Best Cloud Backup Software For Windows & Mac

The best cloud backup solutions supplies an easy solution to download cloud mailbox items for businesses and individuals. Get peace of mind by knowing that your crucial data is securely backed up with the help of Emaildoctor cloud backup solutions. Gain complete control over your data by downloading them to your hard drive.

Whether you want to locally save a copy of important individual files and/or business data, Emaildoctor offers a wide range of cloud backup software for users’ convenience. Through this, you can easily download mailbox items from various cloud platforms.

Emaildoctor’s Top Cloud Backup Solutions for All

Initially, consumers and home offices tend to use online backup services, now it’s commonly used by small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as well as larger enterprises to back up their day-to-day important documents and files. And, for larger organizations, undoubtedly, cloud data backup may serve as a supplementary form of backup.

So, this cloud backup solution is helpful for Users, IT admins as well as Managers.

  • Individual users can save their personal emails, contacts, etc from any cloud platform.
  • Small scale or large-scale organizations, now IT admins can get peace of mind since they will be able to perform batch backup/restore data of multiple users.
  • With the summary report generated after the backup, managers now can handle errors and maintain a proper track record.

How Emaildoctor Cloud Backup Software Will Be Helpful?

Whatever may be the size of the organization, it is and will produce a huge amount of data on a daily basis. And, today’s computing world, external ransomware attacks are happening every now and then.

So, the only solution to prevent such security threats is to take the backup of every single piece of data that is new and recently added to your system. And, wouldn’t that be great if this process is automated?

Well, here comes the role of Emaildoctor cloud backup solution. Through Incremental Backup, it can certainly save the newly arrived files for the users.

What All You Can Backup?

You can download emails with attachments, email Ids, contact numbers, user’s residential address, business, appointments, and meetings(along with start date, end date, subject, location, and category).

Also, it is possible for you to restore them back.

What to Expect From Emaildoctor Cloud Backup Solutions?

Backup solutions offered by Emaildoctor aim to fulfill various factors so that users can rely on them without any worry.

# GUI Interface:

The design of the software matters from the user's point of view. Because users can be either technical or non-technical. So, the best cloud backup software offered by Emaildoctor is user-friendly.

# Security:

Your data will be completely secured and safe during and after the backup process as it follows OAuth 2.0 industry-standard protocol for authorization.

# No Accidental Deletion:

You don’t have to worry about losing your important emails and other documents as you won’t witness any data loss throughout the backup process.

# Backup Location:

You are free to choose the location where you want to save your cloud data. Be it on your system or on an external drive, the Emaildoctor cloud backup solutions gives you the flexibility to pick the location.

# Uninterrupted Backup:

For whatever reason, if you lost your internet connectivity then it makes sure that you don’t have to start the process from the beginning. So, whether unintentionally or intentionally the backup process is stopped in the middle, then with the resume option you can restart the process.

# Scalable:

The best cloud backup software is capable to handle a large volume of data and backup them seamlessly. Also, with the incremental backup option, it’s possible to backup only new data which reduces data redundancy.

# Customizable Backup:

Rather than storing all the cloud data, you can apply Date Filter and store only selected data from the given date range.

# Prioritize Backup:

Set priority and backup the data of the desired mailboxes first. That means for a long list of users’ data to backup, it facilitates predefining the order in which the mailbox items will be saved.

# Cost:

The entire range of cloud backup solutions provides great benefits at a comparatively lower price.

# 24X7 Support:

To address any technical problems while taking the backup or product-related queries, a dedicated tech support team is available around the clock.

# Service:

There are no geographical boundaries for Cloud backup service. As it is available worldwide.