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Best PDF Bates Numbering Tool For Mac & Windows

Nilesh Kumar | Modified: July 12, 2022 | PDF Tips | 3 Minutes Reading

Bates Numbering is a procedure of indexing legal documents for naming, easy recognition, and retrieval. You can add page numbers to one PDF document or to a whole set of PDF files with SysTools PDF Bates Numbering Tool available for Mac & Windows.

You can apply more than one Bates Numbering sequence. With this, you can provide the suffix or prefix text to add with the Bates Numbering. You can choose to position bates and text color.

You can try the SysTools utility to add page numbers to any documents like:

  • Legal Instruments – Formal written documents, records that express legal enforcement laws and acts.
  • Medical Records – Medical system documentation and patient histories.
  • Business Documentations – Business-related case studies, pricing plans, Sales & Production analysis detailed projects, and other related reports.
  • Educational or Investigational Researches – Academic and scholarly documentation carry catalogs, schedules, notes taking, topic analysis, reviews, etc.

Now let’s see how the tool works!

Instantly Add Page Numbers to PDF Documents- No Size Limitation

1-Step: Insert PDF files Using the ‘Add File(s)’ or ‘Add Folder’ option.

2-Step: You can select the sequencing pattern as well (X or X-Y). Do all the necessary settings by providing the format, position, colour, etc. The tool provides you with plenty of options.

3-Step: You can add text or current date as well and do other advanced bates settings.

4-Step: The tool will preview the bates numbers (how bates numbers going to look). If satisfied click on “Generate”.

SysTools PDF Bates Numbering Tool – Best Tool to Number PDF Pages / Add Stamp

PDF Bates Numbering Software provides you with plenty of settings to create the Bates Number:

1. Set Bates Number Type And Other Settings

  • Add suffix or prefix text with the bates numbers
  • Select the number of digits you want in Bates numbering
  • Provide the start number
  • Set an incrementing number for the Bates
  • Set font size
  • Choose font colour

2. Select The Bates Number Positioning

  • Top left
  • Top Right
  • Bottom Left
  • Bottom Right

3. Option to Add More Information

  • Additional Text: You can add some confidential text to each PDF file page
  • Additional Text Positioning: You can also set the position of added text on a PDF file
  • Option to add Current Date in PDF

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If you are looking for the best PDF Bates Numbering Software, then nothing comes better than SysTools PDF Bates Numberer. With its plenty of formatting and setting options, you can add page numbers to PDF in the fashion you prefer. It is very easy to use and generates a preview for the bates before you finally give the option to generate or print your PDF files with page/ bates numbers in it.