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How to Extract Audio from PDF File on Windows & Mac OS?

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Published On July 10th, 2024
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Along with the text and images, PDF files do contain rich media components as well. PDF contains different types of rich media like 3D images, audio, videos, etc. Sometimes, adding audio attachments to PDF is useful in PDF slideshows or presentations to make it more interactive and interesting. But, sometimes people want to extract audio from PDF for their personal usage.

So, if you are also among those users then, go through this write-up and get the solution of how to extract audio from pdf file.

What We Have Included in This Post?

    1. Benefit of Extract Mp3 Audio from PDF File
    2. Extract an Audio Attachments From PDF File using Mac Preview.
    3. Extracting Audio from PDF File using a Text Editor.
    4. Extract Audio Attachments From PDF Documents on Windows OS.
    5. Extract Audio from PDF Using Online PDF Tools
    6. Extract Audio from PDF Using Command Line Tools
    7. Extract Audio from PDF Using Python and PyMuPDF
    8. Extract Audio from PDF Using a Web Browser
    9. Limitations of the Manual solution to extract Mp3 Audio from PDF file.
    10. Prime Tips to Extract Audio From PDF Files
    11. Allows to Export Audio from Password Protected / Restricted PDF
    12. Conclusion
    13. FAQ

Benefit of Extract Audio from PDF file

Extracting audio from a PDF can provide several benefits:

  • Enables access to audio files, including presentations, interviews, and recordings, that are embedded within PDFs.
  • Makes it easier for people who prefer audio formats or who are visually impaired to access audio content.
  • Permits the audio content taken out of the PDF to be used again for other projects, such as podcasts, multimedia presentations, or instructional materials.
  • Gives a practical way to extract Mp3 audio from PDF file without requiring further software, which is especially useful if the PDF includes significant or priceless audio content.
  • Extracting audio material for sharing or incorporating it into other documents, presentations, or multimedia projects makes cooperation easier.
  • Provides for the long-term accessibility and availability of audio content by enabling its archiving and preservation apart from the PDF document. 

#1: Extract Audio from PDF using Mac Preview

 Here are the important steps on a Mac to extract embedded MP3 from PDF using QuickTime Player:

  • Press Command + Space and enter “Preview” to launch Spotlight Preview.
  • Click File > Open then choose your PDF to Open it.
  • Look for an audio symbol or play button as you scroll through the PDF to locate the embedded audio.
  • Prepare the audio to play, but don’t press play just yet.
  • Use Spotlight or the Applications folder to launch QuickTime Player.
  • Go through the File > Record Audio Newly.
  • Click the dropdown arrow next to the record button in the audio recording interface to make sure the right microphone is selected.
  • Click the red Record button to Play the audio from the PDF by going back to Preview.
  • Verify that the audio volume is sufficient for a clear recording.
  • In QuickTime Player press the click button to end the recording.
  • Select the location of the file and give the name to save it.

#2: Extract Audio from PDF using a Text Editor

Here are the important points to manually extract MP3 from PDF using a text editor:

  • Make a backup copy of the PDF before making any modifications to avoid data loss or damage.
  • Open the PDF file in a text editor.
  • To find the audio data embedded within the PDF, search for terms like Embedded File or Stream.
  • The start and finish of the audio stream are indicated by the start stream and end stream tags.
  • Extracted binary data which should be pasted into a new text document and saved with the relevant audio file extension.

#3: Extract Audio Attachments From PDF Documents on Windows OS

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free solution that allows users to extract audio from PDF documents. So, users have to select each audio file attachment and save them manually as it does not have a direct option to extract attachments.

Now follow these simple steps to save audio files from PDF:

  1. Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. Click the attachments icon and view the associated PDF attachments.
  3. Select the audio files that are to be saved.
  4. Then, click on the “Save” button to save audio from PDF.
  5. Now, choose the destination location and save the attachments.

#4: Extract Audio from PDF Using Online PDF Tools

  • Extract Attachments: See the screenshot below to learn how the tool’s features can be used to get attachments.

pdfdetach -saveall -o output_directory yourfile.pdf

This command will extract all attachments from the PDF and save them into the particular folder.

