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Know How to Print Yahoo Email Without Sidebar / Header?

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Published On January 24th, 2024
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How to Print Yahoo Email without Sidebar / Header? Yahoo Mail is a cloud-based web application that is used broadly after the Gmail accounts. It permits to send and receive other progressed features like News, Weather, Finance, Movie, Cricket, and substantially more.

Here, Yahoo mail is by all accounts the store files and significant data. But, the accident of the framework or hard drive may expect us to take its backup and furthermore, store them in printed copies for example in paper files appropriately. This shows us the importance of data files in hard structure and delicate structures.

So, to print Yahoo email without header and sidebar, read the upcoming segments.

INSTANT SOLUTION – Yahoo Mailbox Download Tool is the awesome instant solution for backup Yahoo messages in PDF files and afterward print Yahoo messages without sidebar / header.

Simple Steps to Use this Tool to Print Yahoo Email without Header

  • Step-1: Open tool and login your account
  • Step-2: Select PDF File Format
  • Step-3: Browse location to save emails without header
  • Step-4: Click Start to print Yahoo Email without sidebar

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Strategies to Print Yahoo Mail to PDF

There are numerous techniques used by clients to print Yahoo email messages, how about we see some step-by-step process to export Yahoo messages.

To export emails from Yahoo in PDF, follow the below stated steps:

Yahoo mail doesn’t give backup feature to move the total messages to another file. It is in this way needed to copy each email and paste it into the PDF archive.

To take the printout of Yahoo Mails, we require the accompanying steps:

  • In the first place, open up the mailbox and afterward select the email which you need to print.
  • Presently, select and highlight the message without sidebars with the PC’s mouse.
  • At that point, click ‘Edit’ on the main toolbar of the email application and click Copy
  • Subsequently, open up the PDF file, make another page and afterward click Paste
  • At long last, click on the print alternative or use Ctrl + P to print the email message.
  • Presently, you can get to the email message printed without sidebars.

An Alternative Method to Print Yahoo Email without Sidebar / Header

  1. Open the email that you need to print.
  2. At that point, press the ‘PrtScrn‘ key on the console to take the print screen on the Windows stage.

If you are using Mac, press ‘Apple‘, ‘Move‘, and ‘3‘ enter inside and out to take the screen capture

  1. Presently, open the ‘Paint’ and paste the email message utilizing ‘Ctrl+V’ keys.
  2. In ‘Paint’ you can undoubtedly edit the sidebar as it isn’t needed
  3. At long last, it is copied, and afterward, paste the message in a PDF report to take out its printout

As we have learned till now that to take the printout of the email message, it is alluring to take its backup.

Nonetheless, Yahoo mail doesn’t give the immediate option of ‘export’. Accordingly, we need to single helpfully use the ‘Copy‘, and ‘Paste‘ alternatives to print Yahoo email without header.

When the email message has been edited, at that point you can save the file and take out its printout.

But, the manual method of saving the file and taking its printout is intense. In any case, no compelling reason to stress. For this situation, remembering this issue, we have another automated strategy ‘Yahoo Email Backup Software for Mac and Win‘ to conquer the issue.

Automated and Direct Method to Print Yahoo Email Without Sidebar

The Suggested Automated Tool helps you to take the backup of messages in a flash drive and save them in a ‘PDF‘ document with the end goal that we can undoubtedly take out its printout. The resultant document as a printout would be an email message without a sidebar. It additionally saves our time, exertion, and energy. Likewise, this tool enables the help of numerous incredible features. To know the features and working of this tool, read the upcoming segments cautiously.

Progressed Features Offered by this Tool

  • Archive Yahoo emails to hard drive in various file formats; PST, EML, MSG, PDF, and MBOX.
  • Clients can print specific messages using the Apply Filter choice.
  • An alternative to save messages as indicated by explicit Date range using Date Filter.
  • Feature to backup recently showed up emails using the Incremental backup alternative.
  • Delete thousands of emails from Yahoo using Delete After Download option.

Working of the Tool to Print Yahoo Email Without Sidebar

  • Download and Run the product on your PC.

Tool to Print Yahoo Email Without Sidebar

  • Add credentials and sign in to your Yahoo account.


  • Presently, select the PDF file format to print Yahoo email without sidebar / header.

FIle formats

  • Finally, browse the location and click on the Start to backup emails.

FIle formats

Here, you have print Yahoo Mail in PDF file format from the location where you exported your messages.

Presently, print all the PDF documents in bulk, and this will print messages without a sidebar.


In this blog, we have talked about the technique to backup email and print Yahoo email without sidebar / header. We have uncovered two manual techniques to print messages from the Yahoo Mail account. But the manual technique is definitely not an ideal methodology as manual strategies have a few limitations. The manual strategy is an exceptionally extensive and tedious interaction.

Additionally, the manual technique doesn’t give exact outcomes. In this manner, we suggest you use the automated solution by using the automated backup tool.