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How to Unlock Password Protected PDF File Without Losing Any Information?

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Published On January 24th, 2024
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A PDF file is a very important file, in which you get a lot of security, with the help of which your file remains completely safe. You can also put many restrictions on your PDF files like no copying, no printing, and no sharing, you can also put passwords on PDF files and you can put many more restrictions.

If you have any such password protected PDF file which has an owner-level or user-level password attached and you want to remove it for any reason then you can remove it very easily by reading this blog of ours. If you do not know what are user-level passwords and owner-level passwords, then let us first know about it. And you will also get the solution on how to unlock password protected PDF file.

What are User Level Password and Owner Level Password?

Once you’ve entered the right password, you may access the PDF file using a User Password or an Open Password. However, you are unable to edit the PDF file itself. It’s a great approach to safeguarding your PDF files. It protects your PDF file from unauthorised access.

Additionally, you may distribute the PDF copy to as many people as you choose.

But even just seeing it will need a User Password. Some PDF documents are too significant to be left unprotected. It is common for companies and even individuals to create user passwords in order to safeguard their private and confidential PDF files.

These days, individuals post their information online and charge a fee to provide you access to their PDF files. These PDF files may be eBooks, guides, essays, or blogs.

Setting a User Password is quite easy. However, you may also delete these passwords with the use of suitable password-removing software. But you can be duped into paying a high sum to utilise such software.

How to Open Password Protected PDF File?

There are two methods available on the internet to unlock password protected PDF file which is capable of unlocking your password protected file. The first solution out of that will be manual, for that you should have a full version of Adobe Acrobat. If you do not have the full version of Adobe Acrobat, then you have to go to the second method, with the help of which you can remove the owner-level passwords from the PDF file. The password of that pdf file has to be entered, and then after that, the password will be removed from the PDF file.

Method 1: Using the Adobe Acrobat Full Version

With the help of this method, you can unlock password protected PDF file and also remove the user-level password from it. But for that you should have a full version of adobe acrobat, if you have the full version still you can remove the password of one PDF file at a time with the help of this method. if you have a PDF file in bulk then this solution cannot unlock PDF files password with the help of the key because it will waste a lot of time, for this, we have another method, which we have told in the details below.

Method 2: Using Professional Solution

To unlock password protected PDF file, you will need a professional solution called EmailDoctor PDF Password Unlocker Software. This software removes the owner-level password from your bulk PDF file without any hassle. If you want to remove the user-level password, then for that you have to enter the password of that pdf file once in the software. After that, you will be able to unlock password protected PDF file, after that whenever you open that pdf file then you will not need to have a password.

Guidance on How to Use this Software with Screenshots

  1. Download and install this software with the help of the download button on your system
    download Unlock password protected PDF file tool
  2. After the installation, click on the Add file button and upload the PDF file to the software panel
    add file
  3. After uploading (if you want to remove the user level password), enter the PDF file password at once or (if you want to remove owner level password), you don’t need to do anything
    enter the password protected PDF file
  4. Thereafter, choose the Save or Print option according to your choice
    exporting option
  5. Finally, choose the destination path and then hit the unlock button, now your password protected PDF file will be unlocked
    unlock button


Although Adobe Acrobat is a multi-functional tool, it is unable to successfully remove the owner or authorization password from PDF files ( which is unknown to the user). Consequently, we have presented EmailDoctor’s all-in-one solution in this blog using this software. You’ll discover an easy method to unlock password protected PDF file.


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