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Methods that Can be Used to Take Permissions Off a PDF File

Nilesh Kumar | Modified: July 23, 2022 | Adobe PDF | 4 Minutes Reading

PDF (Portable Document Format) is commonly used by several users to store their data. Using this PDF file, the user gets an option to encrypt their data to prevent accessing data by any unauthorized user. However, when a user receives some protected PDF files, they get in a situation where they are unable to take permissions off a PDF document.

Every time they cannot enter the password, so for quick access at any time, they look for a solution to unlock the PDF file. So, to unsecure the protected PDF file we will explain some techniques that will help users to remove PDF permissions and access those documents anytime.

Let’s see the techniques that can be used to unsecure a protected PDF file.

Use Adobe Acrobat DC Pro Remove Permissions from a PDF

Here users can get an option to change/remove the PDF file permissions by using Adobe Acrobat DC Pro. Though the user would have to pay the subscription changes to use the features like Editing, splitting, merging, and copying PDF files. Using this, users can also remove the Owner-Level password. Below we have mentioned the instructions to use the application and unlock the PDF file.

Step-1: Firstly, open the Adobe Acrobat DC Pro and then open the locked PDF file.

Step-2: Follow the path to take permissions off a PDF file: Go to Tools -> Protect -> Encrypt -> Remove Security.

Step-3: If the PDF file has a File viewing password, then hit the OK button to delete it. If the PDF has a permissions password, then type it in the Enter Password section and press OK.

Note – This method can be used by those who can afford to buy this application because being a premium tool its monthly charges are high.

Any Other Free Tool Available to Remove Permissions from a PDF

Well, there are several free tools available which can be used to edit, split, merge, or extract PDF files. However, they do not support secured PDF files, which means that the online free tools do not unlock PDF files. To do so, the user will need to use reliable and trusted software which are available on the internet. Explore them and use the software which is suitable for the users.

How to Take Permissions Off a PDF Using Automated Tool?

For every issue, there is an alternate solution and here also to break PDF document password there is an alternative method that can be used. The user might have multiple PDF files to remove permission, so for that, we recommend using the most trusted Software to Unlock PDF Documents. We have listed some advanced features of this tool to take permissions off a PDF file.

Some Features of This Tool to Turn Off PDF Restrictions

  • This utility can remove restrictions from PDF documents, for editing, printing, copying text and extracting data.
  • This tool does not apply any size limitations.
  • On the Windows and Mac OS, users can run this tool to remove permissions from a PDF
  • It enables the option to remove passwords from known user-level or owner-level PDF files.
  • This tool offers the option to either save or print Output PDF files.
  • Maintains the entire original data structure and attachments.

Steps to use this utility to take permissions off a PDF

1: Install the software in the local system and run it.

remove permissions from a PDF

2: Then, use the “Add File” or “Add Folder” and upload the locked PDF file(s).

insert locked PDF files

3: Select any one option from Save or Print the decrypted PDF file(s).

use the option to save or print

4: Now, set the target folder using the “Change” option to save the unlocked PDF.

set the location to save PDF file

5: Finally, to remove the PDF password hit the “Unlock” button.

remove permissions from a PDF

By following the steps, the user will successfully take permissions off a PDF file and can access those PDF files whenever they want.

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PDF file users often fall into a situation where they require to unlock their PDF files to avoid typing passwords every time. In other cases, some users don’t know the password of the secured PDF files. Hence, they look for a solution to take permissions off a PDF document. So, this post explains some methods to execute this process and make PDF file passwords free. It includes removing the PDF permissions using Adobe Acrobat DC Pro and automated Software with their steps.