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DBCC CHECKDB Repair Allow Data Loss Does Not Work Issue

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Published On June 10th, 2024
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Summary: In this article, We have discussed the issue of DBCC CHECKDB Repair Allow Data Loss does not work to repair the SQL Server database. It also suggests an automated solution to repair the SQL server database file without any Data loss.

As we know the Microsoft SQL Server Database is also vulnerable to corruption problems. And DBCC CHECKDB Commands are used to check the physical and Logical integrity of the SQL Server Database Components. DBCC CHECKDB Commands have three repair options which are REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS, Repair_Fast, and Repair_Rebuilt that help the user to repair your corrupted SQL database.

In this article, we will discuss what to do when DBCC CHECKDB Repair Allow Data Loss Does Not Work. Before proceeding to the solution part let us first discuss DBCC CHECKDB Repair Options.

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How DBCC CHECKDB Repair Option Work?

Many of the SQL Server Database users thought that DBCC CHECKDB Repairs fix the corruption but it makes the database stable so that the Storage engine ignores the problem and runs the database facing any corruption.

In processing, it step-by-step creates a list of corruption and after that, it tries to resolve that corruption.

In the corruption list, it first repairs those corruption files in which intense repair is required or the most corrupted files. Sometimes, it removes the small problems from the list.

The DBCC CHECKDB has 3 Repair option:

  • Repair Allow Data Loss
  • Repair Fast
  • Repair Rebuilt

Now, which option is essential to repair the SQL Database Server, the user should have to run DBCC CHECKDB and it will tell which option is appropriate in repairing.

  • Repair Fast: It helps to repair the backward compatibility of the database file.
  • Repair Allow Data Loss: It repairs those files which are most likely to experience the data loss.
  • Repair Rebuild: It is used to repair the database file without any data loss and it is suitable for the manual rebuild index.

Many times Users Tried to Repair the SQL database with the help of Repair_Allow_Data_Loss Repair Option. This will repair all the errors but it not always considered the best option to bring the SQL database to consistent state. Because  if this Command is executed properly it will lead to data loss.

But always the user can try to restore the SQL database from backup. But in case the recent backup is not available then the user can take the help of an automated solution.

Automated Solution When DBCC CHECKDB Repair Allow Data Loss Does Not Work

As we know that Repairing the database with the help of DBCC CHECKDB Repair_Allow_ Data_Loss is not the best option because we have to suffer from a data loss situation. Sometimes the user also failed to repair the database. In such a situation the user can take the help of SQL Database Repair Software.

Some Oher Characteristics of The Software

  • It has the ability to scan as well as repair both primary(MDF) and secondary(NDF) SQL Server database files.
  • It can also recover the deleted table’s data of the SQL Server database.
  • Users can save file desired items from files with schema or schema and data both.
  • It has the option to preview the deleted files.
  • It supports both types of datatype (ASCII and Unicode XML).
  • While exporting, It automatically fetches the SQL Server name.
  • It support all SQL Server version 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 / 2008 R2, 2005, 2000.

Recover SQL Server Database File When DBBCC CHECKDB Repair Options Failed

Step 1: Download and Install SQL Database Recovery Tool and click on Open.

Step 2: Browse the MDF File and choose the Scan mode.

Step 3: The software will Preview all the data which are stored in the corrupted MDF/NDF file.

Step 4: Click on Export Button to Recover SQL Server Database Easily


What SQL Server database users have to when DBCC CHECKDB Repair Allow Data Loss Does Not Work discussed here. DBCC CHECKDB Repair can repair minor levels of errors and corrupted SQL  server database files. A corrupt database can lead users to experience unnecessary data loss. To get control of these database-related errors, use an automated solution to recover the MS SQL server database files maintaining the integrity of database structure and objects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best alternative of DBCC CHECKDB command?

If DBCC CHECKDB repair option failed to recover corrupt SQL database files, SQL recovery tool is the best alternative. It allows users to repair corrupt database files MDF and NDF.

Can I repair corruption from SQL Server 2016?

Using SQL repair software, user can repair corrupted MDF file of SQL Server 2016 and other versions.


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