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Add MBOX to Thunderbird

Add MBOX File Tool

Thunderbird Import Wizard Tool to Add MBOX File to Mozilla Thunderbird in Bulk Manner

  • Import MBOX file into Thunderbird
  • Move emails with attachments in bulk
  • 2 options for browsing MBOX files
  • Holds folder structure throughout
  • Option for the selective conversion
  • Thunderbird installation is needed

(Free Thunderbird Importer tool only import first 25 emails.)

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Advanced Features to Add MBOX to Thunderbird

batch importing

Add MBOX Files in Bulk:

The Thunderbird Importer software permits users to flawlessly transfer multiple .mboxs file in Thunderbird, all in one go. It is capable of supporting a file of 20+ email clients, which creates MBOX for email storage.

import all attachments

Maintain attachments of Emails

Software offers different approach to browse MBOX file in the Thunderbird Importer tool and maintains original email attachment.Users can choose an individual MBOX file or browse a folder comprising of multiple MBOX within it.

Holds Folder Structure

Holds Folder Structure

The tool holds the folder hierarchy of original MBOX file in Mozilla Thunderbird. It is capable of importing nested folders present in MBOX file and thus, holding the structure throughout.

Holds meta data

Transfer Complete Data :

Thunderbird Import Wizard transfers all messages of MBOX file in the targeted mail client without single bit loss. You will import Gmail MBOX to Thunderbird with all Email attachments, meta properties like To, Cc, Bcc, sent time, received time, etc., all remains same till the end.

Holds meta data

Supports All MBOX Email Clients

It is mandatory to have Thunderbird installed on the machine for working. Well, it is not important that users have to add MBOX mailbox to Thunderbird default configured email profile; Instead they can move data in their desired mailing profile.

date filter

Option for Date Filtering :

Thunderbird Importer tool offers a smart feature to add MBOX to Thunderbird on the basis of selective importing procedure. If users want few essential emails to be imported in Thunderbird then, they can use ‘Apply Filter’ option. Mention the date range from which you want to move data.


A MBOX file is the mailbox file whose purpose is to organize bulk email messages collectively in an individual text file. This type of email file format saves data in a concatenated manner. Here, each mail is saved one after the another, originating from the ‘FROM’ header. Earlier, this file was used in Unix hosts but, with new inventions it is now supported by many email applications. In today’s date, there are around 20 + email clients that saves their data in MBOX file format. Some of them are listed below :

  • MozillaThunderbird
  • Apple Mail
  • Entourage Mail
  • PocoMail, etc.

Demand of this Utility to Add MBOX to Thunderbird

The application is having multifaceted features to import MBOX to Mozilla Thunderbird. It is having two unique features within it i.e., bulk files importing and selective email options. Thunderbird Importer makes sure that it will be moving data without any data loss. The best part of this product is that messages can moved to any of the email account, which is configured in Thunderbird.

OST Email splitter


“Mind blowing, Spontaneous, and fantastic are the three words that I want to illustrate for working of this tool. Since long time, I was looking for a solution to add MBOX file to Thunderbird but, none were worth for me. Recently, I came across this tool and in first chance only it proved all its capabilities in a very brilliant manner.”

— Stephanie Patterson, Barbados

Screenshots of Thunderbird Import Wizard

Select Way to ADD MBOX file
Add MBOX Files

How to Use Thunderbird Importer Application

Frequntly Asked Questions

1. How will I mention the targeted email id in your software, which is already configured in Thunderbird?
The tool itself has the capability of listing all those email id’s that are set up in Thunderbird. You just need to click on the drop-down button of Select Identities and then, select the destination id.
2. Will your importer add MBOX file to Thunderbird, which is generated from Entourage email client?
Yes, of course, the tool supports MBOX files of all its supportive email clients. Basically, it is not dependent upon the origin from which .mbox file is generated. All what is needed that the source file should be having .mbox extension.
3. Suppose I am having Thunderbird installed on my machine but, not configured any profile within it. Will your Thunderbird import wizard still work?
No, our tool functioning is to add MBOX to Thunderbird mail account. Until and unless, there is no profile configured in it then, where will tool move MBOX emails? Therefore, it is compulsory to have a profile configured in Thunderbird.
4. Is your software available for Mozilla Thunderbird Mac users?
No, our import wizard is Windows-based, which is compatible on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and all below versions.

Client Reviews

“I was very much worried when I have to add 50 MBOX files in a Thunderbird profile. Doing this work in one-by-one manner was to much hectic and time-consuming. Meanwhile, I saw an advertisement of this product on my Facebook page and used its trial version. I was so much warmed after using this Add MBOX to Mozilla Thunderbird product that without giving a second thought I just purchased it for my need. Thank You guys!”

— -Lydia Burns, Dominica

“Thunderbird Importer is smartly developed with high technicalities of adding MBOX files in the targeted email profile. What I personally found the best was its performance speed and easy-to-use interface. It was so simple for a non-technical user like me that without any guidance I was able to add MBOX to Mozilla Thunderbird messages. Thanks team for incarnating such importer in the digital market.”

— -Arlene Hoffman, Israel