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How to Print Encrypted PDF Documents on Windows / Mac OS

Nilesh Kumar | Modified: July 16, 2022 | Adobe PDF | 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: This article illustrates some simple solutions for the query on how to print encrypted PDF documents. The method mentioned here applies to an encrypted PDF file of any version. Also, the technique is available for both Windows as well as for Mac users.

Many confidential documents like business reports, prototypes and evidence are encrypted with passwords so that only authorized users can access them. However, sometimes people don’t add password encryption but encrypt the file to copy, print, edit, comment, sign, etc. With this type of encryption, people can open the file without a password but they cannot print PDF files. Along with this, other permissions like a copy, edit, sign, the comment will be disabled. Therefore, to print those encrypted PDF documents we have discussed two solutions. Users can select any & print secured PDF documents.

“Our organization is dealing with a large number of PDF documents. However, we find that some of the documents can’t be printed. Then we checked the document restrictions summary by using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. What I found is that the “Printing” permission is “Not Allowed”. Can anyone tell me how to print encrypted PDF documents? Please suggest!”

How to Print Secured PDF File Without Password

PDF Unlocker Tool is an advanced solution that enables permissions to print an encrypted PDF. With this software, users can also remove other restrictions like copy, edit, copy, comment. Also, it helps users to sign PDF that is locked. It is a standalone utility that does not require the installation of any external program to print protected PDF. Moreover, with this software, it is possible to remove 128 / 256-bit encryption from PDF documents.

Other Benefits of the Software

  • Enable other permissions like form filling, sign, comment, etc.
  • Removes known user-level password security from PDF file.
  • Supports all versions of the Windows Operating system including 10.
  • Keeps file and data integrity the same as it was before.

How to Print Encrypted PDF Documents on Windows & Mac – Step by Step Solution

If you cannot print PDF file because of encryption then follow these simple steps:

Step-1: Click on “Add File(s)/ Add Folder (s)” to get PDFs from your system. 

add encrypted PDFs

Step-2: You can click the “Print” radio button to directly print secured PDF files.

print secured PDF

Step-3: If your documents have a Document Open password, kindly enter that. If not continue by clicking the “Unlock” button & start the process.

unlock to print secured PDF

Note: Do remember no need to enter permission password.

As soon as the process gets completed the users can easily view the export report & take the printout of decrypted PDF files.

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How to Print Encrypted PDF Documents With Password

If users don’t want to use any third-party utility then, they can try the Adobe Acrobat Pro application to print secured PDF files. It is a multi-featured utility that comes with a high cost and provides multiple functionalities. However, users can try this method if they cannot print PDF files because of encryption. It’s because this program can also be sufficient to delete encryption. But, it just requires two conditions to be full fill i.e.

  • The full version of Acrobat Pro
  • Must have permission password

Now, once the conditions are full filled, follow the below steps to carry out the process:

  • Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
  • Click on File >> Properties >> Security
  • Then, under the Security Method select No Security
  • Now, Enter the permission password to remove the encryption
  • Lastly, click OK & save the changes.

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How to print encrypted PDF documents is one of the most asked queries on the Internet today. This is so because PDF files are widely used for document sharing purposes & many times people come across encrypted PDF documents. Although we have covered two solutions here to print secured PDF documents i.e. PDF Unlocker & Adobe Acrobat Pro. Users can select the best as per the requirement.