Best Email Converter Software for Windows & Mac

Emaildoctor provides the best range of software applications to convert emails with attachments from one format to another. The output file can be moved from one email client to another based on the conversion procedure. You can also use these conversion tools to extract emails from an email client to save to local computer. Regardless of your needs, Emaildoctor has all the email converter software for a hassle-free seamless conversion experience.

Before we move on to what kinds of software solutions we provide, let us understand why choosing us benefits you all.

Why EmailDoctor Converter Tools?

When it comes to resolving spontaneous issues coming your way during conversion, our tools are the best out there. Whether its tackling the targeted conversion without losing data attributes or achieving seamless process with optimized algorithms, the software have it all. All the products are 100% safe and secure. And if for some reason, you do face a technical issue or have a query, we have 24/7 support service where experts will resolve your queries in a hassle-free manner.

Compatible Email Conversion Solutions

All the products are only developed after a thorough research. The email converter tools are perfectly scalable and compatible with the most popular Operating systems.

Simple & Interactive GUI

The UI of the tools are simple and user-friendly. Most of the operation is automated and users only have to select a few options to customize the conversion process. In addition, complete hpw-it-works guide is provided for each email conversion software for ease of use.

Devoted Technicians

Customer satisfaction is the motto of EmailDoctor. Your feedback is the one of the most important things for us. And we strive to bring you only the best in terms of performance and security. The prime purpose of the best email converter programs is to serve the users in a better way and help them resolve their conversion needs.

Test Before Buy

We believe in transparency. All the email extractor programs are available to use for free before the purchase. The limitaion in the demo version is only the number of emails/files to convert from one format to another. Users can easily test the working of the software before deciding on buying it after satifactory results.

Email Converter Software for All Situations

Emaildoctor offers free-to-try tools for all your conversion needs.

# Convert from One Mail Format to Another

There are multiple file formats used by popular applications globally to save and fetch emails and other mailbox items like contacts, calendars, etc. Some are more popular than others like MBOX that has over 20+ email applications using it across multiple OS. For ex – Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc. While other email formats are developed for a single application use like PST for Microsoft Outlook, NSF for HCL Notes, etc.

There are mostly 2 types of email formats. One that stores a single message per file like EML, MSG, etc. While the other is typically called mailbox file as it stores multiple email messages in a single file (can also store other mailbox items) like MBOX, PST, NSF, etc.

Emaildoctor Email Converter Tools are designed to convert from one email format to another regardless of the mailbox type. We have software that operate on a single conversion format as input while providing multiple format options as the conversion output.

In fact, some users also needs the email messages in file formats typically not used for email storage like PDF, HTML, etc. We also provide such formats as output to satisfy the needs of the users.

# Email Converter for Multiple Mail Clients

EmailDoctor Best Email Converter Tools are designed to operate on email files regardless of the associated email client. In fact, in most cases, you can operate on the files without the need of installing the associated mail client.

Whether it’s the most popular email applications like Thunderbird, Outlook, Notes, Apple Mail, or the less used ones like SeaMonkey, Eudora, we have email converter programs designed to cover all the email applications.

We also understand that many users work with web email applications like Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc. for their email management. And they often need email conversion software to operate on the files extracted from these web clients. Our email extractor software even deals with such files and convert them to other file formats as per user requirements.

# Extract Emails from an Email Client

Emaildoctor Top Email Extractor software applications have the capability to extract emails from email clients in multiple file formats. Specific email conversion tools are designed for individual mail clients to extract emails from the said client and export them in user-chosen format.

Explore Our Range of Conversion Tools

Explore our range of converter software from the list given on the right panel and experience the best-in-class conversion process without having to do much. We have convered almost all the more popular email formats and email clients and will be launching several more programs as per user requirements in the near future.