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Use Quick and Simple Methods Extract Pages from PDF Files

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Published On June 19th, 2024
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The PDF document is considered great for accessing and sharing data easily. As it can be used on both desktop and Mobile phones. However, managing could be a tedious task. For instance, some users might be receiving a lot of PDF files from which they require only the needful pages of data. In this case, they need to extract pages from PDF documents.

Trying to extract pages from multiple PDF files could be a huge task to do. So, through this post, we will be explaining the simple methods that can be used to accomplish this task.

List of Solutions Explained

  1. PDF page extraction Using Google Chrome.
  2. Using Adobe Acrobat to take pages Out of PDF.
  3. PDF pages extraction Using Online Tools
  4. Automated Solution to Quickly extract PDF pages.

Here we have discussed some of the methods to extract pages from PDF files. Explore the solution mentioned and choose the most suitable one.

Take Pages Out of PDF Document Using the Google Chrome

This can be one of the methods that can be used for extracting pages from a PDF file(s).

  • To extract the PDF file pages, open the PDF on Google Chrome. Or simply right-click on the PDF file and select Open with Google Chrome.
  • After the PDF file opens, then press the Print option.
  • Print Window will open, now select “save as a PDF” in the Destination section and choose the Pages like Odd Pages, Even Pages, or Custom Pages (the user can set the Page Range).
  • Finally, press the “Save” button and then set the location where the extracted PDF Pages will be saved.

Free Extraction tool online to Take PDF pages from PDF documents

Apart from this, there is another technique to extract pages from PDF files. By using the online Free Extraction tool user can extract data from PDF files.

  • Search the PDF extractor tool, and drag & drop a PDF document.
  • After uploading the PDF document, sign in.
  • Find and choose the pages to extract and put into a new PDF.
  • After selecting the pages, press the Extract button to take pages out of PDF document. The tool creates a new PDF and saves the extracted pages.
  • Now Download the file containing extracted pages also user can get a link to share it.

Note – The above-mentioned method can be used for only small-size PDF file(s). Moreover, for crucial and sensitive PDF files, this method is not recommended. To extract pages from a large PDF file(s), then users can look for an automated solution to take out the pages from the PDF file.

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Extract Pages from PDF Files with the Help of Adobe Acrobat DC Pro

Here the user can take out the pages from the PDF file using Adobe Reader Pro. This is not a free tool so; the user will need to buy the full version of this application. Then by following the below-mentioned steps they will be able to extract the required pages from the PDF documents.

  • Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat DC Pro then go to Tools -> Organize files>Extract.
  • Then press the Extract button on top.
  • Select the Even PagesOdd PagesAll Pages, Landscape Pages, or Portrait Pages.
  • Now, select the first page that you want to extract, then hold the Ctrl button and use the mouse to select the pages to extract.
  • Then, find and press the Extract button to take pages out of PDF document.
  • Then, press the File tab and save it.

Method 2: Extract Pages from PDF Files Using Online Tools

There are multiple online tools or website available for extracting pages from a PDF. Here are the steps on how to use those websites.

  1. Visit that specific web page.
  2. Click “Select PDF file” to upload the file.
  3. Either extract individual pages or split by ranges are options.
  4. To extract a range or page number, enter it here.
  5. The “Split PDF” button should be selected.
  6. Download the updated PDF including the pages that were extracted after processing.

Easy Trick to Extract Pages from PDF Documents

The above-mentioned methods can be used under certain conditions like when the size of the PDF file is small, or the user is ready to buy a subscription to Adobe Acrobat DC Pro which costs higher. However, if the user has large PDF files and doesn’t want to pay the higher price, then, in this case, the user can prefer the Software to Split and Merge PDF files. Which is an economical tool, capable of splitting and extracting pages from Batch PDF files.

Moreover, it is developed in a way that it can be used to split and extract pages by Page range, Page number or by even and odd pages. This tool can even take out the pages from the restricted PDF files and can extract attachments & portfolio from PDF file. This utility can be used by both Mac and Windows users.

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Handling multiple PDF files can be a huge task for a user. To manage the PDF file data it becomes important to Extract Pages from PDF to keep the important pages and remove the rest in order to maintain PDF files easily. But extracting pages from large PDF files becomes a tough job. So, in this post, we have discussed some simple methods that can be used. By using Adobe Acrobat Pro, Google chrome, online free tools and an automated tool, the users will be able to take pages out of PDF document.  


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