Aol PFC to MBOX Converter

PFC to MBOX Converter

Key Features to convert PFC to MBOX file

  • Successfully converts AOL PFC to Thunderbird
  • Converted MBOX is supported by 20+ Email Clients
  • The tool also converts to
  • User can view email before conversion process
  • Allow user to export only selected emails & other items
  • The software supports all versions of Windows OS
(For Windows 10 & all Below Versions OS)
{ Demo version let you export 25 selective items/folder }

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Features of AOL PFC to MBOX Converter Tool

Convert Aol PFC to MBOX

Convert AOL PFC to Thunderbird

The software help user to convert PFC to MBOX file and the new exported MBOX file is supported by Mozilla Thunderbird & 20 more email clients. The software also enables users to transfer AOL PFC to Mac Mail.

Convert Selected Emails

Export Only Selected Items

The converter tool provides extra facility to the user of converting & exporting only selected emails & other items. User just needs to check the checkbox for desired emails that they want to convert and leave the rest unchecked to differentiate from the emails not to be converted.

Filter Emails for Conversion

Filter Emails for Conversion

The software also allows users to set filtration before conversion with respect to date. For this, the user just needs to provide date range to convert PFC to MBOX. For Example: After setting date range 2/2/2015 to 2/2/2016, the software will only convert all mails between provided date range.

Multiple Output File Format

Multiple Output File Format

The tool is also capable of converting emails into multiple file formats other than MBOX only. User can use this tool to convert PFC to MBOX, file format. This feature offers user more flexibility in using different email client.

Export with Naming Convention

Export with Naming Convention

The tool offers users with ease of access on the converted file. This feature enables users to convert PFC to MBOX with multiple naming conventions. Before export process user can set the file naming format like: Subject wise, date wise & subject + date wise, etc.

Maintain Data Integrity

Maintain Data Integrity & Structure

The tool maintains same folder structure after conversion of emails & other items. It also maintains the data integrity during conversion. The software considers maintaining data integrity as the most important thing throughout the process of conversion.

Introduction to AOL PFC file

AOL PFC file is a storage file, which is used to store emails locally from AOL Server to a user PC. AOL PFC file let AOL users to access emails in offline mode. PFC is also called Personal Filing Cabinet file, which is created by AOL Desktop Software. Each AOL Desktop User has one PFC file in local computer, which helps them to access mails without internet connection.

Need to Convert PFC to MBOX file

Users who want to switch from AOL Desktop to Mozilla Thunderbird or Apple mail or any other MBOX supported email client then this tool can be very useful for them. The tool will help such users to convert PFC to MBOX file and the converted file can be accessed very easily by other email clients like Thunderbird. Some important features are listed below:

  • Apply email filter for selective data conversion
  • Preview email & other items before conversion
  • Maintains same folder structure throughout
  • Maintains data integrity during conversion
  • Multiple output file format other than MBOX

Hence, these attractive features make AOL PFC to MBOX Converter software an efficient tool that provides conversion without any loss of data.

pfc to mbox converter



Supported OS: Windows 10 & all below versions

Server OS: Windows 2008/2012

Processor: 1 GHz required but 2 GHz recommended

Hard Drive Space: At least 80 MB space should be free

RAM: 512 MB Required but 1 GB Recommended

Software Size: 26.2 MB

Screenshots to Convert Aol PFC to MBOX

Aol PFC file to converter
Add Aol PFC file

Preview to Convert Aol PFC to MBOX file

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AOL Desktop software required to convert PFC to MBOX file format?
No, AOL Desktop is not required for conversion of PFC to MBOX file format.
Can I install this tool on my Mac machine to transfer AOL PFC to Mac mail?
No, this tool can't be installed on Mac machine. It supports only Windows OS, therefore you are required to install it on Windows OS.
Does this tool support bulk conversion of PFC files?
For bulk conversion, you need to attach all PFC files one by one to the software and then use selective export feature for individual or bulk conversion.
How can I export file, which are stored at different location in my computer?
Load all files one by one into the software for conversion and then export selected PFC file only.

Our Client Reviews About Aol PFC to MBOX Converter Software

I was looking for a tool which could help me to convert PFC to MBOX file format. But it was not easy to trust on any tool easily. But after trying the demo version of software which let me export 25 items per folder, I decided to get this tool. The tool made my work very easy with any data lost.

— Kenneth B. Cook, US

I downloaded this tool by just thinking that it will only let me convert my emails from PFC file to other formats. But I downloading I saw that it has multiple output file format other than PFC to MBOX. Therefore I use this tool according to my requirement.

— Chadwick F. Lent, California