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How to Change PDF Security Settings Using 2 Simple Methods?

Nilesh Kumar | Modified: April 26, 2023 | Adobe PDF | 5 Minutes Reading

Sometimes users fall into such cases where they are having several Secured PDF files and require Unlocking them and changing the PDF protection settings. If you are one of those searching for a solution to this problem and looking for the best PDF password remover. Then, this post will surely help to change PDF security settings of owner-level locked Adobe PDF files.    

List of Topics Discussed in this Post  

  1. Different PDF Security types.
  2. Professional solution to edit PDF security.
  3. Manual Methods to change the restrictions.
  4. Firstly, let’s get to know about the security levels that PDF files have.

What Are the Types of Security Levels Included in a PDF Document?

Generally, there are two types of security levels that can be added to a PDF file(s).

  1. User Level or Document Viewing Security Level
  2. Owner Level or Password Restricted Level

In user-level protection, the user can lock the entire PDF and make it a secured PDF file. If the other user wants to view the PDF file, then the user will be required to enter the password. 

On the other hand, in Owner Lever Security, the user can view the PDF file (if there is no user-level protection). However, they won’t be able to Edit, Copy, Print or Extract Pages. Basically, some options will be greyed out which are restricted to use.

So, if you have a password-restricted PDF file and want to change PDF security settings. Then in the next section, we will be explaining a smart and quick method to know how to change security settings on PDF.

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Using the Automated Technique to Change PDF Security Settings

This solution is recommended for users who have forgotten the PDF permission password.

We know that there are several users who use the Adobe Acrobat application to view their PDF files. But when they have to work on secured PDF files. Then it becomes a headache. That’s why users are required to make changes in the PDF security settings to unlock the other feature which they need to use. So, by using this PDF Unlocking Software users can easily perform the task to edit the security settings. Moreover, this tool supports versions of both Windows and Mac OS. So, there is no need to worry if you are thinking that how to unlock PDF on Mac OS.

Note –  Here, the user will need to note that it will remove all the restrictions from the PDF added in this tool at the same time.        

Proper Instructions to Remove PDF Security Settings to Make It Unsecured PDF

1- Launch and run the software to know how to change security settings on PDF.

change PDF security settings

2- Use the Add File(s)/Add Folder(s) button to edit the changes in security settings.

add files to change settings

3- Now if the added PDF files are secured, then enter the password. If not, then continue without typing the password.  

enter the password if needed

4- Now in the Destination section, hit the Save radio button and set the path to save the Output by hitting the Change button.

select Save or Print option

5- After changing the path and hit the Unlock button to change PDF security settings.

change PDF security settings

And it’s done. By using this tool, users will be able to conveniently change/edit the security-related settings of the PDF document.  

Change PDF Security Settings Using Adobe Acrobat

To know how to change security settings on PDF, one can execute this task only if they have the Adobe Acrobat PRO DC which is a professional version and it costs high. If you have the professional version then the process will become simple as they have to open the PDF doc and change the settings. By chance, if you are using the basic version, then the user will need the above-mentioned software that will easily unsecure the protected PDF file and help you to remove PDF security settings.  

If the user has the Adobe Acrobat DC Pro with them, here are the steps, please follow them carefully.

  • Launch the Adobe Acrobat DC PRO application and then open the PDF file in that.
  • Then in the application go to Tools>Protect>Encrypt, then press Remove Security.
  • If the file has the permission password then enter the required Password.
  • Finally, hit the OK button to confirm.

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When a user has PDF files to work with and is unable to access some features. At that time, it is required to change PDF security settings. So, users can easily use those options. However, if they have the professional version of the Adobe PDF application then it becomes an easy task. Otherwise, the user can go for the above-mentioned software which is capable of executing the task. Follow the Guided steps mentioned to know how to change security settings on PDF.