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Import MBOX Files to Outlook A Complete Tutorial for You

import mbox to outlook

Nilesh Kumar | Modified: October 15, 2022 | MBOX File | 7 Minutes Reading

The complete article tells the users how to import MBOX to Outlook on Mac as well as Windows OS environment. Users nowadays make use of both Operating Systems

Hence, we have decided to put forth the complete procedure of MBOX to PST Conversion in Windows and Mac Operating Systems. First of all, we need to understand the need of migrating MBOX messages to Outlook.

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Reasons to Import MBOX to Outlook

We cannot access MBOX files in Microsoft Outlook directly. Henceforth, we need to export the MBOX files into Outlook supported PST format. There are many ways through which MBOX files can be transferred to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010 versions. This includes:

  1. MBOX files only incline mail in a proper format. But, MS Outlook mailboxes, store emails, address books, journals, events, calendars, etc.
  2. Mailbox data in PST includes the components i.e., Mails, Attachments, address books, events, appointments, notes, etc in a systematic manner.
  3. We don’t make use of the internet for accessing the downloaded emails and also we can work offline via Outlook as there is no requirement of network connectivity to start it.

Let’s first understand the user’s query mentioned below:

“I am a Forensic Investigator. I usually investigate files to gather evidence of the problems. A few days back, one of my clients gave me MBOX files and I need to go through the files. All these files are generated in Mac Operating system, and I don’t have Mac System. So I want to know how to access MBOX files into Outlook 2016 version. Is there any way out to perform the migration? We will completely follow the leads!”

We considered the complete query and came across a few conversion steps for importing MBOX file messages to Outlook.

Does Outlook support MBOX?

No, Outlook does not support MBOX files. You will either need to convert MBOX file to Outlook supported format to be able to open it in Outlook. Or you can use a medium to transfer data to Outlook in its supported format manually.

Quick Solution: Import MBOX to Outlook Directly

The below-listed steps are verified by IT experts and recommended for personal and professional users. Go through the below steps and migrate complete data.

Download and Install the Tool:

The free demo version will export only 25 items from the MBOX file to Outlook supported format. For complete data migration, you need to buy this tool.

Steps to Import MBOX Files to Outlook

  • Start MBOX to Outlook Converter.
  • Click “Add File” to import MBOX file.
  • Preview MBOX email messages.
  • Select “PST” for Outlook.
  • Click “Export” to import MBOX to Outlook.

Your task is completed.

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Method 1- Export MBOX to Outlook Manually

This method to export MBOX to Outlook manually has 3 steps:

Step 1: Create Gmail account and configure in Thunderbird

  1. Give your Credentials of Gmail account, which acts as mediator in both files
  2. Open and Launch Mozilla Thunderbird email client and then click Mail >> afterward select Preferences
  3. In the current wizard, opt for the Accounts tab to add a new mail account
  4. Choose + icon & then add your Gmail account in the Thunderbird program
  5. From the service provider window, choose Google, and afterward, click on the Continue option
  6. Enter the Gmail id and then select the Next button
  7. Put your credentials of associated Gmail Account and choose Next
  8. Choose the mailbox that is required to be used in Gmail account and Thunderbird and then click on the Done option
  9. In Account screen, add Gmail account as listed on LHS of the screen
  10. Exit the current window & Login to your Thunderbird program once again
  11. Once you have successfully added a Gmail account in the Mozilla Thunderbird email client, press the right button of the mouse and select the mailbox of the configured Gmail account, and select the New-Mailbox option.
  12. Then select the OK button.

Step 2: Import MBOX files to Mozilla Thunderbird account.

Open your MBOX file by the steps jotted below.

  1. In Thunderbird, right-click on Local Folders and select Settings.
  2. Copy the Local Directory path and open this location on your computer.
  3. Copy the MBOX file(s) to this location.
  4. Restart Mozilla Thunderbird.
  5. The MBOX folder will be available below Local Folders.
  6. Choose all messages that are to be opened in MS Outlook.
  7. Press Right button and Choose messages to be exported.
  8. If we don’t require to save the mail copies in Mozilla Thunderbird, choose Move to. Or simply choose the Copy To option, and copy the emails from MBOX folder to the Gmail folder.
  9. Keep track of live messages that are copied and if completed, check the details of copied MBOX messages easily.

Step 3: Configure & Move the mailbox to Outlook

  1. Open MS Outlook
  2. Select Outlook >> preferences option
  3. Now Select the Accounts option from the flash list
  4. A wizard is previewed in front of you. Click (+) icon & select mail
  5. Provide with login account and password that were used in Mozilla Thunderbird mail account and opt for Add Account.
  6. Once the account is added in Outlook, all the MBOX messages will appear here.


  1. Open Gmail account that is already configured in MS Outlook.
  2. Add the same account in Mozilla Thunderbird and move the MBOX data in it.
  3. All the MBOX messages are listed in Outlook.

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Method 2- Import MBOX Mail to Outlook

Manually Import MBOX to Outlook in Windows & Mac

There is no direct way out to import MBOX files to Outlook for Mac. All the user needs to do is put the MBOX files to Gmail and then get the files downloaded in Outlook from Gmail.

In such circumstances, the usage of the Mac version of MBOX Converter tool is the best possible way to importing MBOX to Outlook.

Method 3- Convert MBOX Files to Outlook

Bored by following the manual procedure as it is very long and time-consuming. So, we are putting forward an automated approach i.e., MBOX to PST Converter. The tool has a few wonderful features that mesmerize the users a lot because of its features like Conversion of email items from the desired folders it is different in the market.

In addition to it, you can even save the MBOX file in different formats like: EML, PST, NSF, MSG, and so on. The software even facilitates the users with round-the-clock assistance, generation of mails in HTML.

Step 1: Run the tool & click Add File. Launch the tool on your Windows system and add the MBOX file to the software.


Step 2: Preview the MBOX emails. Preview complete data in different modes and click on Export button.


Step 3: Select PST & convert MBOX to Outlook data file. Select the PST radio button and apply advance options. After that browse the location and hit on Export button.

import mbox to outlook

Step 4: Import output files into Outlook. Now you have a PST file, simply launch Outlook and use the Import/Export feature to import PST, created from MBOX to Outlook.

Final Thoughts !!

From the above-mentioned article, it is clear how to import MBOX to Outlook. There is a clear method through which the users can completely perform the process. Else, the users can opt for the third-party application.