Merge Multiple Files into One Single File with Merge File Software

Every desktop email client has a mailbox to store its data including emails. If you have more than one email account with this client, you will also have multiple data files. You may very well want to merge those multiple files to create a unified account or simply combine those old backup files you have to better manage them. But the question is how do you merge multiple files into one single file?

Why Do You Need to Merge Multiple Files Into One Single File?

Why would you ever need to combine multiple files into one? There are several instances where merging existing email files into a new data file is the best course of action:

  • Merging multiple old accounts
  • Combining old mailbox files
  • Creating a single backup of existing accounts
  • Sending/Receiving files from a team member
  • Moving to a different service or email client
  • Avoid multiple inboxes by merging email files together
  • To better manage email client mailboxes

These are just some handful of reasons as to why you should merge email files. There are many more use cases out there.

Range of File Merge Tools

Repository of File Merging related products built to merge multiple Files into single file using File Merge software. Explore the wide range of tools to merge files of Email Client and other Desktop application.

Right now, EmailDoctor has a small batch of file merge software tools that include:

  1. Merge PST File Tool - To merge multiple PST files into one.
  2. NSF Merge Software - To combine multiple files into one in Lotus Notes (now HCL Notes).

More will be listed in the future.

Why Choose EmailDoctor Email Merge Tools?

Sometimes you must merge several files into one. These can be multiple files from different email profiles or simply old backup files. It is very difficult to perform email file merge operation with standard tools, especially if you have many mailbox files or you need to combine files frequently.

Using below-par techniques result in errors and data-loss which is never a good thing. Our range of file merge software automatically combines multiple files into one single file. It works with files connected to an email client as well as the files present on your local disk.

Benefits of the utilities:

  • The merging process is safe. It does not change anything in the files, but simply combines them into a new file.
  • Works with files of any size. There are no limits on the number of emails.
  • Multiple options are provided during the merge phase like skipping duplicate items.
  • You can choose to skip deleted items during file merge in case of mailbox files merger.
  • File merge software have interactive and easy to use user interface.
  • The tools are compatible with designated platform versions.
  • You can test the software using its free demo version before choosing to buy it.

Ready to Use File Merge Software?

Are you ready to use the file merge tools? Simply go to the corresponding page and download the required tool for free.

This free demo version will merge limited items/folder at one time for testing purpose only. Once satisfied, you can opt for the full version which will allow you to merge as many files as you want.

Top List of Available File Merge Software