How to Extract Pictures from PDF Documents in Bulk

Admin | Published: 2020-07-21T08:35:22+00:00 | Adobe PDF

Summary: Do you find difficulty in exporting images embedded in the PDF document? If yes? Then, read this blog and know how to extract pictures from PDF files.

Many times while creating presentations, reports, web pages people often require adding images in it. Whenever people find any important images in PDF files they want to extract it, but the main problem is they don’t know the most reliable solution for the same. It can be for any business presentation or for any other purpose people need to extract images and use them further. Therefore, in this write-up, we have answered the most frequently asked query i.e. “how to extract pictures from PDF” reliably. Here, four different approaches are mentioned. Let’s go through them one by one.

“Recently, I got a 640 paged PDF document my task is to extract all images from this multi-paged file. It majorly contains charts and tables as images that need to be extracted. I want a solution which could help me extract all pictures from PDF document. Also, I don’t want to lose image resolution and quality after the extraction process. So, can anyone suggest the most appropriate method for the same?

Tool to Extract Images from PDF Files

PDF Image Extractor is the most advanced solution to export images from PDF files. However, along with the Image extraction this utility can also supports PDF attachment extract.

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There are several other advantageous features of the tool that are mentioned below:

1- Can extract all images from multiple PDF files
2- Support to extract any type of attachments from PDF
3- Gives the option to save all the extracted images in a single PDF
4- Allows saving each image in a single PDF document
5- Available for both Windows and well as for Mac OS users
6- Allows exporting images from known password-protected PDF
7- Gives feature to extract pictures from restricted PDF document

How to Extract Pictures from PDF Files Step by Step

If you want to save images present in multiple PDF files, just follow these simple steps:

1- Launch and run the tool on Windows OS

2- Click on Add Files / Add Folder option to insert PDF files

add pdf files

3- Now, click the Change button to select the destination location


4- From the Item Type choose “Inline Images” option

5- Apply Image Settings & select either “Create Individual PDF” or “Create Single PDF”

image filter

6- Then, click on the “Extract” button to initiate the process


7- Now, the process completion message will be displayed

process completion message

Use Adobe Reader to Extract All Images from PDF File

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a multi-featured application that not only allows users to create PDF documents but also can export PDF images. The user needs to follow these simple steps for this Image extraction process:

1- First, open the PDF document containing the images that are to be extracted by using Adobe Acrobat DC.
2- Now, in the tool sidebar on the right side, click on the “Export PDF” option
3- Then, in the “Export PDF” page, choose “Image” as the output category, then “JPEG” as the output file type.
4- After this, check the box that says “Export all images”
5- Lastly, click the “Export” button and save the extracted images from PDF files

Drawbacks of Manual Solution

1- It is too expensive for normal users to have Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
2- It does not support restricted PDF documents
3- No option to save all extracted images in a single or individual PDF

Use Adobe Reader DC to Save PDF Images

Adobe Reader DC is a free program that allows users to view PDF documents. This also helps users to extract pictures from PDF by using these simple steps:
1. Right-click the PDF document and choose Select Tool from the pop-up menu.
2. Drag to select the text or click to select an image.
3. Then, right-click on the selected item and choose Copy. The image is now on your clipboard.

Use the Snapshot Tool to Extract PDF Images

It is another application which can be used to save images from PDF files:
1. Open the PDF in Adobe Reader DC
2. Then, choose Edit > Take A Snapshot.
3. Drag a rectangle around the area which is to be copied and then release the mouse button.
4. After that, press the Esc key to exit Snapshot mode.
5. Finally, the image is now in the user clipboard.


How to extract pictures from PDF documents is the most frequently searched query on the internet. Here, we have provided one automated solution & three manual approaches that can help the user to save images from PDF files. Although Adobe Acrobat Pro DC can help in the image extraction process it has certain limitations. Therefore, it is suggested to opt for the professional tool for extracting images from PDF files.