Lotus Notes NSF to PST Converter


Seamless Solution to Perform Complete Lotus Notes NSF File Extraction to Microsoft Outlook Data File PST

  • Convert Lotus Notes NSF Files to Microsoft Outlook PST File
  • Perform Extraction of All Data Types: Emails, Calendars, Tasks, etc.
  • Conversion of Encrypted Emails from Lotus Notes NSF to PST File
  • Compatible to Utmost Lotus Notes Application Versions: 9.0 And Below
  • Advance Function of Translating Canonical Names to SMTP Format
  • Supports all latest versions of Microsoft Outlook up to 2016
  • Retain Technical Properties of Emails Like Meta Information and Attachments
(For Lotus Notes 9.0, 8.0, 8.5, 7, 6)
{ Demo version let you export 25 selective items/folder }

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Lotus Notes to Outlook PST File Converter Salient Features

Conversion of NSF to PST

Complete Extraction of NSF to PST

This conversion tool is capable to extract complete data like; Emails, Calendars, Tasks, Contacts, Journals, etc. along with the technical properties, attachments and folder structure of items maintaining everything intact. This feature allow you to extract lotus notes email attachments as well.

Data Into Same PST

Manage Emails & Contacts to Same PST

NSF to PST converter software provides an added benefit of Lotus Notes Data Management. Users either can create same PST file to save both emails and contacts, or can allow saving contacts separately according to the settings done by user. It allow you to add emails into same using PST after performing extract NSF file to PST.

Split Output PST

Splitting Option of Converted PST File

Considering the possible size difference of NSF file and PST file, software allows splitting of PST file after certain size defined by users. As the output file reaches this predefined size while conversion, file will be split. This feature provide facility to share Emails in PST file easily after successful extract to PST.

Filters Selective Data

Filters for Selective Data Conversion

Emails, calendars, journals, and To-do Lists of NSF file belonging to particular date range can be converted using filters. This is done by providing dates in From and To fields and the data belonging to this range will be converted to PST. It allow you to save time and space after Extract NSF file to PST.

Decrypt Encrypted Email

Decrypt Encrypted Email Messages

Lotus Notes emails are encrypted and in order to access these encrypted emails in Outlook, the emails have to be decrypted. Software embeds this feature, which can be checked for decrypting encrypted messages.

CN Value Customization

DocLink Support & CN Value Customization

This tool has an advance feature to detect canonical name format and extract it to SMTP individually or collectively by defining it in CSV file. It also supports retaining DocLinks while extraction of NSF files to PST.

Preserve HTML Format

Preserve HTML Formatting

HTML formatting of emails is preserved even after conversion of emails from NSF to PST. Attributes like; Hyperlink, signature, font, inline images, etc. are kept intact and emails can be accessed without any alteration of these attributes. It allow you not to worry about data alteration after Extract NSF to PST.

Recurrence Calendars Conversion

Conversion of Recurrence Calendars

If Lotus Notes database is having recurrences in calendar, then the tool will perform conversion of these recurrences as well. This will allow users to access the calendar information in Outlook in similar manner as it was done in Lotus Notes.

Why We Need Notes NSF to PST Conversion?

Lotus Notes has established high standards in industry and many business professionals prefer Lotus Notes application as an information sharing and emailing program for intra-organization utilization. Initially when this platform was launched, it was the only client application, which provided emailing facility. Initially it was embedded with basic functionality like contact management, emails, document sharing, etc., but later it grew as a Personal Information Manager. It became foremost comprehensive collaboration tool for emailing. However, it always has mixed reviews and enterprises migrate to better emailing application like Microsoft Outlook.

Since the file formats supported and used by both of these email clients are different, the migration needs an extra effort of conversion of files. Lotus Notes supports NSF file and Outlook storage file is PST. In order to make Notes email data accessible in Outlook, NSF file to PST conversion is necessary. Let us see why users migrate from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook.

Lotus Notes application is a complex application as compared to Microsoft Outlook. Hence, organizations prefer Outlook.

Notes is a huge and comprehensive application emailing being just a part of it. Users who need application just for emailing prefer Outlook.

Outlook application is a cost-effective email application and needs no extra expenditure on aspects like training or maintenance like Lotus Notes.

Customizability is another factor where Outlook application is much better than any other email application.

Notes needs strict administration and its administration needs a lot of efforts as compared to Outlook application.

A simple task like changing password can take a lot of settings, efforts, pre-requisite settings, etc. in Notes application, which is much simpler in Outlook application.

All these reasons are responsible for users switching to Outlook application from Lotus Notes. This migration also needs conversion of NSF email data to Outlook PST file, which cannot be done manually. Extraction of data can only be done using Lotus Notes NSF to PST Converter. Once the files are converted, the email data of Notes can be accessed in MS Outlook application.

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Awesome! Product for conversion designed by EmailDoctor which, helps me to extract data like: emails, contacts, etc from NSF Files into PST.

— Agnes Wagon, Australia

NSF to PST Converter Screenshots

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Preview of Conversion NSF to PST file

Frequntly Asked Questions

Does this software need Lotus Notes installation in the system?
Yes. It is mandatory to have Notes application installed in the system for performing NSF file to PST conversion.
Will this software support Windows 8.1 version?
Yes. Software works in all the versions of Windows application including 8.1 version.
Can I add multiple NSF files to the software for conversion?
No. Software will support addition of single NSF file at a time only. Users can however add multiple file one by one.

Client Reviews on NSF to PST Converter

"Our organization recently faced a lot of troubles when we hired new employees and Notes was quite difficult application for them. We decided to migrate to Outlook email application from Lotus Notes and for this enterprise level of migration, NSF to PST converter assisted us a lot for extraction of Notes files to PST."

- Gloria Malone, Sweden

"Lotus Notes NSF to PST file converter's mechanism is commendable. It is completely customizable and the extraction could be done according to our requirements. Tool is embedded with several crucial features facilitating complete conversion. We are glad that we tried this software and achieved results successfully."

- Jaime Daniel, Singapore

"Notes to Outlook application is a remarkable tool. It is integrated with several functionalities, which helped us to perform the conversion without any complications. It helped us retain the actual formatting and other attributes of emails and other data types in output PST file. Thanks for the tool!"

- Peter Reeves, Rome

"Extract NSF to PST tool is an extremely efficient software program and I am highly satisfied with the product and the service provided as well. While testing the software, we had some trouble and the support assisted us very well. I am thankful for the expertise help and assistance provided."

- Katie Wilkerson, Scotland