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Google Vault Export Stuck at 95 – An Introduction We All Need

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Published On December 27th, 2022
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Google Vault export stuck at 95 is a debated issue so far. Google claims there’s no such issue present in their Vault’s export process. However, users often complain about the same. We did research a lot, tried the export ourselves, and even interviewed some troubled users as well. In conclusion, we found that his problem is real.

Users & even google do not know what to do in such cases as it’s quite unclear. However, there are some tips & tricks available for users to solve these issues. Luckily, all of them are mentioned in the below section. Along with that, we can say that a reliable step-by-step method for learning how to retrieve data from Google Vault is also present here.

Moving forward, let’s solve this problem of users & get the perfect solution that can help them without any hassles. This guide is entirely based on suggestions given by IT experts, researchers & industry-dedicated people. It worked for everyone who followed it. Therefore, we are offering this solution to all.

Tips & Tricks to Avoid Such Google Vault Export Errors

If we look at some minor tips & tricks to solve the issue, below mentioned key points are the perfect ways by which users can easily get the perfect solution. These solutions are not 100% accurate but can be beneficial n some cases. There is no harm in trying them.

  1. Splitting the search query into smaller ones reduces the chances of error by a decent margin.
  2. Try to use a separate super admin account to avoid Google Vault export stuck at 95 issue as it can be beneficial in some cases.
  3. Switching to Google chrome for better compatibility is a nice move for users. The export operations run smoothly with Google-supported applications.
  4. Use the MBOX file for the destination in case the export with PST files isn’t working or shows the error to users.
  5. Hit & try the VPN changing trick. Change your VPN to U.S.A/U.K/India & see if any difference occurs.

In case, users choose to select the MBOX format, they can later use the MBOX to PST Converter tool to get the perfect solution. It can help users to convert their data files into PST format.

Solve Google Vault Export Stuck at 95 Issue Step by Step

The above-mentioned ways work fine till a certain level. After that, we can say that there is no surety that users will get their desired results or not. Therefore, now users need to be aware of the best solution by which they can easily get the perfect results.

For this, they need to simply download the Google Vault Downloader & then proceed.

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After downloading this advanced expert-recommended tool, simply go through the below steps carefully with the respective images:

Step-1. Open Google Vault Downloader & then Activate the Licence Key to proceed.

Step-1. activate license

Step-2. Set the Destination File format as PST or MBOX as per your preference.

step-2. select file format

Step-3. Select the Categories like Emails & Documents here to continue.

step-3. select categories

Step-4. Enter Google Vault Credentials to Log In & proceed further.

step-4. add credentials

Step-5. Finally, Click the Start Download button to finish the task.

step-5. Google Vault Export Stuck at 95 resolved

Note: Along with providing credentials for Google Vault, users also need to Create Google Console Project, Enable API & Add Scopes to provide the required credentials to users. Click Here to know the steps for that.

Google Vault export Stuck at 95 – Features of the Modern Tool

There are plenty of features present in this tool that users need to be aware of. First of all, we can say, this is so far the best tool available for users. There is no other solution available for users that can help them in a better manner than this.

Knowing these features can help users to utilize this tool to its total potential. As there are plenty of features, we are only mentioning a few of them here. These are the most significant features that users can’t miss at all.

  • Users can download their data from Google Vault in two formats: PST & MBOX File.
  • The software has a Date filter that allows extracting data from a specific date range.
  • An option for splitting large data files to prevent data corruption is present here too.
  • The Category filter here offers selective export for Emails & Documents here as well.
  • Simplified GUI as well as the interactive dashboard reduces users’ hassle for sure.
  • There’s no need to search files by names like G-Vault. A preview option is present.
  • After the extraction, the tool offers a summary report that includes the statistics.

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Bringing It All Together

After discussing the detailed solution, users can simply go for the automated tool without a doubt. This tool works quite well as it has advanced algorithms as well as AI technology. The above-mentioned tips & tricks are also useful to get rid of Google Vault export stuck at 95 problems. However, these are not 100% accurate. Hence, the automated solution is what users need to get the perfect results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there any limitation to the export size of data files using the automated tool?
A. No, there is no limit. Users can export large data files as per their needs

Q. How do I export data from Google vault?
A. It’s quite easy for users to export data with this tool as they need to follow the above five steps summarized below as well:

  • Launch the tool & activate the license.
  • Select the PST or MBOX file format.
  • Select categories to extract here.
  • Enter admin credentials to log in.
  • Click on start download to begin.

Q. Is this advanced tool expensive?
A. No, This automated tool to solve Google Vault export stuck at 95 issue is not expensive. It’s very affordable & even offers a free demo version to users.


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