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Google Vault Export to PST File Format – Best How to Guide

Google Vault Export to PST

Nilesh Kumar | Modified: December 27, 2022 | Google Workspace | 6 Minutes Reading

Synopsis: This guide allows users to execute Google Vault export to PST format. We all are aware that Google Vault is one of the major solutions for the retention of crucial data files. Here, users can get to know the features of Google Vault, along with the solution to export Google Vault emails to PST file format.

Understanding why users want files in PST format is important. It can be beneficial for us to execute the method in a better way. Hence, the reasons are here as well. Learning how to export emails of Google Vault to Outlook PST is not a tough task at all. With the right tool & technique, this can be an easy task for users as well.

Before we proceed further to know the solutions, let’s quickly go through the features of Google Vault in depth. This can help users in the optimum utilization of the Google Vault facility.

Quick Steps for Google Vault Export to PST File

Step-1. Start Software to begin the operation.

Step-2. Set file format & data categories here.

Step-3. Log in using G vault admin credentials.

Step-4. Click on start download button to finish.

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Features of Google Vault that Users Can Get Benefits From

Before learning Google Vault email export to PST task, let’s be aware of the features. The Google Vault is another successful service from Google that millions of users are utilizing. It helps users in retaining Gmail messages, Google Drive files, Google Meet recordings, Google group chats, Google Voice, Google Hangout messages, etc.

  • Email & Chat Archiving
    This service allows users to set retention rules for sustaining their emails, chats, etc. Users can have such data for a period of time before getting permanently deleted from mailboxes.
  • Drive File Search
    Do you have data files like DOCX, PDF, JPG, etc that are non-google file types? If yes, then this feature lets you search them along with other Google drive results without any hassles. Later they can execute Google Vault export to PST task also.
  • Emails Search
    This feature of one of the most powerful & preferred for particular accounts, keywords, dates, etc. Gmail specific, wildcard operators and Boolean searches are also compatible with this feature.
  • Audit Reports
    Vault Audit Reports help to analyze the activities that vault users may have carried out from & to a specific time period. Learning how to export Google Vault to Outlook PST help the user get such reports & export data.
  • Data Export Feature
    If users want, they can export their Google vault data &this is what we are going to talk about in this blog. Google Vault offers two formats for G Suite to Outlook Migration of data files.

Reasons For Google Vault Export to PST Format

There are several reasons why users want to export their data files. Let’s quickly get to know the critical reasons.

  • A lot of users need to get this data in their Outlook accounts. As we know that Microsoft Outlook supports the PST format. Users need to get the data files in PST.
  • In case of users require any particular data file back that they have archived, they need to export the data. However, the condition is that users need that data locally.

Drawbacks of the Manual Method:

There are plenty of drawbacks present in the manual solution as mentioned below. Before you export Google Vault emails to PST manually, go through these drawbacks.

  • Having a large organization, if you want to execute more than 20 export operations, this isn’t possible. All across the organization, users can only be able to execute 20 export operations at a time.
  • Users have to search for the data files that they need to export. The vault dashboard won’t show all the files available for export. In case the user wants to download emails of Google Vault to Outlook PST, they need to search it manually.
  • There is no option for bulk exporting of data files. In PST files, users can’t export more than 1GB of files. In MBOX, they can’t export more than 10GB of files.

Google Vault Export to PST Step-by-Step Solution

In order to avoid the drawbacks of the manual method, users should focus on the automated solution. The Google Vault Downloader Tool makes learning how to retrieve data from Google Vault easy. It counters all the limitations of the manual method & allows data export in a customized manner. It even offers various features for Google Vault email export to PST tasks.

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Step 1. Launch the Tool & then Activate its Licence first.

activate tool

Step 2. Set the Destination format as Outlook (PST) or MBOX.

select data format

Step 3. Select Categories as Emails & Drive & Add Filters also.

Select categories

Step 4. Enter Admin Credentials to log in to the admin Gmail account.

Note: Users must create a Google Console project for this export operation to get the key & certificate file for further using the tool for export process. This increase the security as unauthorized users can not access the data files.

Enter Credentials

Step 5. Select Users & Click on the Start Download button to begin.

Click start download for Google Vault export to PST

If your export Google Vault emails to PST & your task is completed, teh status report can help users analyze the statistics further.

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How to Get Google Vault Data Stored in Other File Formats

Now let’s have a look at a unique case in order to export emails of Google Vault to Outlook PST files. A lot of users have gone through this situation & due to lack of technicalities, it’s quite difficult to understand what to do.

There are cases when users download the data in MBOX format. Now, they realize that they want the data files in PST format. Executing the Google Vault email export to PST task will be a waste of time & effort here.

Therefore users can take help from the MBOX to PST Converter software. It can convert the MBOX files into  PST with all the data objects intact.

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Bringing It All Together

Finally, coming to the conclusion of the blog, let’s be clear with the final verdict. The automated solution for Google Vault export to PST task is quite simple. It offers advanced features & limitless events. However, on the other side, the manual solution is way complicated & has multiple restrictions.

Therefore it’s a total waste of time & money for users to rely on the manual solution for bulk export. Hence, just like IT experts, using the automated tool is the ideal solution for users.