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Fix SQL Server Database Not Accessible Problem

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Published On July 12th, 2022
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Summary: Is your SQL Server Database Not Accessible? Then don’t worry. In this post, we are going to discuss how to repair corrupt SQL MDF file. In case after trying the manual methods the user if you can’t be able to access your crucial data then take the help of an expert solution to make SQL Server database accessible.

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the profound & trusted relational databases uses of the current time. For its progress inside the structure and unwavering quality, numerous associations use the SQL Server database to store their business-basic data. Tragically, some of the time because of viruses, working framework breakdown, file framework damage, or other comparative reasons, the SQL database gets corrupt and the data in it gets inaccessible.

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There are a few parts of a SQL server which get affected by the data loss like Database file, Relational Database, client/server framework, and Database Management System which deals with every one of these parts. The database file is an intricate and sorted out file that has managed data; along these lines, it assumes a significant job. Relational Database is the manner in which the data is sorted out which is as tables. The customer or server framework fills in as the principal communicator and clients on different client machines connect with a server that is gotten to by a machine through Local Area Network. Let’s have a look at the reasons for SQL server the database is not accessible issue.

There are Reasons Which Can Cause SQL Server Database Not Accessible Problem

  1. In case of file damage due to any possible reason.
  2. In case the file framework caught corruption.
  3. If there is a fail in Storage device.

Numerous different purposes are present there behind a data loss, however, these three are the fundamental ones. There are strategies with the assistance of which you can recover the data you have lost. If the data loss has happened to the file, at that point the conceivable outcomes are low because of the intricate nature of the files.

On the off chance that the issue is with the file framework, at that point the framework needs to get fixed, which now and then can get naturally if OS supports such a function. On the off chance that there is a fail in a storage device, at that point most likely this is the hard disk issue. Attempt to find approaches to make it work with the goal that you can recover from that. Now, let’s move on to the manual solution for solving SQL server the database is not accessible.

Manual Methods to Fix SQL Server Database Not Accessible Issue

Recovering the lost data is definitely not a serious deal on the off chance that you have the backup and know precisely how to recover the data. Here are a few orders with the assistance of which you can recover the database.

DBCC CHECKDB (DATABASE_NAME):– Check the whole database for a fix in the command line or query manager.

REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS:– You can use this order to fix the data with the assistance of the allotment and deallocation of rows. This command evacuates the damaged text, row errors, page errors, and column error. This may sound simple yet is a confounded procedure and gets an opportunity of losing data. Users must be careful if they opt for this method to solve the database is not accessible in SQL server error.

REPAIR_FAST:– This is another command for the fixing procedure, as the name recommends it requires some investment to fix the data, however it rolls out just minor improvements.

DBCC CHECKTABLE (TABLE_NAME):– You can utilize this command in the command line to recover the corrupt database table.

Users must perform the two orders on the off chance that you have Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. For this, you first need to open it in your framework and follow the underneath referenced steps:

  1. Search for the Toolbar, go there and Click on New Query button
  2. Go to another new query page.
  3. Enter the accompanying SQL script.

4. Presently, Click Execute to begin the fix.

You can utilize this strategy if you have a decent comprehension of the subject or you are under the direction of an expert. On the off chance that this procedure sets aside a long effort to execute, at that point maybe the damage is high, however on the off chance that it is requiring some long time or fails to work, at that point, it implies that the damage is serious. For this situation, you have to take the assistance of an automated technique.

Expert Solution To Resolve SQL Server Database Not Accessible  Issue

Emaildoctor recovering SQL database solution is a modern approach to recover SQL database. It can recover data from the corrupt SQL database file. This is an Enterprise Grade Level Software, used by most SQL Server professionals and experts. By using this software the user can easily recover deleted database objects also. With the help of this standalone application, the user can export the database to SQL Server or SQL scripts. This software supports SQL Server 2019 and below versions.

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Evidently, this advanced solution can easily resolve SQL server error 825 & SQL server error 15105 along with various other features in line to solve the database is not accessible problem.


SQL Database assumes a vital job and subsequently Recovering it turns out to be significant. We comprehended that manual strategies to resolve  SQL Server Database not Accessible are dangerous. Moreover, these manual solutions are convolute while the automated method is basic . Hence gives guarantee of results 100% achievement.

For the automated strategy, you simply need to have related database files in the framework for SQL Database fix. SQL Recovery software restores data on live SQL server, removes whole data, and accompanies an assessment variant.  Therefore, it’s best to solve the database is not accessible in SQL server issue.

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