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Fix the Issue “Adobe Combine Files Not Working” Using Best Ways

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Published On August 2nd, 2023
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Facing the “Adobe combine files not working” issue. Don’t worry, as this post explains some solutions to avoid this issue.

Firstly, let’s get a clear understanding of this issue with the help of a user query:

Hello, Recently I have received some PDF files and I want to save them in a single file. However, using the “Combine Files” option is generating an error message. Now I am stuck here. Is there anyone who can help me to solve this issue?

The PDF file format has created a strong base in the area of digital document saving. It has made accessing and saving files simple. Proving the useful and advanced features by Adobe made user’s work easier. The majority of users nowadays prefer PDF format to store their crucial documents.

However, now the same PDF users are facing the issue “Adobe combine files not working” when they are trying to use this tool. So, we have understood the issue and come up with a trusted solution which eliminates this. Before we move on to the solution part, let’s first explore the various reasons behind it.

Reasons for Unable to Combine Files in Adobe

Adobe Acrobat’s “Combine Files” feature is a powerful tool that allows users to move all data in a single file. However, it may encounter certain issues that can hinder the process. Below are some of the typical problems users may encounter while using Adobe Combine Files:

If a PDF file is secured with an Owner-Level password, then the user cannot merge two files. To combine them it needs to be unlocked. For that, the user will have to enter the password and then the user can continue with the merging process.

  • PDF file Exceeding the Size Limit of 2 GB

If a PDF file size is exceeding the limit of 2GB. Then, in that case, a user might face this “Adobe combine files not working” issue. To avoid this, one can compress their PDF file to take less space. After doing it they can continue the process.

  • File Corruption or Damage

If a file is corrupted or damaged, Adobe Acrobat may be unable to read its content, leading to failure when attempting to combine it with other files.

  • Issues Related to Missing Data

After combining files, some users may find that certain pages, content, or formatting elements are missing or altered, leading to an incomplete or improperly merged file.

Troubleshooting Steps For “Adobe Acrobat Combine Files Tool Not Working”

  • Verify the file formats and size of the PDF files before using the Adobe Tool.
  • Ensure that Adobe Acrobat application is up to date.
  • Open the locked PDF file with Document open password
  • Repair damaged PDF file before using the Adobe combine tool.

Alternative Solution When You Cannot Combine Files in Adobe

If the troubleshooting steps are unable to resolve this issue, users can opt for a professional alternative. With the help of PDF Split and Merge Software, users can easily combine multiple PDF files into a single one. This tool offers “Page range” option to complete the task. You can also create a new PDF or add into an existing one.

This software can be used by Windows or Mac users, which makes it easier for both OS users. Moreover, the same software can be used to split large PDF into multiple files.

Step by Step process explained for using the utility to remove the “Adobe combine files not working” issue.

  • Download & install the software and use the option Add Files/Add Folders for inserting the restricted PDF files.

adobe combine files not working

  • Mark the Merge button, type the respective password if it is password protected and press Next.

enter the password if needed

  • Now in the next window, apply the page range option, if required.

apply the settings

  • Use the Browse button to set the location where users want to save the resultant PDF files.

browse and set the location

  • Finally, press the Merge button to solve the issue “Adobe Combine files not working”.

adobe combine files not working

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This article discusses some reasons and solutions for the issue “Adobe combine files not working”. To help the users to eliminate this issue we have explained the solution. One needs to check the size and security details of the PDF file. If the troubleshooting steps does not help, then users can opt for the recommended professional solution to get the job done.