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“Outlook Receiving Duplicate Emails”— Fix the Error Quickly

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Published On March 20th, 2024
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Microsoft Outlook, one of the renowned email services, is popular for offering intuitive and supreme functionalities for managing the mailbox. Unfortunately, if Outlook receiving duplicate emails then, finding the original yet important emails is quite ambiguous from the cluttered copies of folders.

Moreover, several factors are behind getting duplicate email folders of inbox, junk, spam, etc. Besides this, the mailbox receives similar emails, attachments, contacts, and more. The impact of these errors certainly slows down the performance of Outlook and even gradually increases the size of the mailbox.

To eliminate these major issues, let’s closely discover the methods for Outlook remove duplicate emails smoothly. Now, dive in to begin the process.

Why is Outlook Downloading Duplicate Emails/ Folders?

There are various reasons behind Outlook receiving duplicate emails. Moreover, users can find the replicating emails via subject, sender, text, recipient, attachment, etc.

Before delving into the solution, let’s first out the common factor for replicating emails in Microsoft Outlook. Now, read the below-mentioned curated list of causes of this error configuration:

  • Wrong Email Rules and Filters Setup:- Often unknowingly, users might configure the incorrect configuration of email filters or rules that lead to creating multiple copies of email folders. Moreover, users can find the duplicate folder of Inbox/ Spam/ Junk/ Sent Items.
  • Outlook Configuration Error:- Besides the email rule error, users might opt for the wrong settings while configuring the email account in Outlook. Moreover, if you’ve configured a single email account in MS Outlook with different email protocols such as POP3 and IMAP. Then, it will leave you with replicating email data in your Outlook application.
  • Email Synchronization Error:- Outlook downloading duplicate emails when there is an error in email synchronization between the email server and Microsoft Outlook. This common flaw can be seen in every Outlook edition. Another reason behind this error includes unstable connectivity which also duplicates the email data.
  • Issues of Add-ins:- If you’ve installed third-party add-ins then, it is yet another factor for creating flaws in seamless synchronization. Often some plugins retain flaws that certainly result in making copies of emails in Outlook.
  • Human Error:- Sometimes untrained eyes accidentally click on “Send/Receive” multiple times while sharing the emails. Hence, the lack of technical knowledge is yet another cause for Outlook duplicate emails.

Overall, these are the prominent factors behind creating similar copies of emails in MS Outlook. Now, seeking how to stop duplicate emails in Outlook. Then, read the next section to learn the manual guidance.

Fix the Error of “Outlook Receiving Duplicate Emails” Using Manual Solutions

In the following section, we will explain the complete manual step guidance for fixing the misconfiguration of Outlook downloading duplicate emails. Now, move ahead to discover them one after another.

  • Verity Duplicate Email Account

Sometimes users might configure an email account using both IMAP and POP3 protocol settings. Therefore, it is necessary to remove one account to fix the issue of Outlook duplicate emails. Here is the step guidance for deleting duplicate email accounts:-

  1. Login to your Outlook application.
  2. Move to the “File” tab > Account Settings.
  3. After this, “Manage Profiles” and here, choose the duplicate profile.
  4. Select “Remove” and press Yes for confirmation.
  5. Now, restart the MS Outlook to check if the account has been deleted.
  • Recheck Email Rules and Filters

To fix the issue of Outlook receiving duplicate emails, users need to review the settings of rules and filters. Moreover, check the existing rule setup while clicking on Rules. After reviewing the rules configuration, remove the incorrect settings to resolve this error.

  • Enable “Do Not Import Duplicates”

For both trained and untrained eyes, it is important to enable the option of Do not import duplicates while importing PST files. Using this feature, users can eliminate the fear of creating replicating data in their Outlook profile.

  • Use Clean Up Folder

For Outlook remove duplicate emails, users need to opt for the clean up folder feature. Using this option, users can scan all conversations and delete redundant email messages from their Outlook.

In a nutshell, users can choose any of these manual solutions to resolve the error of Outlook receiving duplicate emails. However, there are certain drawbacks to opting the free guidance. Now, dive in to understand those limitations.

Why Not Opt Manual Solution for the “Outlook Downloading Duplicate Emails” Error?

  • In the absence of adequate technical knowledge, users can’t follow any of the above-suggested manual guidance for Outlook remove duplicate emails. Hence, users must have an understanding of Outlook’s prime features and functionalities.
  • Using the free solution, it is complicated to find the number of replicating email data in Outlook. Besides this, it is considered a time-consuming task for users when it comes to deleting a bunch of duplicate emails.
  • By implementing the method of clean up folder, users might receive the error “No messages were cleaned”. Therefore, it is not suggested to opt manual method for fixing the error of duplicate emails in Outlook.

Expert Way to Stop Outlook Receiving Duplicate Emails

The reduce the size of the mailbox is considered the mere reason to fix the error of Outlook downloading duplicate emails. For the same, use the EmailDoctor Outlook Duplicates Remover Tool, an advanced yer robust utility to remove duplicate emails, calendar events, contacts, journals, tasks, and more. This tool allows users to delete duplicate data within the folder or across the folder.

Besides this, it offers multiple options to find duplicate items from inboxes, sent items, and more. Most importantly, users can set the date range to remove data from exact time intervals. Moreover, it lets users fix the misconfiguration error of Outlook receiving duplicate emails even without installing the MS Outlook application. Now, step down to learn the step-by-step guidance of this software.

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Follow Quick Steps of Expert Suggested Utility

  1. To begin the process, launch the aforementioned tool in your system.
    go to Add Files
  2. Go to “Add Files” to add .pst file.
    click on Within Folders
  3. From the below section, select Duplicate Options and then choose “Within Folder” > Next.
    browse folders
  4. In the next interface, click on the required boxes.
    click on destination path
  5. Move to “Change” to browse the location and press Next.
    set filter
  6. In the pop-up window, select the necessary filter and again hit Next.
    begin the process of de-duplicating Outlook emails
  7. Lastly, press OK to start the process of removing duplicate emails from your Outlook profile.

Put Questions, Get Solutions!

Q. How to stop duplicate emails in Outlook?
Follow the below steps to fix the issue of Outlook receiving duplicate emails:-

  1. Download the above tool on your machine.
  2. Go to Add Files and then, move to Within Folders from Duplicate Options and press Next.
  3. Now, select the checkbox.
  4. To complete the process, click on Change and go to Next.
  5. Now, choose the required filter options and press OK to begin the process.

Q. Why are my emails getting duplicated?
There are several reasons behind Outlook duplicate emails such as misconfiguration in Outlook rules settings and even the synchronization error.

Q. Is there any limitation of file size in this tool?
No, users can add large-sized PST files for Outlook remove duplicate emails easily.

Also, know how to fix errors of Outlook PST reached maximum size.

Concluding Words

In summary, we have discussed the methods to fix the issue of Outlook receiving duplicate emails. As we have mentioned the major limitation and error in manual solutions. Therefore, consider the expert-recommended automated tool, one of the most secure and fastest solutions for easily filtering your duplicate email data.