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Know How to Migrate Google Vault to Office 365 Efficiently

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Published On July 3rd, 2024
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Summary- If you are facing any issues while Migrate Google Vault to Office 365, then your search is over. Here is a complete two-step process for migrating from Google Vault to Office 365.

Google Workspace provides different apps due to which huge amounts of data are generated regularly. To archive that data the Google Vault came into the picture. Google Vault is used to store the archive data which is no longer required. But, Office 365 is the most popular among organizations because of its well-versed apps which make collaboration easier.

If you are facing any issues while migrating data from Google Vault to Office 365, then your search is over. Here is a complete two-step process for migrating from Google Vault to Office 365.

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Benefits of Google Vault to Microsoft 365 Migration

Using Office 365 over Google Vault has a number of advantages. Let’s investigate some key causes.

  • Multifactor authentication and encryption are two reasons why Office 365 provides excellent security. Manage all your data with one consistent solution.
  • Office 365 license fees are lower than Google Vault. The user interface is similar to other Office 365 programs.
  • The burden on administrators is reduced because there is a single, consistent solution for managing all data.
  • For easy navigation, Office 365 offers a simple user interface that is similar to other Office 365 programs.

How to Migrate Google Vault to Office 365?

To convert Google Vault data to O365. There are two methods one is performed with the help of eDiscovery. The next one is performed with the help of an automated tool. Let’s discuss each one in detail so that you can choose between them accordingly.

Google Vault to Microsoft 365 Using eDiscovery

This method requires two steps firstly to export Google Vault to PST or MBOX file format. After that, migrate Google Vault files to Office 365.

Step 1: Export Google Vault Data

Step 1. Log in to your Gmail account and visit the https://ediscovery.google.com/.
Step 2. Now in the Google Vault hit on the Create button.
Step 3. In the Create New Matter section, assign the name and description to the matter and hit the Create New Matter button.
Step 4. Now in the newly opened details, create Hold by completing the required details.
Step 5. Click on the Search options and select

  • Mail, All Data, Specific Accounts.
  • Enter the email address to which you want to export the data.
  • Fill the Sent date to specify the data.
  • Tick the checkbox of Exclude drafts.

Step 6. Click on the Export button enter the name of Export and choose the file format either it is PST or MBOX.
Step 7. Finally, click on the Start Export button.

Note: – A warning is also generated which specifies that you should download the exported data within 15 days of starting the process.

Step 8. Now, after completion of the exporting process hit on the Download to save the resulting file.

Now this is the first step of the manual process for Google Vault to Office 365 migration. Here the question arises, what is next? Because it generates the resulting file either in PST or MBOX. Don’t worry explore the next step to complete the migration.

Step 2: Import Google Vault MBOX/PST File to the Office 365

Now there are two different situations to move further. It depends on the chosen file format to download the Google Vault data. Let’s explore both in detail.

Situation #1. Import Google Vault Generated PST to Office 365

If you have chosen the PST file while saving the Google Vault data. Then you can use the Office 365 Importer tool to import PST to Office 365 account to migrate Google Vault to Office 365 successfully. By using this tool, the complete process becomes easier. It is full-fledged with modern features. Your complete Google Vault data is safe and secure in the whole process. This tool also maintained the complete folder hierarchy after the process. You can also explore all the executed steps by the generated report.

Situation #2. Migrate MBOX to Office 365

If you have chosen the MBOX file as the file format while downloading the Google Vault data. You can go with the MBOX to Office 365 migrator to import MBOX to Office 365 efficiently in order to complete the process of Google Vault to Microsoft 365 migration. This tool is proficient in importing multiple MBOX files as well. This is also operated by the non-admin credentials. It manages the original MBOX folder hierarchy. You do not need to worry about the tool compatibility. It is compatible with the Windows 7 and above versions.

Now the manual method is over. You can easily estimate how time-consuming the manual method is. It is a lengthy process and requires so much technical expertise. The data can be lost or the results will not come as per the expectations.

You can only execute the first step manually but in the next step, you have to use the automated tool to complete the process of migrating Google Vault to Office 365. Now, deep dive into the alternate method to avoid so much overhead.

Manual Export and Import of Google Drive Files

  • Exporting Files from Google Vault: Google Vault lets you search for and export particular Google Drive files according to your search and retention parameters. This incorporates:
    • To find the files you need to move, go into Google Vault and create search queries.
    • Depending on your demands, exporting the chosen files in an appropriate format.
  • Download Files: Save the files to your local computer after exporting them from Google Vault. By doing this step, you can make sure that the data is locally stored before uploading it to Office 365.
  • Upload to OneDrive for Business: After obtaining the files locally, transfer them by hand to OneDrive for Business or Office 365 SharePoint sites:
    • Go to the SharePoint site or OneDrive for Business location where you wish to keep the files.
    • The files can be uploaded using the online interface or the OneDrive sync client. This step could entail making sure permissions are set correctly and arranging files into folders.

Use Google Takeout for Data Export

  • Users can export their data from a number of Google services, such as Gmail and Google Drive, using Google Takeout:
    • Go to your Google Account settings to access Google Takeout.
    • Choose the Google services (such Drive and Gmail) that you wish to export data from.
    • If required, adjust the file size and export format.
  • Start the export procedure after setting up your Google Takeout export options:
    • Your chosen data will be assembled by Google Takeout into downloadable archive files (ZIP format).
    • Save these archive files to your computer. Depending on how big your data is, this could take a while.
    • As soon as the ZIP files containing your Google data have been downloaded:
  • Upload the data to the proper locations using the Office 365 services that are available:
    • Exchange Online: To access Gmail data directly through IMAP migration, utilize programs like Microsoft Outlook or the Exchange Admin Center to import PST files.
    • OneDrive or SharePoint: To upload files and folders to the proper locations for Google Drive files, use the OneDrive online interface or sync client.

Limitations of Manual Solution to Migrate Google Vault to Office 365

Here are the drawbacks of the manaul solution to migrate Google Vault to Office 365.

  1. It can take a while and be labor-intensive to manually export and import data.
  2. lncreased possibility of formatting errors and other concerns that could compromise data integrity.
  3. Lack of automation or scheduling features, necessitating constant manual labor.
  4. Managing metadata, compliance data, and email attachments can be difficult.
  5. Not scalable, perhaps resulting in transfer restrictions and delays for huge datasets.
  6. Needs a large number of personnel and technical know-how.
  7. Challenging to keep an audit trail current and monitor progress.
  8. Service outages and user interruptions could occur throughout the migration process.

Google Vault to Microsoft 365 Migration Using Automated Tool

Now, it’s time to explore the automated tool that can perform the migrate Google Vault to Office 365 in one go. The Google Vault to Office 365 migration tool is that which makes the process simpler and more efficient. The admins also prefer this tool for migrating Google Vault data to the destination Microsoft 365 account. It has some advanced features that make the migration fluent and these are.

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Concluded Words

Because of the distinct benefits of Office 365, sometimes you need to migrate Google Vault to Office 365. Therefore through this write-up, we have explained the two methods for migration. The manual method has some limitations that’s why admins do not recommend it. The automated tool is advised for successful migration.


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