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Quick Ways to Convert Non Copyable PDF to Copyable PDF

Nilesh Kumar | Modified: December 28, 2022 | Adobe PDF | 4 Minutes Reading

Several people use PDF file formats for their professional or personal purposes. PDF has become the most suitable to share and save data like Texts, Images etc. however at times, in certain cases, the user requires to change aur move data from one PDF to another. But sometimes, it becomes difficult to convert non copyable PDF to copyable PDF. Hence in this article, we will be explaining some effective ways to copy text data from protected PDF documents.

Reasons Why Users Want to Convert PDF to Copyable Text

Based on several reasons, users tend to alter their existing PDF. The most common reasons could be:

  • Adding content to make it updated.
  • For making a replica of the original text file.
  • Need to get the important data to add in another PDF file. That requires copying text data.

One thing that is to be clear is that, If you are unable to copy data from a PDF file. It means that the file exists with a restriction and here, the user will need to convert PDF to copyable text. This will help to unlock and start copying the content.

For that, we have mentioned some methods with proper steps to use and copy content from protected PDF files.

Convert Non Copyable PDF to Copyable PDF in Less time Using the Best Method

Copying content from a secured PDF file can be a challenging task, as restrictions might be applied before to protect the data from copying. However, using the PDF File Unlocker Utility can ease the task by unlocking the file and letting users copy their data.

The software is a standalone tool which takes less space in users’ systems providing the best results in less time. It supports batch file loading and removing securities from a PDF file.

Steps to Allow User to Copy PDF File Content Using the Tool

1- Launch the software on the machine to convert non copyable PDF to copyable PDF.

2-  Using the Add File(s) option insert the PDF files.

inserting PDF files

3- Use the Change button and select the location to save the resultant PDF.

set the location and choose to save or print

4- Click the Unlock PDF button to initiate the process to copy data from a PDF file which has restrictions.

convert non copyable PDF to copyable PDF

Using Adobe Acrobat DC to Convert PDF to Copyable Text

  1. Open the file In Acrobat Acrobat Reader Pro DC.
  2. Then Select and highlight the content, that is required to copy.
  3. Press the Edit button and select the Copy option, then use the Ctrl+C  to copy the selected data.
  4. Now, open a text file / Word file & paste the copied text and  Save the file after pasting the copied text.

Using the Snapshot Tool to Copy Text from PDF Files

Another method could be by using the snapshot tool. To implement this method use the snapshot tool and follow the steps which are stated below:

  1. In Adobe Reader open the PDF file then click the Tools Menu.
  2. Now, select, Zoom and click “Take a Snapshot”.
  3. Hover over the text to copy text from a PDF file which is protected.
  4. By using the ‘+’icon & select the text to copy. Then, move the mouse to click the respective text area.
  5. Release the click and get a snapshot of the text.
  6. After that, open a Word Document file and paste the content into the text or word file.

Limitations of the Manual Approach

  • While copying data, the user will not be able to copy the attachments present.
  • Copying selected text from multiple PDF files is a time-consuming and tedious task.
  • The hierarchy of the copied content might not be the same as the original file.
  • Attachments cannot be saved separately.

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To convert non copyable PDF to copyable PDF there are multiple ways to do it. However, each method has a different process and could be time-consuming. Hence it is better to use an automated tool which removes the protection and enables the option to copy data from multiple PDF files. Users can also go with the conventional methods if they have fewer or single PDF files. The proper process with steps are mentioned above and select the suitable solution.