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Methods for Google Vault Export to PST File Quickly

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Published On February 22nd, 2024
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Summary:- For Google Workspace administrators using Vualt enables them to proficiently manage or even export the data easily. There are several instances where admins are searching for methods for Google Vault export to different file extensions such as Outlook PST. Now, read the writeup to learn the methods.

Google Vault is commonly known as Vault, one of the popular in-house eDiscovery tools offered by Google Workspace. It is considered the information governance through which administrators can hold, retain, search, and even perform Google Vault export to allocate the data of Google Workspace.

Now, searching for ways to Google Vault export to PST and another file extension. As it enhances the seamless accessibility of the data and adds backup support. Then, delve into this article.

What are the Common Reason Behind Google Vault Export to Outlook PST?

Before delving into the solution, let’s quickly understand the need of the administrator to export the data of Google Vault to Outlook PST.

Vault is highly recommended for managing and searching information such as Gmail messages, Chat, Drive files, Google Voicemail messages, Meet records, Hangouts messages, and more. Now, read the reasons for Google Vault export to PST:-

  • Permission of Administrator
    One of the major reasons behind exporting the data from Vault to PST helps to reduce the dependency on Google Workspace Administrator for granting the request. To audit, review, and access the data, users need the legitimate permission of the admin. However, accessing the data in PST file format leverages users to easily read and review the information.
  • Data Migration
    Saving the Google Vault to popular file formats such as Outlook PST allows users to easily migrate or share information. Microsoft Outlook is a popular email service for accessing, reading, or even transferring data from one email platform to another. With this, users can unfold the wide range of accessibility of the data. Hence, Vault offers two different file formats for G Suite to Outlook Migration.
  • Archive Data
    Exporting the information of Google Vault to PST file format enables users to archive the data for backup requirements. In addition, the robust security compliances of Outlook efficiently preserve the data from any tampering or loss.

Overall, Google Vault export to PST supports a wide range of data availability and provides another backup solution. In addition, these are the major advantages of accessing the Vault information in PST file format.

Manual Technique for Google Vault Export to PST File Format

In this section, we will highlight the manual solution for Google Vault export to Microsoft Outlook PST file format. Moreover, there are a few prerequisites that users need to keep while performing the steps of the free solution.

Prerequisites of the manual solution:- 
1) Need permission from the Administrator to sign in to Google Vault.
2) Check the requirements for exporting the data.

  1. Open the Vault account and click on “Matters”.
  2. Select “Create” to create a new matter in your Google Vault account.
  3. Now, add a Name to the matter then, move the cursor to “Create”.
  4. Choose the required files such as Drive, Chat, and Messages.
  5. Click on the Data Source features and choose from All data, Held data, and Unprocessed data.
  6. From the All Data option, choose desired options such as All accounts, Specific accounts, and Organizational unit.
  7. Click on any account then, set the filter using “Search”.
  8. Hit Save to continue the process.
  9. In the Save Query pop-up checkbox, insert a name > OK.
  10. Now, click on Count to select the desired emails.
  11. With this, hit the cursor on Export.
  12. After this, insert a new name for Google Vault and then, click on Format > PST.
  13. Lastly, click on the Download button for Google Vault export to PST file format.

Implementing these steps, users can manually save the information of Google Vault to .pst file format. However, this solution isn’t recommended for the users due to its limitations. Now, let’s move ahead to know them.

Limitation of Using Free Solution for Exporting Vault Data

Previously, we have discussed the manual method for accessing the Vault data to PST file format. Here, we will highlight the drawbacks behind implementing these steps:-

  • One of the most prominent disadvantages of this solution includes limited export attempts. In addition, users can only perform 20 continuous data export attempts. Unfortunately, it displays an error just after the 5th export operation.
  • Besides the above limitation, if a large data haven’t been exported within 24 hours. Then, Google Vault automatically halts the saving services, therefore, users get partial data. With this, users need to perform these steps simultaneously if contain large-size data.
  • Lastly, using the manual steps for Google Vault export to PST file format is quite tiresome and time-consuming. Moreover, it retains the chances of errors and fear of data loss.

In brief, exercising the manual solution isn’t considered the right approach for exporting the data from Google Vault. Therefore, it is recommended for users to opt for the advanced solution. Now, let’s dive into it.

Expert Solution for Google Vault Export to Outlook PST File

Earlier, we explained the steps and drawbacks of a manual solution. Now, use the Google Vault Downloader utility, one of the advanced and edge-cutting solutions for Google Vault export to PST file extension. The feature-rich functionalities of this tool include instant data and category filter solutions. Interestingly, using this software, users can easily break large-size data into multiple files.

Besides this, it offers a simple and intuitive dashboard for users to quickly view, audit, and export the data without error. In addition, users can save the entire data of the Vault account in PSF file format. With this, let’s delve into to discover the steps of the software.

Steps to Export Google Vault Data to PST File

Here, we will shed light on the one-stop solution for saving the data of Google Vault to standard PST file format easily. Now, read the step-by-step guidance:-

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  1. Launch the tool and Activate its license on your machine.
    click on Outlook
  2. Choose the destination i.e. Outlook.
    choose categories
  3. Select the categories and apply the data filter if needed.
    add credentials
  4. Now, insert the Admin credentials.
    Note: Users must create a Google Console project for this export operation to get the key & certificate file for further using the tool for the export process. This increases the security as unauthorized users can not access the data files.
    click start download
  5. With this, Select Users > hit Start Download.

In just a few steps, users can Google Vault export to PST file. Moreover, it is a secure and errorless solution to quickly save the data of the Vault account to Outlook PST for bringing data accessibility factor.

Concluding Words

In summary, we have explained the two different methods for Google Vault export to versatile PST file format. As manual solution retains the major drawback. Therefore, it is recommended that the users trust professional utility; one of the go-to solutions is to securely export the bulk data of the Vault account to PST file format.


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