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How to Extract Video from PDF on Windows & Mac?

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Published On September 14th, 2023
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A PDF file contains more than just text and images. They often include rich media components like videos, making them more interactive and engaging. Sometimes, people want to extract video from PDF file whether embedded or attached. If you’ve ever come across a PDF with an embedded video that you’d like to extract for your personal use, this article will guide you through the process.

What We Have Included in This Post?

A Professional Solution to Extract Video From PDF Files

PDF Extractor Software offers an advanced way to export video files from PDF documents. This professional tool allows users to easily save both attached and embedded videos present in PDF files. The software provides various filter options for a customized extraction process.

You can extract and save various video formats, including MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, and more. Users have two options for extracting videos:

  1. If you want to extract all videos from a PDF, simply check the “Extract Rich Media” box and skip the filters. This will export all media files, including every video present in the PDF documents.
  2. If you want to extract specific video formats from PDF files, apply the given filters. Type the video format in the “File Type” filter and start the process to get video files in that specific format only.

Allows to Extract Video from Password Protected / Restricted PDF

If your PDF files are password-locked or restricted, don’t worry. The software can handle them. The tool lets you insert the password for secured files to unlock PDF file for extraction purposes. Additionally, if the file is restricted, the software can remove permissions from PDF and bypass them without needing the permission password.

1 –> Create a Single Folder Option

To keep your extracted videos organized, the software provides an option to save all videos from multiple PDF files into a single folder. This simplifies file management and ensures that you can easily access your extracted videos.

2 –> Apply Page Settings

For precision in extracting videos, you can specify page numbers, page ranges, odd or even pages, allowing you to extract videos only from specific sections of your PDF documents.

Other Highlighted Features of the Tool

This tool can do more than just extract videos. It can also extract data from PDFs of other types, like:

  • Attachments
  • Inline images
  • Text
  • Bookmarks
  • Comments
  • Highlights
  • Audio
  • Hyperlinks
  • Metadata

Steps to Extract Video From PDF Files

  1. Launch the tool and click on the “Add Files” or “Add Folder” option to import your PDF files.

add pdf

  1. Choose the destination folder by clicking on “Change“.

change destination

  1. Select the “Item Type” as “Rich Media“.

select rich media

  1. Choose the appropriate “Rich Media Filter” (video format) and click “Extract” to extract videos from PDF files.

choose video filters

  1. A completion message will be displayed once the process is finished.

extract successful


Users can enhance their ability to use and share valuable content by extracting videos from PDF files. Whether you need to extract educational videos, presentations, or any other type of video content, PDF Video Extractor Software offers a user-friendly and efficient solution. Keep your extracted videos organized, unlock password-protected PDFs, and customize your extraction process with ease using this smart tool.


Q1. What are the possible ways to extract videos from PDF files?

You can either use the recommended software given in this article or use Adobe Acrobat if like this:

  • Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat.
  • Select and copy the video embedded in the PDF with Ctrl+C.
  • Open a new document like PDF or DOC.
  • Paste the copied video here.
  • That’s it.

The video may not appear as it appeared in the PDF but there is nothing that can be done about it.

Q2. How can I extract videos from restricted PDF files?

The method provided here can handle restricted PDFs and extract videos without needing the permission password.

Q3. Is the method available for both Windows and Mac OS users?

Yes, the method is available for both Windows and Mac OS users, making it accessible to a wide range of users.


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