NSF to MBOX Converter


Proficient tool to move Domino Server or Lotus Notes NSF files to MBOX format. With this, it becomes possible to migrate the data in batch mode. Moreover, it brings forth several features making the entire process simple.

  • Export Lotus Notes Mailbox to MBOX File Format in Bulk
  • Allows to Eliminate the Encryption from Lotus Notes Mails
  • Folder Hierarchy is Maintained Throughout the Process
  • Permits User to Transform Canonical Email into SMTP
  • There is No File Size Restriction to Export NSF File
  • Compatible with Lotus Notes 9.0.1, 8.5, & Below Versions
  • Do Not Connect Lotus Notes with Domino During the Process
  • Components of Lotus Notes Must be Installed in Machine
(For Lotus Notes 9.0, 8.0, 8.5, 7, 6)
{ Demo version let you export 25 selective items/folder }

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Unparalleled Features of Lotus Notes NSF to MBOX Converter

Export NSF to MBOX

Export Lotus NSF to MBOX

NSF to MBOX Converter permits users to convert various emails from NSF to MBOX in bulk at once. It helps them in adding the folder containing multiple NSF files. Once added, the tool converts them into MBOX file format. Moreover, with this software users can migrate mailbox of Domino Server to MBOX by putting Domino IP Address and Password.

batch nsf converter

Bulk Conversion of NSF

The software makes it feasible for users to move multiple Lotus Notes NSF files to MBOX at a time. In order to perform this task, it brings two different options:

  • Add File(s): With this, it is possible to choose various files at once to perform conversion
  • Add Folder(s): With this, it is possible to select multiple folders to execute migration.

Split Output PST

Apply Email Filter

This option permits users to apply the filter in emails according to the date. They can select the date range to migrate specific emails. For this, they need to choose date by putting it in the column of “From” and “To.” By using this utility, it is also possible to remove or eliminate the encryption from the message of NSF to perform the conversion.

Filters Selective Data

Maintain Hierarchy of Folder

Another interesting feature that comes along with the software is the maintenance of folder hierarchy. It is an optional option; therefore, users can select it in case they needed. Apart from this, the tool has the ability to map folders within NSF into MBOX. This means, users can map Lotus Notes inbox to a newfile.mbox directly.

preserve meta properties

Preserves Meta Properties

Lotus Notes to MBOX Converter repaints the Meta properties while converting NSF files into MBOX format. These properties include To, Cc, Bcc, send date, email address, received date, etc. Moreover, the attachments are also safe with this software. It migrates all the document data without any kind of inconvenience.

conversion details

Display Conversion Report

During the process of migration the software displays a progress report indicating the number of files that are converted, name of the current folder, email count, etc. In addition, it automatically detects as well as replace Canonical name of the senders email into SMTP. Users can even transform various Email Address Books with CSV file option.

Preserve HTML Format

Save MBOX in New Folder

Users can easily store the resultant files in any of the existing folder or can generate a new folder to save these files. Moreover, it also permits users to retain Doclinks same as the previous file during the conversion. It preserves the HTML formatting and does not make even a single change in it.

Recurrence Calendars Conversion

Supports All Available Version

This software supports all editions of Lotus Notes, which includes 9.0, 8.5, 7.0, 6.5, and 5.0. Along with this, it is also compatible with all available versions of Windows Operating System. This means Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2003, and etc. Once converted this MBOX file can be accessed in any of the supportive platform.


Lotus Notes is an email client, which is associated with Domino Server. It generates NSF file for the storage of the data. Users can perform emailing task and cross-communication with the help of this platform. Whereas, MBOX is a file format used in various email applications. Some of the supportive email clients are Mozilla Thunderbird, The Bat!, Pocomail, Netscape Mail, Eudora, Entourage, etc. This is the reason that sometimes users want to move the files from NSF to MBOX. Apart from this, some more reasons such as switching from one to another platform, migration from Lotus Notes, etc. leads to this conversion.

Now, in order to accomplish this task, users search for any trustworthy methods. However, have to face difficulty in finding a relevant approach. This is here; NSF to MBOX Converter helps users. It can move various NSF files to MBOX format at once.

Follow the Below Steps to Convert NSF File to MBOX Format

  • Step 1; Firstly, go to Start >> Programs >> Lotus Notes to MBOX >> Lotus Notes to MBOX. A screen will appear, you need to click on OK
  • Step 2;To begin the process, click on Open
  • Step 3; Now, three options will appear for the conversion process
  • Step 4; Add File: To add NSF files one after the other

    Step 5; Add Folder: To add entire folder

    Step 6; Remove File: To remove added NSF file

  • Step 7; Hit on Add File
  • Step 8; After this, browse and choose NSF from its location to convert it. Hit on Open
  • Step 9; Click on Browse to choose the location for storing resultant file
  • Step 10; Choose the destination path to place the MBOX and click on OK
  • Step 11; Once it is done, the tool will display the full path of chosen location. Now, select Yes if you wish to maintain the folder hierarchy, otherwise No
  • Step 12; To begin the process of export click on the button of Export
  • Step 13; As soon as you do this, the process of migration will begin with a progress report containing: Current Folder, Email Count, Folder Count, etc.
  • Step 14; After the completion of the process, the tool will display a completion message click on OK
  • Step 15; You can go to the location where you have placed the file.

Browse NSF file

From a long time I was thinking to move my files from Domino Server to MBOX format, but I implemented the task when I found NSF to MBOX Converter. With this, I have performed the entire task of migration in almost no time.

— Anis Mansur Shalhoub, Arabia

NSF to MBOX Converter Screenshots

Select Lotus Lotus Notes (.nsf) file to convert
Add NSF File to MBOX

Preview of Conversion of NSF into MBOX File

Frequntly Asked Questions

Can I convert multiple NSF files with the help of Export NSF to MBOX Tool?
Yes, this utility supports conversion in bulk. Therefore, various NSF files can be moved into MBOX format.
I am accessing Mac, is it possible to run this software in Mac Operating System?
No, it is Windows based product therefore, cannot be accessed into Mac platform.
Can I open, view, or read resultant MBOX files in Mozilla Thunderbird email client?
Yes, once file is migrated into MBOX it can be used in any of the MBOX supportive email client.
Does the tool bring forth any file size limitation to move Lotus Notes to MBOX?
No, the utility does not have any file size restriction to execute the process of exporting.

Client Reviews on NSF to MBOX Converter

The software is really like a boon to me as it saved my job. My boss has assigned me task of conversion from NSF to MBOX and by using this tool, I have done it very well. I seriously want to say a big thank you to the entire team of developers for such a useful creation.

- Cong Hsüeh, China

As the matter of fact, MBOX is one the flexible file format I was thinking to switch from Domino to MBOX. For this, I needed a trustworthy platform; Lotus Notes to MBOX Exporter helps me out in that situation. I have transferred almost 500 files to MBXO format.

- Bao Lu, Brazil

Just like any other user, I wanted to choose a relevant product to perform migration from NSF to MBOX in bulk. After using the trial version of this utility, I have purchased the full version. And believe me, it is really a wonderful tool to work with. There were numerous files in Lotus Notes mailbox; I have converted all of them at once. Moreover, the tool keeps the entire data safe and secure.

- Liisi Santala, Australia

If I talk about my experience, the best thing I liked about this tool is its interface. I am not good at handling technical products, but accessing this tool was very easy for me. I have recommended it to all my colleagues. It is really a blessing for users.

- Niamh Preston, England