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How to Take Backup of Gmail Emails? Google Takeout Alternative

Backup of Gmail Emails

Nilesh Kumar | Modified: December 8, 2022 | Email Tips, Gmail | 7 Minutes Reading

Facing difficulty using Google Takeout to backup of Gmail emails? If yes, then we got you covered. There are many Google users who encounter complexity while taking backups using Google Takeout.

Yeah, It’s a free method administered by Google to take email backup, however, there are currently many flaws in this method. In this blog, we will embrace the various obstacles faced by Gmail account users while saving their account data. We will provide the solution for all these problems and tell you how to take backup of Gmail emails in various file formats. Before that for more transparency read the below user query:

“Hello, My name is Ivy Beatrix, Recently I was attempting to backup Gmail emails using Google takeout but I am encountering a few difficulties while doing it. Firstly, Google took 5 hours to generate an archive of my Gmail account data. Second, when I download the archive, due to some problem download gets failed (maybe because of the internet connection or maybe not). The biggest problem is after a few attempts to download the archive I got this message “sorry you have reached the daily limits of downloads”. What should I do? Do I need to re-generate an archive again? Or is there any other more reliable solution to take a backup of Gmail emails? Help me please I am badly stuck”

The above problem is faced by many users who have tried to take backup using Google takeout and failed. Sometimes, due to weak internet connection or connection-loss user faces this trouble. And after downloading the Gmail archive, Google shows that you have reached a daily download limit. Sadly, in this case, you need to create your Gmail account archive again. And there is a chance you face a similar problem again.

Instead of relying on Google takeout again, you can backup emails via other available methods. We have mentioned the methods that you can take help for taking Gmail email backup:

  1. By Configuring Gmail Account in Outlook
  2. Directly Backup Emails into Desired Formats

#1: Backup of Gmail Emails Using Outlook 

This is a simplistic approach but requires having Outlook installed on the system where you want to take a backup of Gmail emails. In this method, you need to configure your Gmail account into Outlook and then you can backup Gmail email account data in PST, OST, and BAK file formats. 

Advantages IMAP Configuration Method

  1. Easy and Free method to backup emails
  2. Backup Gmail account data in PST file, OST formats
  3. Easily sync Gmail in a desktop-based email client

Disadvantages Configuration IMAP Method

  1. Gmail account takes too much to configure in Outlook
  2. Requires Outlook Installed on the PC you are taking backup
  3. If mail is deleted from Outlook configured Gmail account then deleted from main Gmail account also.
  4. It doesn’t take backup in other popular formats such as MBOX, EML, PDF (for offline reading), MSG, etc. 

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Steps to Use IMAP Configuration to Take Gmail Email backup

1. First, “Open MS Outlook” on your computer

2. Now, Go to the “File” option in the top-left corner of Outlook

open MS Outlook and Add account

3. Select the “Add Account” option from on the screen

4. Fill up all the details of your Gmail account >> Finish and let Gmail account configure

fill details in Outlook to take backup of Gmail emails

Note: If in case configuration got failed then you need to perform a few steps

  1. Go to your Gmail account (www.gmail.com) and Go to the Settings option
  2. Choose the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP option” >> IMAP Access: Choose Enable IMAP
  3. Click on Save Changes
  4. Again perform the IMAP Configuration.

You have successfully configured your Gmail account in Outlook. Now, If you want to take backup of Gmail emails then you can export your account data to PST format

Steps to Backup emails to PST from Outlook:

1. Go to “File” and click on the “Open” option

Go to Files in Outlook

2. Now, choose the “Export to a file” option from the list and click Next

export to a file
3. From Export to a file window, choose the “Outlook data file (.pst)” option >>Next

export as PST
4. Choose the Gmail Id and its mailboxes >> Next

choose email account to take backup of Gmail emails
5. Browse the destination location for the backup and click on the Finish button.

destination location

Note: Outlook will take some time in backing up emails and after finishing it will show you the completion method.

If you want to backup your Gmail emails in OST format then Go to the default location of your Outlook “C:\Users\ \AppData\Local\MicrosoftOutlook” you will get your OST file there.

James Robby asks on Quora“Hi! Is there any way I can download my Gmail emails to file formats other than MBOX. I want to take backup of my Gmail emails and use it in my Outlook email client. I know we can sync our Gmail account with Outlook but I prefer not to do that. I have seen people faced few problems doing that like mistakely deletion of emails from Outlook deletes emails from Gmail server also. So please give me a solution that doesn’t include the Gmail Sync method. Thanks for Help in Advance”

Yes, there are multiple factors that affect the IMAP configuration method, like it requires Outlook installation, synchronization time is high, and chances of data loss.

#2: Professional Solution to Take Backup of Gmail Emails

The best possible method for a safe and fast backup process is to use professionals recommended too like Gmail Backup Software. It is an all-in-one backup tool that can take backup of your entire Gmail account data such as emails, contacts, calendars, and documents. The backup file format generated by this backup tool is PST, EML, MSG, PDF & MBOX format. Also, there is no requirement for the installation of additional software to take backup of Gmail emails using this software. 

Features of Backup Tools

  • Allows to take backup emails in multiple file formats
  • Save your complete Gmail account data
  • Fast and accurate migration procedure
  • Multiple filters to backup only selective emails or data
  • Take a backup of the desired Gmail folder using the “Apply Filter” option.
  • Download calendars and contacts in ICS and VCF format respectively
  • Incremental backup to save only new or update data
  • Save the backup at the desired destination location
  • Backup attachments associated with each Gmail email

Steps to Backup Emails using Professional Solution:

1. Firstly, Download the backup tool and launch it

2. Enter your Gmail account id and password for login

Login Detail
3. Now, select the Category you want to backup from your Gmail account

Category to Backup Gmail Emails

4. Choose the email format for backup such as PST, EML, MSG, PDF & MBOX


5. Browse the desired destination location for the backup and Apply Filters


6. Click on the Start button to finally start the backup process.

Start Backup of Gmail Emails

Note: This automated tool is verified by Google as safe and secure software to take Gmail email backup. The software doesn’t save any of your account data or password into its database.


Backup Gmail emails using Google takeout was never been an easy task. There are numerous difficulties and complications most users encounter. Nevertheless, as we all know, “time is money” and we cannot waste our time using such a method which will lead to failure. So, the best alternative to Google Takeout has been explained in this blog. Both the methods are safe and 100 % working solutions. We have explained the advantages of both methods. You can read them carefully to take a backup of Gmail emails with ease.