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Linux Dedicated Server Hosting for Your Business | Cheap | India

Published By Nilesh Kumar
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Published On January 24th, 2024
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Most sites start their journey with shared web hosting because it’s simple and affordable. But as the website grows, it leads to more traffic and leads. Thus, you need a better hosting environment that can handle this growth. That is where dedicated hosting comes into play. And there’s the choice between Windows and a dedicated Linux server host.

This leads to our next question:

What is Linux dedicated server & its benefits?

In simple terms, Linux dedicated server is a dedicated server installed on the Linux platform. In broader terms, a Linux dedicated server is a server operating on Linux OS that is exclusive for one tenant.

Benefits of Linux dedicated server:

  • Cost-effective: Since Linux is open-source and free, it is definitely cheaper than Windows dedicated server.
  • More access: With Linux, you are more in control since its codes and packages are available for free. Thus, it provides you with better accessibility.
  • Secure: The security factor actually depends on the host who is providing the Linux server. But, you definitely are aware of what’s going on in your server due to the transparency.
  • Dedicated resources: Every resource is dedicated towards one tenant, unlike shared hosting, where resources are shared among multiple sites.

Now that we are clear about the Linux server, let us move on to the main topic at hand.

Dedicated Linux Server Hosting

People at NetforChoice provide you with the best-in-class SSD Linux server with DDoS protection, root access, supreme security, control panel, and fast speed to handle the server load. It is a data center firm that increases the security and customization aspect of your server.

Get 24/7 expert consulting and secure your servers quickly with high computing dedicated Linux server hosting. Manage your site with a customizable server that ensures scalability, efficiency, and security for faster and better performance.

To contact, either ring us here: 0120-4578842, or talk to our experts:

Talk To Our Experts

What is included with dedicated Linux server hosting plans?

You get:

  • Complete root access
  • DDOS Protection
  • 24/7 server monitoring
  • 995% uptime
  • Quick provisioning
  • Tier III & Tier IV Data Center
  • Server Customization
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Managed OS updates
  • Managed Expert support

Why choose NFC Linux dedicated server hosting in India?

Because it is one of the best Linux dedicated server hosting at cheap price. But, if you want to go into more details, then read some of the prominent features below:

  1. Reliability

With 99.995% network uptime, we ensure that your business remains live all the time. But, the Linux server serves only a single tenant, thus ensuring the exclusive use of all resources for a better site performance.

  1. Security with DDoS Protection

Because the server is not shared among other users, it reduces the risk factors. You can manage the server access permissions, thus adding another layer of protection. Also, DDoS protection ensures protection against malicious attacks on your Linux server hosting.

  1. Different OS distributions

The server supports a variety of Linux distribution such as Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat Linux, CloudLinux, and other custom OS. You can choose the distribution based on your requirements and directly install them on your Linux dedicated server.

  1. Root Access

All the Linux dedicated server hosting plans allow SSH root access, thus giving you complete control over the resources.

  1. 24/7 Expert Support

From configuration to maintenance, you get 24/7 expert consultancy to resolve any queries regarding server hosting.

For better scalability, you can try bare metal server which is a reinvention of dedicated server. We also have an article to showcase one of the best bare metal server hosting provider in India.

How much does dedicated Linux hosting cost?

It completely depends on your requirements. Since Linux server is customizable, you pay for what you want. There are pre-planned setups that start with Rs 8000 / month.

Some of the pre-planned setups:

Quad Core -> Rs 8000 / month

dedicated linux server hosting price

Quad Core -> Rs 10000 / month

Quad Core 2

Hexa Core -> Rs 12000 / month

Hexa Core

Octa Core -> Rs 14000 / month

Octa Core

Deca Core -> Rs 16000 / month

Deca Core

Dual Hexa Core -> Rs 18000 / month

Dual Hexa Core

Of course, all of these plans are customizable and you can tinker with them to get the configuration that suits your requirements.

Is dedicated Linux server expensive?

Definitely not. Because Linux server is open source and free, it is cheaper than Windows server hosting. Also, if you compare it with shared and other hosting services, then the price tag in ratio with available resources makes it worth every penny.

Ready to Capitalize now?

Although Dedicated Linux server hosting in India is not for everyone, it is definitely one of the most preferred hosting service in use today. If you and your organization want to benefit from the information given above, consider renting a Linux server today. With this, you can enjoy faster speed, better uptime and excellent performance from your website without any issues.


By Nilesh Kumar

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