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Resolved: Thunderbird ImportExportTools NG Not Working Issue

Published By Nilesh Kumar
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Published On June 10th, 2024
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Like other email applications, there are many add-ons available for Thunderbird that enhances its functionality and efficiency. One popular add-on is ImportExportTools NG which provides options to import / export files to Thunderbird in various file formats. However, this add-on users sometimes face some trouble such as Thunderbird ImportExportTools NG Not Working Issue. If you are facing the same trouble, you have come to the right blog. Here we will discuss some common ways to get rid of this problem.

Note: For quick and convenient solution to this problem, download Thunderbird Importer Tool.

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Common Workarounds to Fix Thunderbird ImportExportTools NG Not Working Issue

If someone’s ImportExportTools NG is not working, they may try any of these techniques:

  • Case Study 1: A Thunderbird user reported that he just installed Thunderbird on his computer. But he could not find Import MBOX option in ImportExportTools NG.

Technique 1: Import MBOX option not working for MBOX file import

a. Open Thunderbird and make sure you select Local Folder from the left panel.

b. Click on Tools->  ImportExportTools NG -> Import MBOX File.

c. Then the import MBOX dialog box will appear and you will be able to import your MBOX file in TB.

Note: If you have not set up any email account in Thunderbird, Local Folder may not appear in Thunderbird. So, make sure to have any email account configured in Thunderbird.

  • Case Study 2: A Thunderbird user complained that since the update installation of Thunderbird, he is unable to use ImportExportTools add-on.

Technique 2: Thunderbird ImportExportTools not working on the latest version of Thunderbird

In case you do not know, the old add-on named ImportExportTools does not support any version above Thunderbird 60. So, if you are using Thunderbird 68, you should install the new compatible Thunderbird add-on named ImportExportTools NG.

What If These Techniques Do not Work

It is possible that these techniques do not work in your case and you have a pressing need to import MBOX file to Thunderbird. Such situations demand a sure-shot solution that really works. Presenting Thunderbird Importer. This is considered as a great alternative to the ImportExportTools add-on of Thunderbird. In many cases, it works better than the free add-on. All you have to do is to download the software and perform file importation using these simple methods.

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Step 1: Open Thunderbird Importer software on computer.

Step 2: Select Add File button to add MBOX file in the tool.

Step 3: Click on Next to move to the next screen.

Step 4: If you are willing to perform selective data migration, select Date Filter and add the date range of your requirement.

Step 5: From the Select Identities list, choose the email account into which you want to move the MBOX file.

Step 6: In case you want to import the file in an account configured in IMAP, select Local Folder (else the software will prompt you to do so.) [Note: Once the data transfer is done, all you have to do is to drag and drop the imported MBOX folder in the account of your choice.]

Step 7: Click on Import button to start importing the MBOX file in Thunderbird.

How Thunderbird Imported is Better than the add-on

  • The free add one cannot import the attachments properly. On the other hand, the software can import all the attachments of MBOX file without any trouble.
  • The add-on may give rise to some error messages that make the life difficult for the users. But the tool will not generate any error messages.
  • The inline images and signatures of the MBOX emails are not supported during import by the add-on. In case of the utility, the complete metadata of the imported emails are retained.

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ImportExportTools of Thunderbird is mainly used for export and importing different files in Thunderbird. At times, users may encounter some problems while using the add-on and hence start complaining that ImportExportTools NG not working. In this blog, we have investigated the case studies and came up with proven techniques to fix this problem. If you are still facing the same problem, try the tool mentioned here.


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