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Successful Method to Recover Deleted Contacts from Outlook


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Published On January 23rd, 2024
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Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email client across the globe. Along with emails, it can also store, organise and recover deleted contacts calendars, tasks, journals etc., in its mailbox. Contacts are considered as an important resource to any user as they store all details of the recipients, which is very beneficial for a user.

The delivery of emails including both sending and receiving process becomes easy when users have all the necessary details. This is the reason, from time to time update and deletion of the contact list is thus very important for users. In this process, it is often seen that there is accidental deletion of some contacts. Recovery of deleted contacts thus becomes necessary so that users can continue with the email sending and receiving process without any hassle.

Recovery of deleted contacts is an easy process if proper steps are followed. This blog discusses ways of how to recover outlook deleted contacts if some or all of the user’s contacts have been deleted.

Top 3 Ways to Recover Deleted Contacts from Outlook

Here in this section, we are going to elaborate some methods that will help you to recover contacts that you have deleted accidently. 

#Method 1: Using Deleted Items Folder for Recovery of Deleted Contacts

All the contacts deleted from Outlook go into the Deleted Items Folder. To recover deleted contacts from this folder, follow the given steps:

Step 1: Open Outlook account, and Go to the Deleted Items Folder in the Folder’s List.

Step 2: Search for contacts deleted from Outlook that need to be recovered. Various Sorting Options are available to ease this process of searching.

Step 3: Right-click on the searched contacts that need to be recovered and choose the option Move and then choose the option Other folder.

Step 4: From the List choose the contacts and press the Ok button

#Method 2: Using Recoverable Items Folder for Recovery of Deleted Contacts

All the contacts deleted from Outlook can be recovered using the Recoverable Items Folder.

Permanent deletion of contacts may take place through any of the following ways, which can be very harmful for the user:

1. Deletion of contacts by pressing Shift + Delete key together.

2. Removal of contacts from Deleted Items Folder.

All the contacts recovered from Recoverable Items Folder go into Deleted Items Folder. Contacts can then be easily moved from there to Other Folder.

Whenever any item is retrieved from the Recoverable Items Folder, it automatically goes to the Deleted Items Folder. The items can then be easily searched. Recover deleted contacts by moving them to Other Folder.

Step 1 : Open Outlook account, Go to Home Tab and select Recoverable Items folderfrom server.

Step 2 : Search for contacts deleted from Outlook that needs to be recovered.

Step 3 : Right-click and select Restore Selected Items option and click on OK.

Step 4 : Recovery of deleted contacts takes place in the Deleted Items folder. Contacts can then be recovered from there using Method 1.

#Method 3: Use Advanced Tool for Recovery of Contacts Deleted from Outlook

Deleted Items Folder and Recoverable Items Folder are highly popular methods to recover deleted contacts from Outlook. But, the biggest limitation of these methods, is that they can’t store deleted information beyond a specific duration of time.

Advanced tools are useful for this purpose as they are not limited by any time duration to save the deleted data items be it email, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals or notes. EmailDoctor Outlook Data File Recovery Tool is an easy and comfortable option available for users for the recovery of deleted contacts. Loss of data if any, is also prevented using the tool.

Features of Outlook Email Recovery Software

1. Recovery of deleted contacts can be easily performed.

2. Decryption dealt efficiently in Outlook data items.

3. Contacts deleted from Outlook can be retrieved without any time restriction.

4. Along with contacts the tool recover deleted emails from Outlook

4. Capable to restore Original Outlook BAK File.

5. No restriction on the size of file to be recovered.

6. Selective export of contacts deleted from Outlook is possible.

7. Recover deleted contacts from Outlook in different formats: EML, PST, PDF, MSG, Office 365, HTML


Outlook Contacts are one of the most valuable resource for any user. Contacts deleted from Outlook are most dangerous. They create major problems for the user as the entire mail delivery process gets halted. This blog aims to make the user familiar with different methods, which can be adopted to recover deleted contacts. User can compare the available methods for the recovery process and then choose whichever suits them the best. However, it is suggested to switch to third-party software (method 3) for guaranteed results and quick recovery of deleted items.