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How to Insert Page Numbers to PDF Document: Ultimate Guide

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Published On June 19th, 2024
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Whenever we create a PDF document, it becomes important to insert page numbers to PDF document. Depending upon the size of the document, adding page numbers becomes important. Because it makes it easier for the user and the others who are reading that PDF file. Thus, adding Page Numbers is the finest way to give each page of the document a unique identification.

This makes it simple to arrange and keep it in an organized way, else it becomes tough to manage, also for the users it becomes difficult to find the part from where they need to continue reading.

So, this becomes clear that the addition of page numbers becomes a beneficial job. Hence in this article, we will explain a few techniques by which a will be able to insert page numbers into PDF document.

List of Topics Covered

  1. Advantages of Having Page Numbers
  2. Manual Ways to Insert Page Numbers to PDF document
  3. Method 1 – Using Adobe Acrobat Pro
  4. Method 2 – Put Page Numbers in PDF Using Microsoft Word
  5. Method 3 – Put Page Numbers in PDF Using Online Tools & Websites
  6. Best Method to Add Page Numbers to PDF
  7. What to Focus on While Adding Page Numbers
  8. Conclusion
  9. FAQ

Benefits of Inserting Page Numbers to PDF Files

When it comes to managing large PDF documents. Page numbering becomes important to maintain an organized way to read and find the data easily. It provides many advantages when a user insert page numbers to PDF document. We have mentioned some of them:

  • It helps to segregate the documents in a proper manner.
  • Becomes easier for the reader to keep track of their reading of a PDF file.
  • Inserting page numbers makes it easier to search for any specific information.
  • Help users to know how many pages/slides a PDF document is having.

Now, we have seen what advantages a user gets when they insert page numbers in PDF Adobe Acrobat. Let’s move on to learn how to add pages in  number in Adobe from the below methods.

Add Page Numbers to PDF Documents using the Manual Method

We will discuss the multiple procedure for manually add page numbers to PDF documents in the following section. The process of adding page numbers is possible using Adobe Acrobat (PDF Software) or MS Word.

Method 1: Insert Page Numbers to PDF Document Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

We can easily put page numbers in PDF by using Adobe Acrobat Pro:

  • Open Adobe Acrobat and the PDF file.
  • After that, navigate to Tools and select the Pages option.
  • Then, press the Header and Footer options under the Pages section. Hit on Add header and footer options.
  • Click on the Font Name from the drop-down list and choose the desired font name from the list.
  • Next press the Font Size from the drop-down menu and choose the font size for the Page numbering in PDF files.
  • Then check the proper location to add the page numbers in the Header & Footer text box.
  • Then, hit on the Insert page number button to Insert Page Numbers in PDF Adobe Acrobat.

Note – Installation of Adobe Acrobat (full version) is needed on the system. Moreover, it fails to put page numbers in PDF files (encrypted/restricted) without a password.

Method 2: Put Page Numbers in PDF Using Microsoft Word

With the help of this method, a user can easily add page number in PDF file. Guided steps of insert page numbers to pdf document are mentioned below.

  • To go with this method, you need to first convert the PDF file to an MS Word doc.
  • Then, open the file in MS Word. After that, under the Insert tab and press the Page Number option.
  • Then, you can select any style such as the top of the Page, the Bottom of the Page, or the Page Margin menu.
  • When the procedure of page number inserting is completes successfully then it will appear on each page of the file.

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Method 3: Put Page Numbers in PDF Using Online Tools or Websites

Online applications or websites can be a helpful option if you prefer a quick and easy approach to add page numbers to your PDF files. These platforms let you add page numbers and upload your PDF file without requiring you to install any software. The following describes how to add page numbers using an online tool:

  1. Visit a trusted online tool or website that offers PDF editing features.
  2. Upload your PDF file to the platform.
  3. Look for the option to add page numbers or headers and footers.
  4. Choose the desired position, formatting, and range of pages for the page numbers.
  5. Apply the changes and download the modified PDF file with the added page numbers.

Online tools and websites provide a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of adding page numbers. They are especially useful if you’re working on a device without PDF editing software or if you only need to add page numbers occasionally. However, keep in mind that these online tools may have limitations in terms of customization options compared to dedicated software like Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Procedure to Smartly Insert Page Numbers to PDF Document

Many users want to Insert the page number in their PDF documents without having any issues and limitations. Then they can look to use the Best PDF Bates Numbering Software. As it helps users in adding the page numbers in a PDF document.  And here, the user does not require to install any other application. Moreover, it is supported by all versions of MS Windows OS. The in-built Print function allows you to directly print page numbers in PDF files.

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What to Focus on While Adding Page Numbers to PDF Files

Having acquired the knowledge of incorporating page numbers into your PDF files through various techniques, let us examine optimal approaches to guarantee that your page numbers are both efficient and aesthetically pleasing:

    1. Make sure the font is sized appropriately for the page and choose an easy-to-read typeface. Keep your fonts simple; too ornate ones could be hard to see.
    2. A prominent spot that doesn’t obstruct the content is where you should put the page numbers. Typically, page numbers are placed in the upper or lower corners of the page.
    3. Keep your document’s page numbers consistent in both style and format. In addition to giving the pages a polished appearance, consistency facilitates readers’ page navigation.
    4. Make sure the page numbers function as intended before submitting your completed PDF file. In order to confirm that the page numbers lead to the relevant pages, click on them.


This blog explains a few methods which can be used to insert page numbers to PDF doument. By using Adobe Acrobat Software and MS Word, users can manually add page numbers to the PDF file. Moreover, we have discussed the tool-oriented technique to execute the process of how to add put page numbers in PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions : Insert Page Numbers to PDF Document

Q1 -Does a restricted PDF document allow me to put page numbers in PDF??

Ans- No, you can’t add page numbers to a restricted PDF document without the password.

Q2- Are there any free tools available for put page numbers in PDF documents?

Ans- Yes, you can add page numbers to PDF files without installing software by using a variety of free internet tools and websites but there is a chance of unauthorized data mining.

Q3- Does PDF document page numbering allow me to change the font and size?

Ans- The font and size of page numbers can be altered using programs like Adobe Acrobat Pro and a variety of web platforms.


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