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How to Extract Attachments from PDF File – PDF Attachment Extractor

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Published On January 25th, 2024
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There are many situations when the user needs to extract attachments from PDF files. It can be for the forensic investigation process, for review/examination purposes, or for any other related work where people need to download PDF attachments.  But when users need to perform this PDF attachment extraction process, they are in a dilemma over which application is the most reliable among all PDF Attachment Extractor tools.

It’s because everyone has different requirements. Some want to extract all files, and some need only specific ones within a particular size limit. Therefore, considering these user requirements we come up with this guide to provide the best solution for the same. So, let’s begin.

Best Software to Extract Attachments From PDF Files in Bulk

PDF Extractor Tool is the most prominent solution to export attachments from PDF documents. Also known as PDF Attachment Extractor, this software can easily extract embedded files from PDF. Regardless of the type of attached file that the user wants to download, the software identifies them all and saves them on your system. It provides the Add Files / Add Folder option to batch-process multiple PDF documents for extraction.

Moreover, users don’t need to be technically sound to use this application program as it has a very simple and easy-to-use GUI. Additionally, this software is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

In the next section, we have elaborated on the detailed descriptive features of the tool. Let’s go through them one by one:

#1 Extract Attachments & Embedded Files from Multiple PDF Documents

With the Add Files / Add Folder option of the tool, a user can add several files to this PDF attachment extractor software. They can add multiple PDF files individually or add a folder containing several PDF files. Also, it provides Remove / Remove All option to eliminate unwanted PDF documents. Moreover, there is no limitation on the size of PDF documents to be added. This software can process files of any size.

#2 Export PDF File Attachments Selectively

This PDF File Attachment Extract tool provides the functionality to extract attachments from selective PDF files:

  • File size – It provides a size filter for extracting the attachments up to or above the size mentioned by the user.
  • File type – With the File Type filter’s “Include” / “Exclude”, the user can add the desired file type for extraction purposes.
  • Create folder for each file type – Users can even separate the files into specific folders as per their extensions.

#3 Page Settings

To save and download attachments from PDF pages, the software provides the option to Apply Page Settings. It includes All pages, Even and Odd pages, by Page range and Page Number.

#4 Support Password Protected / Restricted PDF

This application provides the functionality to process password-protected or secured PDF files. If the user is having a password-secured PDF file containing any kind of attachments & wants to extract them this application can be used. The PDF Attachment Extractor tool provides the option to add the document-open password for user-level secured files so that users can extract embedded files from PDF. Moreover, it can directly bypass the document restrictions without any password to export PDF attachments.

#5 Create Single Folder Only Option

Another great feature offered by this PDF File Attachment Extract tool is that it provides the “Create Single Folder” option. With this feature, a user can save all extracted items from all PDF files in a single folder. The software will create a folder that contains all the attachments & images of all added PDF files.

#6 Other Extract Options

The PDF Attachment Extractor also provides several options other than attachments. Users can either extract all data items from PDF files or simply choose what kind of data they want to extract along with the embedded files. the supported items are Images, Hyperlinks, Bookmarks, Text, Comments, Metadata, Rich Media(audio, video, etc.), etc.

How to Extract Attachments From PDF – Step by Step Guide

Follow these simple steps to extract attachments from PDF files:

1- Download and run on the local machine to export pdf file attachments.

2- Select Add Files / Add Folder option to insert PDFs.

add pdf file

3- Click the “Change” button and select the destination location.

change the destination path

Note: If the file is password-protected then enter the required password.

4- From the Item Type option, check Portfolio/ Attachments.

select portfolio

Note – If you only want to download attachments from PDF file, then make sure to uncheck all the other tab options.

5- Apply the Attachment Filter by specifying the size & file type.

select portfolio

6- Finally, click on the “Extract” button to extract embedded files from PDF.

extract attachments/portfolio from pdf

7- The process completion message will be displayed to the user.

extract successful

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By considering all the features and functionalities of this PDF Attachment Extractor tool, this application is rated 4.5 out of 5. Here, we have completely described the overall functionalities of the tool in detail to extract embedded files from PDF. The filter options provided by the tool fulfill many user requirements. Overall, it is the most reliable and trending application to export PDF file attachments. You can also extract PDF portfolios without any hassles.


Q. How can I extract attachments from PDF files manually?

Ans. It is quite easy to download PDF attachments manually when you only have a few PDF files. Because, such a process requires you to save attachments from each PDF one at a time. The actual process is as follows:

  1. Open the PDF file in any PDF Editor like Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Click on the Attachments icon.
  3. You will get the Save/Download button to save the attachments.
  4. Click on it and choose where you want to extract your embedded files.
  5. The process is complete.

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