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Why Do Bare Metal Servers Take Longer to Provision – Explained

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Published On January 24th, 2024
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Bare metal or single-tenant server has the potential to become the backbone of an organization with its heavy load handling capabilities. Whether it is security, power, or performance, a bare metal environment checks correctly in all the scenarios.

The write-up below comprises a proper introduction of bare metal and its provisioning details. It also reflects why bare metal servers take longer to provision than virtual machines or servers.

single tenant bare metal

Bare Metal & Bare Metal Server Provisioning

A bare metal server is an upgrade to the dedicated server hosting. It offers all its resources to a single tenant. It is more robust and provides a speedy performance to the tenant.

Bare Metal provisioning describes the process to install an Operating system or a Hypervisor onto the bare metal physical server. It can be done in two ways:

  1. Do it manually using an Operating system CD or hypervisor DVD.
  2. Use a provisioning solution

The best fact about bare metal is that it is highly customizable. A tenant can configure the server according to their needs. So, the more the customization requirements, the more time it will take to provision bare metal servers.

Which brings us to our main question – Why Do Bare Metal Servers Take Longer to Provision?

Why do Bare Metal Servers Take Longer to Provision Than Virtual Servers?

In a Virtual machine, you have the Operating system and physical hardware separated by the hypervisor. As the tenant, you can access the OS, but you have no access to the hardware. So you are only using the resources assigned to the OS.

But, if you provision a bare metal server, you get root control over the server resources. That is, you have complete access to the physical architecture.

Since you have complete control, you can customize the machine as per your requirements. More customization means more time required to provision bare metal servers than virtual servers which can be set up in mere minutes.

It’s actually understandable that bare metal takes longer to provision than virtual server. After all, they are physical servers that you can customize to suit your business. Once set up, the performance, reliability, and scalability of bare metal will always be leagues ahead of the VM. It can very well be a game-changer for your organization.

Why Bare Metal Servers?

Now that we know the real reason why bare metal servers take longer to provision, it brings us to our next question, why bare metal is one of the fastest-growing hosting environments.

Bare metal server has many advantages:

  1. Isolated resources – With bare metal, you do not compete with anyone for resources. It has a single-tenant environment, so all the resources are only for your use.
  2. Customizable – Bare metal is made for customization. Since you know your needs and customize the entire machine as per that need, it becomes easier to manage bare metal server.
  3. Streamlined – It is one of the fastest-growing hosting servers. Instead of an in-house setup where you need to manage everything, renting from a data center gives you a bare metal server in a cost-effective manner.
  4. Other Benefits – There are many other benefits like high uptime, support, monitoring, backup, etc.

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