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How to Restore Deleted Contacts in Outlook? [Solved]

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Published On March 27th, 2024
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Microsoft Outlook is one of the eminent email clients, popular for offering intuitive mailbox management features. From contact groups to emails, users can organize diverse data. Unfortunately, the accidental deletion of the contact list creates hindrances for users to grow efficient communication. Now, read this writeup to learn how to restore deleted contacts in Outlook.

Besides this, we will address the different approaches to restore Outlook contacts from Outlook 2021, 2019 and its below versions. Further, we will shed light on the need to recover the contact list from Outlook. Now, let’s dive in to start the technical discussion.

Need for Outlook Recover Deleted Contact

There are various factors behind searching for methods to restore deleted contacts in Outlook. Here, we have listed a few reasons for recovering the contact data from MS Outlook. Now, read the below-mentioned curated list:-

  • The accidental deletion of contacts is among the common factors for seeking ways to recover deleted contacts from Outlook. Moreover, retrieving the deleted contact groups enables users to easily grow the network with like-minded professionals.
  • Often contact groups hold crucial data of client information, emails, and personal details. Moreover, losing this confidential information leads to a majorable risk for any individual. However, recovering this data allows users to easily manage the contact data.
  • There are several instances where users need to archive contact information for backup. Therefore, users desire Outlook recover deleted contact for convenience and accessibility of sensitive contact groups.

Overall, this is the purpose for recovering the deleted contacts of Outlook. As contacts are inevitable items of the mailbox that allow users to easily reach out to any business professionals.

Manual Approach to Restore Deleted Contacts in Outlook Application

In this section, we will discuss the manual guidance for Outlook recover deleted contact from its different editions. For the same, users need to launch the Microsoft Outlook application on their system. Now, move to list the methods:-

  • Deleted Items Folders to Recover Deleted Contacts from Outlook 2021

Similar to deleted emails, both accidentally removed contacts and deleted contacts moved to the “Deleted Items Folder”. Therefore, users need to recover the contact groups from this folder.

  1. In MS Outlook, go to mailbox folder list > Deleted Items.
  2. Now, use the search bar to find the contacts and then, sort the columns for contact grouping.
  3. Perform right-click and then, select Move > go to Other Folder.
  4. To avail the contacts in the contact folder, choose Contacts from the dialog box > OK.

Note:- Users can execute these steps guidance to restore deleted contacts in Outlook from Outlook 2021/ 2019/ 2016. Besides this, if you don’t find the Deleted Items folders then, look for the Trash folder to recover deleted contact Outlook.

  • Use Recover Deleted Items from Server

If you don’t find the deleted contacts in the folder of Deleted Items then, it might located in the recoverable folder list. Now, here are the steps guidance to retrieve the contacts while using the feature of recoverable items.

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook and move to Home > Recover Deleted Items from Server.
  2. In the pop-up dialog box, check out the subject column to sort the contacts, and then, choose the required contact.
  3. Now, click on Restore Selected Items and press OK.

After pressing the OK button, the contacts will again transfer to the Deleted Items Folder. With this, users can restore deleted contacts in Outlook. To implement this step guidance, users need to configure the Outlook account using IMAP and Exchange server.

Note:- The folder of Recoverable items only holds the data of deleted items for 28 days. After this, it will automatically consider the permanently deleted contacts.

Why Are Manual Steps Guidance Not Recommended?

  • The Deleted Items folder name is different from one Outlook version to another. Therefore, users always remain in confusion while executing these steps guidance of manual solution.
  • Using the Recoverable Items, users can only export the deleted contacts for 28 or below days. After this time interval, it will name a permanently deleted contact group that can’t be recovered via a manual solution.
  • Outlook recover deleted contact through free steps guidance, users must have an understanding of Outlook features and major technicalities. In the absence of knowledge, it becomes difficult yet complicated for the users to easily retrieve the contacts.

Expert Way to Recover Deleted Contacts from Outlook Without Installing Outlook

Earlier, we discussed the manual approach and its limitations. As it holds several limitations, therefore, opt for the expert-suggested solution named EmailDoctor Outlook Recovery Tool, one of the advanced yet robust solutions to easily restore deleted contacts in Outlook without installing the Outlook environment. Using this optimal utility, users can recover deleted emails from Outlook along with contacts, calendars, and even complete deleted data from the mailbox.

Most importantly, this software allows users to preview the deleted items in bold red color. Moreover, users can use this tool to restore the contacts from Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, and its below versions. Besides this, users can even retrieve the removed items in different file formats such as EML, HTML, and more. Another intuitive feature includes a date range filter to recover specific data from Outlook.

Steps of Automated Tool to Recover Deleted Contact Outlook

  1. Launch the above software on your operating system.
  2. Select the option of “Add File”.
    select Add file
  3. In the next dialog box, click on Select File and then, move to three dots to add PST file.
    select the scan mode
  4. Go to Scan Mode and add the storage path > Add.
    choose the scan mode
  5. From Folder List, choose the contact folder and then, select the deleted items.
    click on contacts groups
  6. Move to Export and then, click the export file type.
    move to export file type
  7. Go to Browse to check the location.
    click on Browse
  8. Lastly, hit the Export button.
    hit on export

Put Queries, Get Answers!

Q. How do I recover a deleted contact in MS Outlook?
Follow the step-by-step guidance for Outlook recover deleted contact:-

  1. Install the above automated tool.
  2. Move to Add Files > Select File and add .pst file using three dots.
  3. Check out the Scan Mode and then, hit Add.
  4. Now, choose the folder and then, deleted contacts.
  5. From the top click on Export and then, select the file type.
  6. Lastly, select Browse and press Export.

Q. Can I recover accidentally deleted contacts from Outlook?
Yes, users can restore accidentally deleted contacts in Outlook.

Q. Is there any time or size limitation in this automated software?
No, there is no size and time limitation in the above-suggested utility.

Concluding Words

In this write-up, we have addressed the methods to restore deleted contacts in Outlook using two approaches. The manual one holds the major drawback and chances of error configuration. Therefore, choose the expert-recommended automated solution to easily retrieve contact groups without installing the Outlook application. Besides this, it is considered the secure and top-notch solution to quickly archive the deleted data of Outlook.


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