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How to Stop Duplicate Emails in Outlook – By Doing Less

Published By Nilesh Kumar
Debasish Pramanik
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Published On April 12th, 2022
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We know that finding original emails are quite difficult if you are facing duplicate emails issue in Outlook. So, from this article, you will come to know why Outlook is downloading duplicate emails and how to stop duplicate emails in Outlook? 

What are Duplicate Files?

A duplicate email is a redundant product that is saved in your Outlook mailbox. Duplicates may be anything, like an email message, note, calendar, contact, task, or maybe an attachment that occupies an equal amount of storage space like original mailbox items.

Most of the Duplicates are created by the ads, newsletters, press releases, or offers for new items, etc. Some of the other reasons for Duplicate Outlook items are discussed below.

Reasons for Duplicate Emails in Outlook

  • Receiving the Same Emails: Duplicate items like emails are crated in your inbox due to numerous emails sent by your co-employees, friend, or client. Sometimes, advertising companies or associations revert you a similar email, newsletter, or press release multiple times to gain your attention for their scheme.
  • Incorrect Synchronization: Another reason duplicate emails in Outlook is interrupted or wrong synchronization with a laptop or mobile device. For example: if you read some emails on your smartphone and others on your computer system, then there is a chance of the location of emails shifts to a different folder on every device.
  • Server Issues: Sometimes, duplicate Outlook items are created by the Mail server hiccups, specifically, if you enable the “Leave Messages on the Server” settings option. Incorrectly configured MS Outlook rules, when two or more “move a copy to” rules used to particular receiving email also result in duplicate emails in Outlook.
  • PST Merge and Improper Mailbox Settings: When you try to merge various Outlook PST files into a single file may lead to duplication items. If the Outlook mailbox setting is not correct, then you may receive similar emails and other items multiple times.
  • Duplicates created by Antivirus: Some of the Antivirus software is also responsible for generating duplicate emails in Outlook. Obviously, it won’t do this purposely, it may be only an irregular reaction, particularly on the off chance that you tap the “Send/Receive” button very frequently meddling in the planned send/receive/save procedure.

Whatever the reason for increasing, numerous duplicates items in Outlook. But one thing you have to note is that duplicate emails make your working experience unpleasant and less profitable.

Why It Is Important to Stop Duplicate Emails in Outlook?

As we know that Outlook is an awesome email client and it is mostly used by small and large organizations to increase business productivity. But due to duplicate emails in Outlook, most of the users encountered some consequences and they are:

  • Less Memory Space: Duplicate items is one of the major reason for memory issue in Outlook. And duplicates items occupy the same amount of space as original emails, and contacts occupy. That create insufficient storage space issues, and due to that, you may face delay in upcoming emails.
  • Degraded System Performance: If a load of duplicate items increases on the Outlook program, then the Outlook process speed performance starts reducing and your system may start creating hanging or freezing issues.
  • Data Corruption Increases: Once you will encounter the duplicate items in Outlook, then the saved emails may get damaged, or in some cases, you may face mailbox data corruption.
  • Slow Send /Receive/ Program Open Process: If space is less space available, due to duplicate Outlook items, then it easily affects the open/send/receive process of emails and takes too much time to get processed.

How to Stop Duplicate Emails in Outlook?

Solution 1: Configure the Inbox Update Timing

Inbox update timing is also the reason for duplicate emails in Outlook. So you can increase the inbox update timing to stop the receiving duplicate emails in Outlook. Now, to complete the process correctly it is advised to follow the below steps in sequence,

  • Open Outlook first in your Computer
  • Select the Send/Receive option
  • Choose Define Send or Receive Groups options
  • Now, set the value of “Schedule an automatic send/receive query” in between 15-30 minutes

Solution 2: Set the Rules Properly

You can also stop duplicate emails in Outlook by configuring the Outlook rules correctly, If the rules are set correctly, then an Outlook user won’t receive duplicate emails which will ultimately solve the issue.

Solution 3: Change Anti-Virus Settings

Anti-Virus is one major reason for receiving duplicate emails in Outlook. Because antivirus is responsible to close the server connection. And If the server connection is not closed properly, then the emails are not marked as received and it will start to download again and again.

How to Delete Duplicate Emails from Outlook Mailbox?

With the help of the above solution, you will definitely be able to stop duplicate emails in Outlook. But if your mailbox is already filled with duplicate emails, then in order to remove duplicate items from Outlook, Microsoft does not provide any proper solution. So, in that case, the professional suggested try an automated solution to remove duplicate emails from Outlook.

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Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool is a top choice of most Outlook users. Because this Outlook duplicate remover tool can easily remove any kind of data items from Outlook without any data loss. As well as this duplicate remover tool draw-out duplicates from Outlook PST/OST/BAK files.


The above-provided solution to definitely stop duplicate emails in Outlook. So, go through the wright-up and solve the duplicate email in Outlook. Or if you want to delete duplicate emails from Outlook then you can try the automated solution which is discussed above in the blog.