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Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

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Published On January 24th, 2024
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When going through different web hosting services, you might have come across dedicated server hosting and it is obvious if you are wondering whether it will be a better choice. But before going into the benefits of dedicated server hosting, it is important to understand what is a dedicated server hosting?

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

A dedicated server hosting means that a website is hosted on a server that belongs only to the website owner. The contrasting fact is that shared servers are being used to host a majority of the websites. Though, both types have their own pros and cons.

People go for shared hosting because the costs are drastically reduced, but there are various other important aspects one takes into consideration. For example, people concerned about memory, storage, performance, etc. prefer dedicated server hosting over everything.

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

Nowadays, people are realizing that hosting your site on a dedicated server is a much better choice because it offers various benefits over other options. Some of those benefits of dedicated server hosting are mentioned below:

#1 High-Level Performance

The biggest noticeable benefit of dedicated server hosting is its outstanding performance. It is particularly beneficial when you are managing a complex website that requires a huge amount of processing power. A similar principle is applicable when you own a site that attracts numerous visitors. To smoothly run such websites, the best way is to get rid of shared hosting and move towards dedicated server hosting.

#2 Enhanced Reliability

The biggest problem with shared servers is that they are quite susceptible to crashing and various other issues that should better be avoided. When it comes to dedicated server hosting, you not only get freedom from crashing but also a quick response time. This means dedicated server hosting offers enhanced reliability.

#3 Improved Security

One of the best benefits of dedicated server hosting is internet security. And no other reason can be big enough to drive the businesses towards dedicated server hosting. Always remember one thing—the number of websites hosted on a specific server means that the server is very much vulnerable to hackers and other problems. When you decide not to share the server, you eliminate all the risks of your website being harmed by shared problems and viruses.

#4 Enhanced Flexibility

Since only you will be using that particular server, you will have the power to grow and expand your website whenever required. Almost all the thriving websites attain the mark where expansion is necessary, and when it happens, more bandwidth is required. If you are using shared hosting for your website, your requirement for extra bandwidth is very difficult to be fulfilled because most of the shared servers operate at their full capacity. Always remember that higher bandwidth gives better speed, and a fast speed suggests to the visitors that they are browsing a very professional site.

These are the biggest benefits of dedicated server hosting. A dedicated server hosting might not be the cheapest, but sometimes it is better to look beyond money to gain true benefits.

Types of Dedicated Server Hosting

Typically, the Operating system deployed on the server becomes its type. The two most popular dedicated server hosting types are:

  1. Windows dedicated server hosting
  2. Linux dedicated server hosting

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