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Outlook MAPI32.DLL Error | Methods to Fix It

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Published On January 15th, 2024
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Summary: Some Outlook users report that they receive a mapi32.dll error indicating that a file is missing from the installation. And this error occurs after updating Outlook. Well if you are here, then there is a chance that you facing this error with your Outlook application. So, here in this article will illustrate several manual approaches for resolving the issue as well as professional application to file Outlook mapi32.dll error.

But before going towards the solutions let first understand what this DLL file is and what are the reasons for this error.

What is the MAPI32.DLL File?

Basically, the DLL file is a Dynamic Link Library file that is included in an application’s installation. When a user updates their Outlook version, the system installs new Outlook files. If you install any other email application besides Outlook, you can overwrite the DLL file.

What are the Reasons For Outlook MAPI32.DLL Error

As we said above that the mapi32.dll error occurs after updating the Outlook application So, apart from incompatibility problems, there are a number of other reasons why users can get the same warning when using Outlook.

  • Change or missing of the MAPI32.DLL from its default location.
  • If Outlook is unable to save the DLL folder’s path.
  • If the DLL file is removed from the specified location by mistake.
  • If the component of the DLL is missing.
  • Corruption of DLL or Outlook Data file is also the reason for the Outlook mapi32.dll error.
  • DLL error might be caused by registry issues, malware or spyware corruption, or even a system hardware failure in extreme situations.

Way to Fix Outlook MAPI32.dll Error

Well after knowing about the DLL and the reason for the DLL error in Outlook. Here in this section, we are going to discuss some of the techniques to fix the same.

#Methdo 1: Recreate the DLL File

Follow the below steps to recreate the DLL file.
1. Open the C drive in Windows Explorer.

2. Go to the Common Files folder under Program Files, then to the System folder.

3. The MSMAPI folder should be opened first, followed by the 1033 folder.

4. Right-click the MSMAPI32.DLL file to open it. Select the Rename option.

5. MSMAPI32.DLL should be renamed MSMAPI32.OLD and saved.

6. After completing the task restart Outlook now.

#Method 2: Run the Antivirus Program

As we said above the malware or virus infection can also be the reason for Outlook mapi32.dll In that case carry out an anti-virus scan. If you suspect your system is infected with a virus, and Outlook is one of the programs impacted, do a full system scan with anti-virus software. The anti-virus program will scan all of the impacted files for infections and erase them.

#Methdo 3: Reinstall Outlook Program

We have discussed above that this error occurs after the upgrade of the Outlook application. And we all know that DLL files are required for every application to function properly. There will be various flaws in the installation and program files if the upgrade goes wrong. So, in that case, you can simply uninstall the existing Outlook application and reinstall Outlook and create a new account.

#Method 4: Run the Check Disk Command

The “sfc /scannow” cmdlet may scan the whole drive and restore missing files such as mapi32.dll. It can also reveal a variety of issues in the hard drive sector.

#Methdo 5: Repair Outlook PST File

There is a chance that the Outlook data is corrupted and due to that, you are getting this error. Now, to fix the corruption of the Outlook file you can try the Outlook inbuilt Inbox repair tool that is also known as ScanPST.exe. This utility can easily repair your Outlook corruption but keep one thing in your mind that you can only repair minor corruption of the PST file using this tool.

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And in the case of heavy corruption this tool not going to repair the PST file. So, in that case, you can try the Outlook PST Repair Tool. This is well capable to repair any level of corruption of the Outlook PST file. Also, the tool is capable to recover permanently deleted contacts and others items from the Outlook data file. And give you an option to save the file into different file formats such as PST, HTML, MSG, EML, PDF, and Office 365.


Outlook mapi32.dll error is not a common error but there are some Outlook users who reported this on various forums. Now, to resolve this error here in this write-up we have discussed the top 5 methods that can easily be going to fix his Outlook DLL error.


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