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How to Recover Formatted Files from SD Card? Quick Solutions

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Published On May 30th, 2024
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Nowadays, data loss has become a very serious issue. Sometimes, users may mistakenly format their SD cards. In a few cases, users have to format your SD card because they are not capable of using that device normally without formatting. However, SD cards are a very essential storage device used to store important files, photos, and videos. These devices are also used to move and take backups of the most crucial data. Most of the time, the formatted SD card includes very crucial data that users do not want to lose. Hence, in this write-up, we will discuss how to recover formatted files from SD card that are harmless.

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User Query

“Before a few days, I saved a few crucial files related to my project on an SD card or memory card. But, I unintentionally formatted my SD card while trying to transfer it to my computer. I know these formatted files are not stored in the recycle bin. Can anyone suggest an optimal and efficient solution to recover deleted files from formatted SD card rapidly?.

Causes of Data Loss from SD Card

As everyone knows, it is very hard to remove data from a memory card or SD card. Simply put, when files are deleted, it is not stored in the Recycle Bin because files and folders are permanently deleted. This is known as the deletion of ‘Hard Data’. few of the causes of the deletion of data from SD card are discussed below:

  1. Unnecessary or mistaken deletion of data.
  2. Unintentional formatting of the SD card.
  3. Unplugged SD card during file move.
  4. Insufficient power supply to the card reader.
  5. File acquired were corrupted because the system suddenly shut down.
  6. An Attack may damage or encrypt the data files.
  7. Loss of files during the cut-and-paste process.

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Methods to Recover Formatted Files from SD Card

There are two ways to get data from formatted SD card, and we will discuss both manual and automatic solutions below.

How to Retrieve Formatted Files from SD Card Using CMD

There is an in-built management program in Windows OS, Command Prompt that helps recover deleted files from formatted SD card. Here is an entire solution to recover formatted files from SD card using CMD:

  1. Attach your formatted SD card with your PC
  2. Hit on the search icon and type cmd
  3. In Command Prompt, write chkdsk F: /f and press enter (Replace F with the drive letter of your formatted SD card)
  4. Next, enter Y and drive letter of your formatted SD card
  5. Type F: \ >attrib –h –r –s /s /d *.* and press Enter key
  6. Check your SD card and you will find that CMD restored all your files absolutely.

After completing this procedure, you will acquire all the formatted files on a newly generated folder on the SD card.

Limitations of Using CMD

  1. This is a very complicated and lengthy procedure during recovery.
  2. Recovery of selectively formatted files is not supported.
  3. If you skip any step during this procedure, users will lose their data permanently.

Professional Solution to Recover Formatted Files from SD Card

To overcome the limitations of the above-stated method, the user can download a reliable third-party tool named SD Card Recovery Software. This tool is an almighty and safe solution to recover lost data from USB flash drive. It is capable enough to recover corrupted, damaged, and permanently deleted data from the SD card without any data loss. This utility is user-friendly; hence, it can be utilized efficiently. few of the benefits of this application are mentioned below:

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Benefits of Using SD Card Recovery Utility

  1. Restore corrupted and deleted data from the SD card.
  2. This application also recovers deleted PDF files from the pen drive easily.
  3. It is able to detect various external devices at a time.
  4. Permits the extraction of chosen files and folders from the SD card.
  5. Provides an advanced search option to find needed files and folders.
  6. Compatible with all editions of Windows OS without any limitations

Complete Steps to Recover Files from Formatted SD Card

1: Download and install SD Card Recovery Utility on your computer

2: After installing this application, a list of all connected SD cards or memory cards will appear on the screen.

 how to recover formatted sd card

3: Now, users can select the Formatted Scan option to recover deleted files from formatted SD card.

recover files from formatted sd card

Step 4: Now you can preview your recovered data in the software panel

recover deleted files from formatted sd card
5: Finally, users click on the save button to save the resultant files and press the OK button.

retrieve formatted data from sd card

Summing Up

Sometimes, users have unintentionally formatted their files from SD card. At that time, they want to know how to recover formatted files from SD card. Therefore, in this post, we have discussed the manual method to recover files from formatted SD card. Along with this, we have recommended a trusted third-party utility. It is an extraordinary tool designed to recover lost data from SD without any trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When should you format your SD card?

The following are common situations where you might want to format a storage device:

  1. Format a new, previously unformatted SD card.
  2. Remove viruses from the SD card.
  3. Set up a new file system that is compatible with your computer.
  4. Fix errors such as “The drive needs to be formatted,” “The drive is not formatted,” or “The SD card is the wrong size.”

Q: How to format an SD card and restore it to its original size without deleting files?

As mentioned above, formatting erases the data and information on the SD card. If you don’t want to format your SD card to its original size and lose your files, you should back up all your files first.

Here are some steps you can follow:

1: Connect or add the SD to your computer.
2: Back up the files on your SD card and copy them to another safe location.
3: Open File Manager, locate and right-click your SD card, then select File Format.
4: Reset the SD card’s file system (FAT32 or NTFS), check the “Quick Format” checkbox and click “OK” to begin.

Q: Can you recover files from a formatted SD card?

After formatting the SD card, the files may seem to disappear, but they are not lost immediately. The SD data recovery software will scan the card and find files that are not listed but are still present. It’s important to act quickly because new data may overwrite old data, making recovery difficult.


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