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How to Open Corrupted PST File Best Free Method?

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Published On January 23rd, 2024
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PST or Personal Storage File is the data storage file of Microsoft Outlook. And if are looking for a solution on how to open corrupted PST file. Then you are on the right page here we will be going to discuss the reason for PST corruption a how to fix the corruption so that one can easily open it.

Well, Microsoft Outlook is without a doubt one of the most powerful email clients available today, which is why it is used by the majority of companies across the world. However, after a certain period of time, the majority of Outlook users encounter a corruption issue in the Outlook PST file.

Now, if we talk about the reason then there are multiples, some of the humans’ errors or some of the application errors. To know the reason briefly let,s see what are the reason for PST corruption.

What Cause PST Corruption?

This problem is caused by a number of factors, according to Microsoft, and we’ll go through a few of them in this section:

  • If the storage limitations on your Outlook PST data file have been surpassed, you will detect corruption in your PST file.
  • If you share the same PST on the same network, there’s a risk you’ll get a virus.
  • You’ll experience the same problem if your Outlook data files are destroyed or corrupted.
  • Some antivirus products interact with the Outlook software, and you may get the same issue with Outlook as a result of an antivirus program.

Now we know the reasons for PST corruption so it is easy for us to understand the fixing process.

How to Open Corrupted PST File

Well to open the corrupted PST file first you have to remove the corruption from the PST file. And here in this section, we are going to discuss how to remove corruption from the PST files.

As we said corruption of PST files is one of the most common issues with Outlook data files. Hence, Outlook has provided the Inbox Repair Tool to remove corruption from the Outlook PST file. ScanPST is the utility that provides an option to remove corruption from Outlook PST files.

Now, in order to use this tool first, you have to find the right location of ScanPST. Because it is different in every Outlook version. But to make the thing easier below we have mentioned all the location paths of ScanPST according to the Outlook version.

Outlook 2019 & 2016:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16

Outlook 2013:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15

Outlook 2010:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14

Outlook 2007:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12

Once you’ve located the Sacnpst.exe utility, you’ve completed half of the job. Now all you have to do is run the program and repair the damaged Outlook data file. To do so, simply follow the instructions below:

1. To start the Scanpst.exe application, first, double-click on exe.

2. Then, to browse your PST file, click the Browse option.

3. To begin the procedure, click the Start button after the file has been uploaded.

4. Scanpst.exe began the scanning process, and once the issue has been identified, click the Repair option to begin the repair procedure.

Will, everything about this Scanpst.exe or Inbox Restore Tool is wonderful. But one very major and maybe the most significant limitation of the Sacnpst.exe is that it can only repair minor level damage from your Outlook PST data file. So if your Outlook data file is severely damaged, this will not help you.

Limitation of the ScanPST.exe

Restore the Header Section- The application’s initial restriction is that it can only restore modest amounts of damage. Furthermore, it only fixes the Outlook PST file’s header when restoring a damaged file.

Password-Protected PST –Password-protected PST files are not recoverable using Outlook repair tools. As a result, consumers must search for an alternative to Outlook Scanpst.

File Size Restrictions- One of Scanpst’s most critical constraints is the file size restrictions. Because speed declines or the operation is interrupted in the middle of your Outlook PST file is more than 2 GB, it only works with smaller files.

Best Way to Open Corrupted PST File

Well, the above method to remove corruption from Outlook PST is nice but as we see ScanPST has its own limitation which sometimes becomes very frustrating. Now, to make the task easy, here in this section we are going to introduce one of the best tools to remove corruption from PST files.

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Outlook PST File Repair is the best software that easily removes corruption from Outlook PST files. Also, the tool provides various options to export the PST after recovery. Using this tool one can easily recover deleted contacts, emails, calendar items, and other Outlook data items.


Corruption of PST files is very common and once the Outlook data file begin to corrupted users are not able to open the PST file. So, to resolve this issue, here in this blog we have discussed the free method to open corrupted PST files.




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