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Migrate AOL Email to Gmail – Screens to Explain the Process

Nilesh Kumar | Modified: June 14, 2022 | Data Migration, Gmail, Mac | 5 Minutes Reading

Having multiple accounts is common amongst users. Managing these accounts is, however, a task. Users having email addresses of AOL & Gmail now want to migrate AOL email to Gmail.

Reason being, difficulty in managing both the accounts. There are other reasons as well, but first, take a look at what AOL & Gmail email services provide.

AOL has been in use for decades and it is still providing email services to its users. Not many users prefer staying on this email service and switch to a more useful one.

The storage space in AOL is 250 GB which is plenty of space for storing large amounts of emails and attachments.

Yet, users want to transfer AOL mail to Gmail despite the fact that Gmail has less storage space.

There are various other reasons:

  • When users want to move to Gmail as their native email client.
  • Making separations for personal & professional emails.
  • Keeping a second copy of data on another email client.

Gmail, being a famously known email service, many users move to it because of the name only. It provides various services to its users such as Google Docs, Calendars, Google Photos, Google Drive, etc.

But, how does one make the switch? Let’s find out!

How to Migrate AOL Email to Gmail in Quick Steps?

Well, for quick steps, use the IMAP Migration Tool on Mac OS & follow the instructions:

  1. Run the tool & set the Source & Destination.
  2. Add more user ids if needed for mapping.
  3. Apply the Date-filter for selective transfer.
  4. Click on the Start Migration button to finish.

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These are the quick steps of migration.

Want to look for a manual & free solution?

We can do so from the Gmail account itself. But first, we will learn about the tool.

More: You can also migrate AOL to Office 365 with this guide.

Learning Facts About the Software to Transfer AOL Mail to Gmail

The utility is built by experts who have very much kept in mind the needs of non-technical users.

Yes, those who do not have the technical expertise to use a tool can also execute this software without failure.

The user-interface of the tool is quite easy and doesn’t make the procedure hard or complex. Find out about the features that are available:

  • Migration from multiple accounts at a single go is possible
  • Export any source to any destination & not just migrate AOL email to Gmail
  • Availability of Date-filter to transfer messages from a selective time-period
  • Option to Pause & Resume the process as per the requirements
  • Allows downloading the new files after first export via Delta Migration
  • Maintains the structure of the folder & data integrity in the entire process

Now, see how the tool works.

Instruction Guide to Make the Transfer Using the Software

1. Install & run the software on your machine. Choose the Source as AOL and provide the login details. Click on the Validate button.


2. After that, select the Destination as Gmail to transfer AOL mail to Gmail and enter the credentials for your account. Hit the Validate option.


3. In the next step, you will find the email addresses stated for mapping. Press the Add button to enter more email addresses.


4. Mark the Date-filter option to set a specific time-period. This will allow the transfer of certain emails only.

date filter

5. Here, press the Start Migration button to get started.

start migration

When the procedure completes, you’ll find the data in Gmail. Use the Delta Migration option to send only the new emails & avoid creating any duplicates.

Using Gmail Services to Migrate AOL Email to Gmail

With the help of this manual method, users can easily transfer their data to the other email client. However, there might be a few drawbacks as we will explain later.

Follow the steps:

1. Login to your Gmail account. Go to the Settings Gear and choose the See all Settings option from the drop-down.


2. Choose the Accounts & Import tab from there and choose Add a mail account option.


3. Then, in the window that opens up, enter the email address for your AOL account & hit Next.


4. Thereafter, to transfer AOL mail to Gmail, choose the Import emails from my other account (POP3) option if your POP configuration is enabled.


5. Enter the password for your account in the next window and choose the Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server Hit Add Account option.


Doing so will help you export the data to your Gmail account. After a while, you will start seeing the data in your account.

Limitations of Migrating Emails Via the Manual Method

  • With the help of this method, you might not be able to filter your messages.
  • It becomes a task to migrate AOL email to Gmail selectively when it comes to using the manual solution.
  • While transferring data in bulk, there might be some files or content from a few messages missing.
  • If the procedure is interrupted, you might have to start from scratch. If not, there is a possibility that a data-loss situation for certain files may occur.
  • Sometimes, the hierarchy of these files is also altered.

Finishing Lines

Migration from one email account to another can be a hard deed. To make it an easy one, we are here with the perfect solution. The procedure to migrate AOL email to Gmail can become quite simple with the help of the software.

It can transfer files in bulk with no loss or alterations and from multiple accounts in a single go. Whereas the manual technique might not be able to do so. It is a risky solution leading to several errors & data-loss situations.