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How to Migrate Teams Channel to Another Tenant? Absolute Step By Step Solution

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Published On January 18th, 2024
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Exchange on-premise & Office 365 Data migration queries have increased in the past decade. Hence, IT experts from all over the world developed various solutions from their side. However, migrating Microsoft Teams isn’t that easy. This task is even more complex than you think. Users who want to migrate Teams Channel to another tenant must understand that this task requires Microsoft Teams’ core technicalities.

Users want to perform this migration operation due to several reasons like Mergers, acquisitions & divestitures. We are going to discuss the challenges and the best possible solution to make this operation smooth. Read the complete article to get a detailed solution that can make this complex task easy for IT anybody.

What’s the Needs to Transfer Teams Channel to Another Team

There is not any fixed reason for organizations to undergo this complex task. There are several reasons that users consider prior to stepping in here. Below are some reasons due to which organizations perform this operation:-

  • Merger & Acquisition

Organizations sometimes undergo this operation because of mergers & acquisitions. For example, If Firm A & B have an agreement of collaboration with each other, buying or selling of each other. Then they want to keep the data together in one place.

  • Divestiture

When a business sells its subsidiaries or makes a separate department of a particular sub-brand, they might want to migrate Teams channel to another tenant in such a situation.

  • Re-Branding

Sometimes, organizations want to start from scratch, they decide to change the brand name, logo and basically turn their existing brand into a new one. This can be one of the reasons that make organizations take this initiative.

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 Most Common Challenges a User Face while Teams Migration

Here, we’re going to understand the challenges to migrate Teams Channel to another tenant from the users’ point of view. Below mentioned points can provide users with an idea of the challenges that they may face.

  • Microsoft Teams data isn’t stored in Microsoft Teams itself. Instead, this data is stored in various SharePoint sites. Moreover, the Exchange Team mailbox, OneDrive also saves a minor part of Teams data. That is why migrating just Teams data can not get your work done. This is the most basic yet unknown issue that users are not aware of.
  • Another major challenge is to ensure that both source & destination Teams have valid memberships. Moreover, all the required permissions must be enabled in advance otherwise, Microsoft does not allow this operation to take place.
  • The most critical challenge is that there is not any direct solution for our operation. So users don’t really have various options. Although some organizations are providing smart, safe & reliable solutions by working day & night.
  • Hence Microsoft Teams has a wide range of work, Planning this migration is very crucial. The perfect planning & execution of this task has to be done 3 days prior to the actual migration operation. Users start searching “how do I move files from one channel to another in another team” last moment. This definitely leads to facing severe issues.
  • Configuring the source Teams settings in the destination Teams account is another messy task that confuses users a lot. This increases the timeline of the whole operation.

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What’s the Best Solution to Migrate Teams Channel to Another Tenant

Finding the best & optimum solution is indeed difficult but not impossible. Organizations are moving towards a modern approach to solving their queries. This includes a highly professional Microsoft Teams Migration Tool that can perform this task in an easy manner. Users just need to download the software & then follow the steps mentioned below to get their work done.

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Step By Step Detailed Solution to Transfer Teams Channel to Another Team

Step-1. Launch & activate the tool > SImply select Office 365 as Source & Destination platform.


Step-2. In the workload selection, Select Teams & Groups according to your preference.


Step-3. Enter O365 admin credentials for both primary & targeted platforms > Validate permissions.


Step-4. Add Users through the user mapping facility or manually by uploading.


Step-5. Fetch or Import Teams in the Teams Tab for adding Teams to migrate.

Step-6. Create Teams for the destination accounts and provide them names.


Step-7. Validate Teams & then click on Start Migration Button. This step transfer Teams Channel to another Team.


Step-8. After the completion of the migration task, click on “Mark Teams as Complete”.

Step-9 Now, add groups under the Groups Tab through various available options.

Step-10. Click on the Strat migration button and wait till the completion.


Unique Characteristics of the Modern Approach

The modern approach is popular among organizations nowadays due to its capabilities to counter the current challenges. In addition, there are plenty of useful features that make the task even much more simple.

Let’s have a look at these interesting features in detail:

  • This Tool can swiftly migrate Teams, Group files, Channel & Channel Chats without any data loss.
  • The facility to migrate Teams Site, Links & Members with their permissions is also there in the tool.
  • There is no need to create Teams in the destination accounts manually, as this tool can create Teams & Channels in the destination automatically.
  • This utility also maintains the Timestamps & folder hierarchy in the destination accounts.
  • Users can re-run migration for failed data files and can also execute delta migration for newly arrived data files.
  • It’s quite easy to transfer Teams Channel to another Team with this tool. Moreover, along with the mentioned data, files & attachments can also be migrated using this advanced data migration tool.

To Conclude

We have successfully discussed the critical needs & severe challenges that users may face while performing this operation. If any organization is planning to undergo this data migration process, the above mentioned-tool is an optimum solution.

It’s better to plan everything and then proceed accordingly to migrate Teams Channel to another tenant. The planning helps users to sense the upcoming issues and give them appropriate time for preparing for the same.


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