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Export PDF Bookmarks to Another PDF Documents

David Russo | Modified: December 5, 2022 | Adobe PDF | 5 Minutes Reading

When using Adobe PDF for managing data and information a digital document format, there comes some useful facilities to manage and manipulate PDF files. The Bookmark option is available in PDF which let users to marked down the vital pages. This helps users to find the content in a large PDF file in less time. However, when it comes to extracting those bookmarked pages, some people start to wonder how we can export PDF bookmarks to another PDF.

In that case, the user does have some simple methods which can be used to execute the job in a convenient manner.

Before we begin explaining the methods, let’s first get familiar with the reasons:

Cases In Which Users Need to Export PDF Bookmarks to Another PDF

Based on user cases, several reasons are there which make them move their bookmarked pages to different PDF files. Some of the common points could be:

  • Using similar page(s) from the master PDF file to other PDF files.
  • Exporting pages with useful data and information to be added to other files.
  • Displaying those bookmarked pages or text as legal Statements.
  • Eliminating the time-taking part. Accessing bookmarked pages easily.

 But when it comes to extracting bookmarks from PDF files, some users might be falling into that category where they don’t know how to do it or couldn’t find the possible way to do it. So for those people, we will be explaining some different ways to extract pages from PDF files with their process and detailed steps.

Method 1: Export PDF Bookmarks to Another PDF – Using Adobe Acrobat

When people have several PDF files having multiple pages. It requires bookmarking pages which are important or need to be used for various pages in other PDFs. Hence, for users, Adobe Acrobat DC Pro enables the feature to bookmark and extract those pages. This makes it possible to take out highlighted pages to another file. The process is explained with the steps involved, follow them.

  1. On the local systems open the PDF file on Adobe Acrobat Pro. Then Go to the Plug-In tab and click the Split Document> Extract Bookmarked Pages.
  2. Initially “Use all bookmarks from the document to extract pages” will be chosen by default. Proceed ahead by hitting the Ok button.
  3. Next, decide to either Save to the file or Load from the file. Now preview and hit the OK button to extract/ extract bookmarks from PDF.
  4. After the process completion, access and save extracted PDF files on the system.

Finest Way Export PDF Bookmarks to Another PDF – Simple And Quick Solution

Using the conventional solution for PDF bookmark extraction from multiple PDF files can be a bit challenging task to perform. As it becomes a time-talking job so, users must think about how this task can be done in less time without affecting the PDF files or pages it has. Well, using a Proactive and Smart PDF Extractor Tool is an ideal solution to batch extract and move marked pages from a PDF file. Moreover, this tool can export data from PDF file in Mac and Winodws OS.

With some advanced features, users can easily take out batch PDF pages. This tool has the capability of conducting the process on secured PDF file easily.

Process of Extracting Bookmarked PDF Pages Using the Tool

  • Firstly, on the local machine, download and launch the software to extract bookmarks from PDF.

export PDF bookmarks to another PDF

  • The next step is to insert PDF files, using the Add Files/Add Folders option.

insert PDF files to get the marked pages

  • Select the Change option to set/change the file saving location to save the extracted PDF files.

setting the location to save

  • Enter the password for secured files, or else go ahead by clicking the “Next” button.

type password and move

  • Now, select the Bookmark option under the Extract tab and use filters as per your choice.

  • Finally, click the Extract button to export PDF bookmarks to another PDF.

export PDF bookmarks to another PDF

With the help of this tool, you will be able to export not bookmarked pages from a PDF file but can extract from multiple PDF files having many pages.

Is There Any Other Solution Available to Perform the Same Task?

Well, apart from these methods, the user has another option. If they don’t have Adobe Acrobat Pro or have limited storage space to add software. Then the users can accomplish the same job by using the online free application which provides bookmark extraction. However, it doesn’t extract or export marked pages from secured PDFs and it doesn’t provide any batch extraction feature.

So, here what we can suggest is to go for the Software oriented solution (using the tool) to export PDF bookmarks to another PDF . As it guarantees that the output result will be accurate, and the entire process is autonomous.

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When we talk abou bookmarking PDF files. it becomes an easy task but difficulty comes in extracting those pages.Thus we have mentioned some techniques which relaible and useful to export PDF bookmarks to another PDF. Here, we have explained the steps which will help users to apply and get the accurate results.