How to Migrate & Move from One Office 365 Tenant to Another ?

Admin | Published: 2021-01-10T13:05:00+00:00 | Cloud, Office 365

This article will guide you “How to migrate from one Office 365 tenant to another tenant” in a business-merge scenario. If you have two or more Office 365 tenant and you face difficulties to manage multiple tenants.

Before starting the migration process, we will take users query to clear the scenarios –  


“We have several multiple Office 365 tenants, due to manageability issues we want to merge Office 365 tenant. But data migration from source Office 365 tenant is our primary focus. So I want to know without third party software can we migrate mailboxes from one Office 365 tenant to another Office 365. ”

Emails data or mailbox migration is the primary concern of organization in merge & acquisition scenarios. But users also want manual methods to do this task, so we have to understand there is no manual method is available to do this task.

Microsoft also suggests users to use automated third party software to move email from one Office 365 tenant to another tenant.

Let’s start the procedure to migrate data from one office 365 tenant to another.

Steps to Migrate Mailboxes from One Office 365 Tenant to Another Tenant

As we know move email data from one Office 365 tenant to another Office 365 tenant we have to use the automated migration tool. Therefore we suggest you SysTools Office 365 to Office 365 migration tool. This tool is one of the best migration tool to perform Organization Office 365 data to another Office 365 tenant.

This software provides all advanced features that will help you in the migration process. Some highlighted features of this tool are given below :-

1: Migrate emails, contacts, calendars, documents from One Office 365 tenant to another.

2: Capable to move Office 365 domain users data.

3: Date-based filter option to migrate selective data from Office 365 tenant.

4: Support to set account-based priority migration.

5: Delta migration option to migrate newly arrived data.

6: Provides users mapping options (import CSV to create mapping).

7: Three options for Re-Run migration.

8: Support multiple project migration.

Download Software

Let’s start the migration…

Move Mailboxes from one Office 365 Tenant to another Tenant – Step by Step

Before starting the migration by using the tool, you have to do some necessary steps:-

1: Prepare Office 365 source, destination tenant.

2: Create a project from Microsoft Azure, enable permissions & generate Application ID.

3: Activate software to perform the entire Office 365 tenant data.

Now, we are ready to migrate mailboxes from one office 365 tenant to another Office 365. Follow the given steps: –

1 – Start the software >> select Office 365 as the source, destination. Then check email, contact, calendar, document.

2 – Enable Migrate document permission, Use Group Mapping. It also provides a Date Based filter option. Click on Next.

3 – Now, login Office 365 source tenant with Application ID & Admin ID. Click on Validate then click on Next.

4 – After that, login in destination tenant with Application ID & destination Admin ID and Validate permission. Click on Next.

5 –  Now, Click on Download Template (CSV file). Enter Office 365 source & destination users ID (in between you will migrate data) in CSV file.

6 – Upload CSV file in the software.

7 – Now, you need to validate the permission, click on Validate.

8 – After that, click on Start Migration to move email data from one Office 365 to another.


Migrate mailboxes from one Office 365 tenant to another is not a complicating task we can easily perform, but we need reliable software. In the above blog we have explained a solution to simplify this task. It will defiantly help you to move Organization Office 365 tenant email data.