of the easiest methods to complete the process, but it has limitations. When you batch import EML to Thunderbird, various users have faced errors like Thunderbird running slow or not responding.

Use ImportExportTools to Add EML files to Thunderbird

  • Install the ImportExportTools add-on in Thunderbird.
  • Go to Tools > ImportExportTools > Import Messages.
  • Select the folder to import into, and choose “Import EML” as the file type.
  • Navigate to and select the EML files to import into Thunderbird.

The Import/Export NG add-on is compatible only with the latest versions of Thunderbird. Also, you can refer to this page if you encounter the ImportExportTools NG not working in Thunderbird.

Expert Suggestions to Import EML to Thunderbird

When it comes to opening EML files easily with Thunderbird, importing the data permanently into the Thunderbird profile is the most suitable approach.

Earlier, different applications used to offer solutions where they convert the EML files into Thunderbird-supported MBOX and then import that file into Thunderbird. But that method is outdated now. Try  EmailDoctor Thunderbird Import Wizard which allows you to directly import EML files to Thunderbird without converting.

This software can be used with EML files generated by any email client belonging to any Operating System. It is also compatible with all versions of Thunderbird. During the conversion, the software retains complete metadata of the original EML files and successfully imports email and attachment data stored in EML files.

Steps to Import EML Files to Thunderbird

Here is how you can use this application in order to import the data of EML file.

Prerequisite: Users should have an email account configured in Thunderbird.

  1. Download the software and Install it on your computer.
    open the software
  2. To add files, use the Add File or Folder option. Once done click on the Next button & proceed to the next step to import EML files to Thunderbird.
    Add EML folder
  3. After adding the files, either select All Mails or apply Date Filter for selective import EML to Thunderbird account.
    selective import of EML
  4. Choose from the list of auto-loaded identities or configured profiles of Thunderbird. We recommend choosing “Local Folders” option.select local folders
  5. Click on the Import button to initiate the import process.
    import eml to Thunderbird
  6. Open Thunderbird and you will find out the EML emails in your chosen profile.

Note: In case you do not see the imported files on Thunderbird, restart the email application to view the imported data.

Top Features of Utility to Import EML to Thunderbird

These are the benefits users can avail themselves of once they use this application to import EML files to Thunderbird.

  • Add bulk EML files to Thunderbird using the Add Folder feature.
  • Supports import Maildir files to Thunderbird in bulk.
  • Date filter option to import only the required emails to TB.
  • Automatically loading all configured email accounts.
  • Option to choose a destination from all the configured profiles.
  • The quick and hassle-free process ensures no data loss


If you want to import EML to Thunderbird but do not want to go through some monotonous processes, use the recommended solution. This software will directly import EML files to Thunderbird, and allow you to open them in one place seamlessly. You do not need to go through any conversion process either. So, choose wisely and resolve your problem in some easy steps.


By Nilesh Kumar

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