#6: Extract Audio from PDF Using Python and PyMuPDF

For those familiar with programming, you can use Python with the PyMuPDF library to extract attachments:

  • Install PyMuPDF

pip install pymupdf

  • Extract Attachments

import fitz # PyMuPDF

# Open the PDF file
pdf_document = “yourfile.pdf”
doc = fitz.open(pdf_document)

# Iterate through attachments
for i in range(doc.embfile_count):
embfile = doc.embfile_get(i)
name = embfile[“name”]
data = embfile[“file”]

# Save the attachment
with open(name, “wb”) as f:

print(“Attachments extracted successfully.”)

#7: Extract Audio from PDF Using a Web Browser

Drawback of the Manual Solution to Extract Audio from PDF

Manual methods for extract MP3 from PDF have several limitations:

  • Attention to detail is necessary to locate audio data precisely within the PDF and extract it accurately without destroying it.
  • If the original PDF file is altered directly, any error made during the extraction process may lead to the loss or corruption of the audio data.
  • By copyright regulations and usage rights, users must make sure they are authorized to extract and use the audio material from the PDF.
  • In large or complicated texts with several embedded audio files, manually extracting audio from a PDF can take a while.
  • Manual extraction techniques might not always work or be compatible with all kinds of audio information, depending on the structure of the PDF file and the audio format being utilized.
  • There may be security and privacy concerns when you upload private or sensitive data to online platforms. Anytime you store files online, there’s always a chance of data breaches or illegal access.

Prime Tips to Extract Audio From PDF Files

PDF Extractor Software is the most advanced way to export audio files from PDF documents. With this professional utility, users can easily save both attached and embedded audio files present in the PDF files. The software is designed in such a way that it gives various filter options. To export data from PDF file, it provides an Add Files / Add Folder option to insert multiple PDF documents. With its Remove / Remove All option, users can remove unwanted PDF files from the software. You can extract and save all kinds of audio files such as WAV,  AIFF, AU, FLAC, APE, WV, MP3, M4A, TTA, SHN, AAC, ATRAC, etc.

Users can Export Audio files using two ways:

  • First, if users want to extract all the files, simply check the “Extract Rich Media” box and skip the given filters. This will export all media files including every audio present in the PDF documents.
  • Second, if users want to extract specific audio from PDF files, then they can apply the given filters. Type the audio format in the “File Type” filter and start the process to get the audio files of that specific format only.

Allows to Export Audio from Password Protected / Restricted PDF

If the user wants to extract audio from PDF & the files are password-locked or restricted then they can use this tool. The software gives the feature to insert the password for the secured PDF file to unlock PDF file. Once, the password is added the tool will process the secured file for extraction purposes. Also, if the file is restricted then the software can remove permissions from PDF file and bypass them. It is not necessary that the user must know the permission password. It also Supports to Extract All Images from PDF Files.

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Create a Single Folder Option

The software provides this option in the beginning. Enabling this option will allow users to save all the audio of all PDF files into a single folder. In the destination location, a single folder is created that will contain all the audio of every PDF file.

Apply Page Settings

To extract audio from specific pages of PDF, users can specify page numbers/page range/odd pages/even pages.

Extract the Following Components As Well

  • Attachments and Portfolios
  • Inline Images
  • Text
  • Bookmarks
  • Comments and Highlights
  • Rich media
  • Hyperlinks
  • Metadata

Steps to Extract Audio From PDF Files

1- First, launch the tool and click on the Add Files / Add Folder option.

2- Choose the destination location by clicking on “Change”.

3- Now, select the Item type “Rich Media” from the options. Remember if your audio files are attached to PDF rather than embedded then choose the “Portfolios/Attachments” option.

4- Choose the appropriate Rich Media filter and click on Extract to extract audio from PDF files.

5- Finally, the process completion message will be displayed.


Many users want to know how to extract audio from PDF file on Windows OS for many reasons. Therefore, in this write-up, we have described solutions for both OS users. So, users can select the desired solution according to their requirements. But, to extract Mp3 audio from pdf file without distorting the quality then you can use a prime tip.

Frequently Asked Questions : Extract Audio from PDF

Q1. What are the possible ways to take out the audio from PDF files?

You have the option to use Adobe Acrobat Reader, in case of audio extraction from multiple PDF files then we suggest using the above method that we have covered in this blog.

Q2. How can I Extract Audio from restricted PDF files?

By using the above method of extraction, you can simply take out the audio from the PDFs which are restricted.

Q3. Is it possible to extract audio from PDF files by using the tool on Mac OS?

Yes, the tool is available for both Windows(11 & older versions)  and Mac OS X versions for any kind of extraction.


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