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Explore Methods to Copy Content from Protected PDF Files

Nilesh Kumar | Modified: November 17, 2022 | Adobe PDF | 4 Minutes Reading

I have received some PDFs as a reference to my work, but all are secured. Now I need to copy some important text from those PDFs. So, I need a solution to copy content from protected PDF.

Several people using PDF for a long time are concerned about the same issue. PDF files are restricted to ensure that the data is secured, and no one can copy or change it. This feature is generally used by business firms and also by basic users in order to keep their data safe for various reasons. However, it creates an when you want to copy text from protected PDF. A secured document doesn’t allow a user to copy PDF file data/text.

If you are experiencing the same issue, then reading this article will surely help to remove this problem.  

Quick Steps to Copy a Password Protected PDF Easily

  1. Install the PDF Unlocker Tool and add PDF files.
  2. Mark the Save option and enter the User-Level password if needed.
  3. Set the path to save unlocked PDF using the “Change” button.
  4. Finally, press Unlock button to copy data from the restricted PDF.

Conventional Methods to Copy Text from Protected PDF

This section talks about methods that can be used to copy required data from the locked PDF. Users can have an option to use the manual Solutions which are free to use, however they have some limitations associated with it.

Copy Restricted PDF Data Using Google Chrome

Proper steps are mentioned below to use this method:

  • To copy content from protected PDF, firstly, open the locked PDF file using Google Chrome (right-click, click the “Open With” button).
  • After it opens, select Print option.
  • Then press the “Save as PDF” option and re-save the PDF file.
  • Now use Adobe Reader to view the PDF file that you save currently and copy the content you want to.

Copy Text from Protected PDF Using the Google Drive Option

  • The first step is to log in to your Google Drive and open the settings.
  • A window will pop up, hit the “Convert Uploaded Files to GoogleDocs Editor Format” button and press the “Done” option.

Upload the Protected PDF

  • Open Google Drive again and click on the “New” button> “Upload Files”.
  • Now, in the drive, upload the secured PDF document using drag and drop.
  • After this, open the PDF file “Google Docs
  • Then, select the required content and copy it and paste it into Word Doc.
  • After that save that file. If needed, you can save the file in PDF format by choosing the Save as PDF option in MS word.

Note – This method will not be ideal for copying content from multiple PDF files. For a few PDF files, users can use this. Otherwise for copying data from multiple PDF files then choosing a trusted software will be the best solution for this.  

Use Automated Tool to Copy Content from Protected PDF

What we can see here is that copying data from multiple PDFs can become difficult to some extent. The user will need to repeat the entire process to complete the work of copying content from every PDF file. So, here the user will need to take a wise step and look for software like the PDF File Unlocker Tool. This self-automated software completes the work by itself. The user don does not have to go anywhere or launch any other application. It removes the restrictions and enables the option to copy a password protected PDF easily. It unlock password protected PDF file, moreover, it also removes restrictions on Edit, Adding Signatures or Comments, and Extracting data from PDFs.      

To copy text from protected PDF files, then follow the instruction:

  • Download, Install and open the tool. Then load the PDF files with the help of the Add Files/ Add Folder.

copy content from protected PDF

  • Type the User level Password (Document Viewing Key) if the PDF file has, otherwise skip it, then mark the Save button and press the Next Button.

enter the PDF password

  • Now by using the Change Button, set the folder location where the unlocked PDF File will be saved.

set the location to save file

  • Finally, by pressing the Unlock button, you will be able to copy content from protected PDF.

copy text from protected PDF

In a few steps, users can accomplish the task and will be able to copy the data that they want to.

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Copying from a normal PDF file is an easy thing, However, doing the same action on a lock PDF file is difficult. So, here we have discussed the manual methods which can be useful to copy content from protected PDF. Moreover, to make the process easier, we have explained an automated solution.