EmailDoctor PST to PDF Converter

PST to PDF Converter

Find the Best Way to Batch Convert Outlook PST Files to PDF

  • Convert PST Files to PDF along with email attachments.
  • Provides 2 Modes for adding Outlook PST : File & Folder.
  • Advance Scanning mode feature for corrupted Outlook email.
  • Allows to perform Batch PST file to PDF conversion of Outlook.
  • Provides Advanced PDF Settings : Bates Numbering & Date Stamping.
  • Generate a preview of all PST folders with accurate hierarchy.
  • MS Outlook installation is not required for PST to PDF Converter.
  • Option to select particular folder to export PST files as PDF Adobe.
For Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000 (32 & 64 bit)
{Demo version let you export 25 selective items/folder }

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Convert Outlook Email into PDF

Convert Outlook Email into PDF

PST to PDF Converter enables you to convert all emails of your Outlook Email Application into PDF documents. It will create a new PDF for each email of Outlook PST file. You can change the name of the PDF but by default the PDF will named as a subject of email.

Option to scan corrupt Outlook file

Scan corrupt Outlook Email file

Outlook Email to PDF Converter enables you to scan and fix corrupted Outlook Email PST file before loading its contents. If the PST file is damaged, then you can select Advanced Scan option for severely corrupted Outlook Email files.

Sorting of items by attributes

Preview All Outlook Email Data

The software to convert PST to PDF with attachments shows the preview of all items of PST file with their associated properties like: From, to, size of email, subject of email, phone number, address etc. The software enables you to sort and rearrange these items according to their associated properties and preview in multiple formats.

Batch conversion is possible

Batch Email Conversion of Bulk PST

The best PST to PDF converter tool enables you to perform batch conversion, you can ADD multiple Outlook Email files one by one and then Export them all together. You can select all folders or a particular folder of a Outlook Email file according to your need. It enables you to perform mass conversion or export selective items.

Advance setting option

Advance PDF Settings Option

The Advanced PDF setting option enables you to select the Top, Bottom, Left and Right margin size of the PDF. In addition, there is an option to select paper orientation (Landscape or portrait mode) and paper size. For example you can choose the .

Naming convention for emails

Naming convention for emails

While converting PST file Emails to PDF, you can select the Naming Convention option for emails and save PDF file according to Subject, DD-MM-YY, YY-DD-MM, MM-DD-YY, Date+Subject, Subject+Date, From+Subject+Date, Date+From+Subject, Date+Subject+From, Auto increment, etc.

No size Limitation of Outlook Email file

No Size Limitation to Convert PST Files to PDF Adobe

The software to export PST file to PDF with attachments supports both ANSI and UNICODE Outlook PST files. Hence, there is no size limitation to convert Outlook PST to PDF. You can select Outlook Email file of any size and the software will convert that Outlook file into a healthy PDF file.

Preview all Folders in Hierarchy

Maintain Folder Hierarchy

The best PST to PDF converter generates a preview of all items present in a Outlook Email file. All the folders follow the same hierarchy of Outlook Email file. The generated PDF will also follow the same hierarchy until or unless you will not rearrange the folders.

Need to Convert Outlook PST Emails to PDF Adobe

In present time, security is an important factor for all kinds of businesses. PDF has an ability to put password on a document and makes the document more secure for sharing information over a network; internet or intranet. You can set a password to protect the PDF files from unauthorized printing, copying, editing, signature, etc. There are two types of PDF password- Owner level password and user level password.

Owner Level Password: You can set Owner level Password to restrict other people for printing, editing and copying your document.

User Level Password: User level password can be used to prevent people from viewing or opening your PDF file. No one can open your PDF without putting the correct password.

So you can convert your precious Outlook emails or attachments as a PDF for making them more secure.

If someone lost the Outlook setup and unable to access the Outlook data due to corruption then Outlook Email to PDF Converter is a solution to convert Outlook Email to PDF. It allows the user to convert his/her Outlook Email file as a PDF, even if the Outlook Email file is corrupted.

You can convert your Outlook Email file to PDF if there is a requirement to present your Outlook Emails or associated attachments as a legal document.

Why Choose Outlook PST to PDF Converter ?

PST File to PDF converter is specially developed to convert your multiple Outlook files into PDF files that are compatible on all systems. The key features of this utility are:

  • Add multiple Outlook Email files and convert all emails at once.
  • Provide an Advance Scan option to repair severely corrupted Outlook files.
  • MS Outlook installation is not required to convert Outlook Email to PDF.
  • The original formatting of emails is kept intact during the conversion process.

All the features of the Outlook Email to PDF converter make it a trustworthy and reliable product to convert Outlook Email to PDF.

Outlook Email to pdf converter


I am really thankful to Outlook PST to PDF Converter for converting Outlook emails into PDF. It was really a great experience with software which converted emails without any data loss. Now I can easily read my Outlook emails as PDF according to date.

— Paul Allen, New York

Outlook Email to PDF Converter Screenshots

Main Screen of Outlook Email to PDF Converter
Add PST file

Software Preview of Exporting PST Items into PDF

FAQS to Convert PST to PDF with Attachments

How can I run this application to convert Outlook email sto PDF format ?
Follow these steps to run this tool:
  • Step 1: Start PST to PDF Converter.
  • Step 2: Add PST file of your choice.
  • Step 3: Preview Outlook emails of PST file.
  • Step 4: Select PDF and start to convert Outlook PST files to PDF.
What are the system requirements for Outlook Email to PDF converter ?
PST to PDF Converter supports Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and all lower versions.1 GHz Processor, 2 GB of RAM and 52 MB of free Hard Disk space is required to run the Software.
Can I convert my 30 GB of Outlook PST file to PDF ?
Yes, you can convert any size of Outlook file to a PDF document.
My Outlook PST file is corrupted; it is possible to convert corrupted Outlook emails to PDF ?
Yes, by using this software you can convert PST file emails to PDF even from a corrupted PST file. Select Advanced scan option to remove corruption from severely corrupted Outlook Email files.
I want to change the name of PDF, Is it possible to rename the PDF after conversion?
Yes, you can rename your PDF document after conversion.
What are the additional PDF settings that I can apply in this software ?
You can apply Bates Number, Date stamp, PDF file margin, Paper size and Paper orientation on converted PDF files.
Can I apply naming convention while saving Outlook emails as PDF ?
Yes, you can apply naming convention of your choice from the menu while saving the PDF files.
Can I perfom selective data conversion with PST file to PDF Converter ?
Yes, you can enter a date range to select the emails of a particular date range and convert them successfully.

Our Client Reviews on PST to PDF Conversion Software

I am thankful to the developer of the software. I want to convert my important Outlook emails to PDF. By using Outlook PST emails to PDF converter I have converted all my emails to PDF very easily and instantly.

— Jennifer Hawkins, US

This is a reliable tool; I have used it to convert my corrupted Outlook Email file to PDF. The best part of the software is scan option for inaccessible Outlook Email files.

— Oliver Scofield, New York